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Hammer Cocked????

This is a discussion on Hammer Cocked???? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by wingit I agree with this. I look for the double action/single action for carry weapon. If gives me the security with still ...

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Thread: Hammer Cocked????

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    Quote Originally Posted by wingit View Post
    I agree with this. I look for the double action/single action for carry weapon. If gives me the security with still having the ready to fire gun.

    Some say a safety is dangerous. If you do enough research it will show in a panic situation your motor skills deteriate and your thought process focuses on the threat not the solution. That being said in a true panic mode to pull your weapon and to have the thought process to disengage the safety will be hard enough then you have to over come the motor skills part.
    People that have that problem are the same ones that never practice with their firearm,those of us that carry and practice with the 1911 pistols have no problem with the muscle memory we have developed by swiping the safety off as we draw from the holster or go from unholstered ready position to fire
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    Quote Originally Posted by dukalmighty View Post
    People that have that problem are the same ones that never practice with their firearm,those of us that carry and practice with the 1911 pistols have no problem with the muscle memory we have developed by swiping the safety off as we draw from the holster or go from unholstered ready position to fire
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    I know many wont agree,it somewhat depends upon you and the gun.
    Early colts built a tad different,us forces had lefties carry condition 2 as could not operate the safety in combat situations,but could cock the hammer.
    So many 1911 copies and they dont all work quite the same,some being designed for a safty that works in all positions-unlike a colt.
    Mini tok or star pd safety has a transfer bar,designed to be carried condition 2,with a rd chambered and hammer half cock or even down,will not go off,unless you break the bar.
    Draw backs are trigger and hammer work still just wont hit the shell or set if off,so keeping finger off trigger is still a must.But can be cocked safety left on then removed or off.So some designs lend themselves to other than cocked n locked.
    Agree carry it empty with hammer up and safety on for awhile,I did this and found mine off once sob and squirming around in car seat.Anything that is solid you move against can take it off,just have to aware of this is all,still fairly safe 4 lb trigger pull plus grip safety,thus dont ever poke back in holster via the grip safety area.Glocks have even been known to go off because trigger was caught on something and poked back in place via the handle.
    Care must be taken when out of place,say a thumb between it and hammer, not pushed on the grip safety if it has one.
    As you can tell im a tad nervous about condition 1 even thou I do it,do it carefully.Nothing is as scary as finding out its off and wife in car etc or in a store.You cannot just pull it out in public to fix the problem,so learn to fix safely if carried that way.

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    Thanks everybody for your replies

    Since it will be 6 to 8 weeks before I get my license I thought I would carry it around the house cocked and locked to get used to it...empty of course. I've been wearing it quite a bit today going about my business. I'm sure it's just a matter of getting used to it like anything else.

    I wouldn't think of carrying until I was very familiar and comfortable with my handgun no matter what make it was. I'm also practicing my draw with it being concealed with an overshirt. Also practicing my concealment seeing what works and what does not work.

    Again thanks for all the replies. I can see I will learn a lot from you folks.


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    Always remember:

    'If it's not cocked and locked, it might as well be a rock!'
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    cocked and locked
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    Cocked and locked and it never goes bang unless I take the safety off and pull the trigger.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OhioCatter View Post
    I know when I first started carrying my 1911 I had a period of time where I was only comfortable with the hammer down and safety on. .
    ????????????????? HOW??????

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    Practice drawing & dry firing your carry weapon ten times a day for the first month you carry it. That will build the muscle memory in between range sessions. After that do it once or twice a week. Make sure to follow proper form and safety procedures. New guys are just that, new guys. Time and practice will make you more proficient.
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    "I know when I first started carrying my 1911 I had a period of time where I was only comfortable with the hammer down and safety on."

    You must have meant with the hammer down and the safety off because the thumb safety on a 1911 will not go on or engage with the hammer down.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArmyJake View Post
    That is one of the famous things about the 1911 the ability to carry cocked and locked, when I carry the 1911 cocked and locked is the way I go when I carry one of the striker fire no safety models I don't carry it with one in the chamber and that is just me, most will tell you your brain is safety one and your finger is safety two. But I hope that if I have enough time to pull it out then racking a round in to the chamber with practice happens on the draw
    One thing everyone should understand. Countless survivor interviews show that if you are ever in a shooting situation, it will almost never go the way you think it will.

    Since most gunfights happen at contact distance, out to 3 or 4 feet, it's a distinct possibility that as you are trying to draw your gun, in a desparate attempt to save your life, you will be using your off hand to physically fend off your attacker, or protect yourself from a knife slash, or maybe trying to deflect his gun away from your body.

    At some point you have to play the odds. And the odds are very high that your weak hand will be otherwise engaged in trying to fend off the attack in some way.

    Also, if by dumb luck, you do happen to have both hands free to work the action at that critical moment where you are a heartbeat away from death... the odds are better than even that your hand may slip from a solid grip causing the slide to get a weak recoil and fails to seat the bullet fully into battery.

    I find it somewhat foolish for anyone to carry a gun which takes two hands just to get their gun into a condition to be able to fire it.

    Too many people seem to envision that their gun fight will happen in slow motion, and according to the plan that they imagined it to be.

    My research finds that most gunfights take place in about 3-5 seconds from start to finish and in the end, someone is either dead or dying.
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    Quote Originally Posted by royal barnes View Post
    Since you are new to the 1911 platform I recommend you carry unloaded with hammer cocked and thumb safety engaged while you are around your house getting used to the idea of "toting". See if the thumb safety accidentally disengages. It shouldn't but this practice will give you peace of mind. The 1911 has redundant safeties and, for someone who fully understands the mechanics, is a very safe pistol for daily carry.
    SWMBO did this with a snap cap in place for a few weeks. After a little while it dawned on her nothing was going to happen unless she wanted it to happen.
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    I suggest getting an armorers book about the 1911. Once you see how it works in depth, you will have no issues carrying condition 1.
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    I do not mean this to be in any degrading or demeaning but, I think that people who just cannot wrap their brain around carrying a semi-auto with a round in the chamber should just simply carry a revolver.

    There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with the daily carry of a good, reliable high quality self-defensive wheel gun. There are hundreds of our members (if not thousands) that daily carry a revolver. They are not undergunned.

    The self-defensive firearm is not a security blanket where you should feel safe just because you have it with you.

    You absolutely need to be able to get it into action effectively, quickly, and with one hand...see the above post by Bark'n.

    Sometimes you think that a certain firearm must be right for you because it seems to be the right choice for so many others. Not everybody is the same. Thank God.

    Be honest with yourselves and consider switching to a revolver format.

    Should you ever find yourself in a deadly threat scenario things will likely go much better for you...and you'll have a much better final outcome with a revolver deployed "lightning quick" than with an empty chambered semi-automatic.

    That is my personal opinion. Consider it to be expert advice. I truly believe it and I'm sticking to it.
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    Hard to argue with the old timers so I don't. I mean that by post count only not age, Barkn, OD, QK, Duk etc. I was concerned initially as it seemed odd, and somewhat dangerous compared to other options. I carry my Colt Commander (almost) daily, in condition 1 cocked and locked. Never an issue. Did what smolck suggested and looked at the mechanics to assure myself and it is indeed designed to be done that way.

    It took me a while to get comfy with it, but I did trust it 100%, just had to wrap my feeble mind around it. Would have it any other way now. It is a very natural move to sweep the safety off while drawing. Look at how many other guns have similar designs with an external safety.
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