I have found, here in the Las Vegas area, CCW training depends on just who you go to for the instruction. First, it is mandantory 8 hours of instruction plus qualification with each CCW weapon. Prices range from $75 to 150 for the instruction, plus $10-20 for each CCW weapon over 1; so if you wanted to qualify with 3 weapons, you would pay another $20 or whatever the instructor was charging.

Classroom instruction varies, but must be within the quidelines of what the state says. Now, as for weapons qualification..... that depends on the instructor again. It can be as simple as fire 30 rounds at various distances at a B-27 target and get a 70% score, or, there are acouple around here that demand IDPA style qualifications, that being, fire 6 rounds, drop mag, fire 6 more, etc., etc., all within a 60 second time limit. Needless to say, I didnt take my class from that guy. I am working on trying to get into IDPA, but not right off the start of my carrying career.

I agree also, that there should be mandantory Military Service, Male/Female, just the the Isralies do. Heck, even if they were down on the southern border, chasing the illegals around, it would be good for them. I got 2 grandsons that need that disipline regiment.