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Can I get a Conceales Carry Permit/Arrested in 2000 for violation protection order

This is a discussion on Can I get a Conceales Carry Permit/Arrested in 2000 for violation protection order within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'll be more emphatic than poster #2 - HIRE A LAWYER!!!!!...

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Thread: Can I get a Conceales Carry Permit/Arrested in 2000 for violation protection order

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    I'll be more emphatic than poster #2 - HIRE A LAWYER!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1MoreGoodGuy View Post
    Why do people ask for legal advice from strangers on the internet with made up aliases?

    Hire a qualified attorney and get the legal advice you need.

    ^^^^I thnik in this case^^^^

    the OP was more or less asking if the way HE was reading the statute, was the way a lot of US were reading it.

    I would start at the clerks office for "clairification", and if that dead ends, try the Prosecuting Attorney.
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    Pls forgive me but the way I see it you threatened someone ("I told him that if he yelled at my son again I he was not going to be happy with the outcome") and then you violated a PFA. From your post I assume you were armed when arrested for the PFA violation ("Because of this am I not eligible to have my license back"). You have explanations, but apparently were found guilty. Now you want to carry a concealed handgun again? :-(

    Its not up to me, the law is the law. As the others have said hire an attorney, get the correct answer and consider the $$ part of the cost for your earlier actions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ncsteveh View Post
    3 words, hire a lawyer.

    don't open the can of worms without one.
    Exactly! We are not the best source for legal advice, especially given the changing laws area to area. Talk to an attorney in your area who you know knows the laws concerning permits and has experience in that area. Ask around. Ask the NRA etc.

    I will offer my 2 cents: the list you enclose sounds very much like the database of NICS - which, if true, means these are Federal no-nos, not just local. I believe you may have a legal "fight" on your hands. But #1, talk to a local attorney skilled in this area. What do I know, I'm a teacher, 1500 mi away...

    Good luck!

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