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How long can our LGS last without product to sell????

This is a discussion on How long can our LGS last without product to sell???? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Drgnfly They've made a killing selling their stockpile that would have lasted them 2-4 years at most likely inflated prices over the ...

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Thread: How long can our LGS last without product to sell????

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    Quote Originally Posted by Drgnfly View Post
    They've made a killing selling their stockpile that would have lasted them 2-4 years at most likely inflated prices over the last few months...
    Didn't anyone else personally ride this hysteria wave just a little? I took a trunk full of complete junk with me to a recent gunshow (rusty extra parts, old hacked-up-no-value guns I had somehow accumulated, just worthless stuff) and everything (EVERYTHING!) even remotely gun-related sold for whatever price I named. No haggle, no back & forth, no swaps, just green, folding, paper pictures of dead presidents. It became a joke to those of us who've been playing with guns for any time. Everyone was dumping their junk at plus-premium prices to panic-stricken, cash-happy, first time buyers who thought that any money spent was smart money. Then I took my "winnings" and cashed-out with a nice FN FAL.
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    Most of the gun stores in my area are stocked back up on AR's for the most part. Plenty of 2000-3000 dollar AR's lining the walls, mostly cobbled together in shop from no name parts. Those guns would be worth 750-800 max a few months ago and (smart) people know that. There is not a ban yet and the panic has died down at brick and mortar places for the most part it seems. They are not moving many rifles with prices that high.

    There are a few around here still selling guns at a reasonable price...they are in fact actually selling their rifles, not just using them as overpriced wall hangers.

    Handguns are still pretty scarce in the high cap/polymer flavor. 1911's, wheel guns, and pocket .380s are plentiful.

    There are a few stores I've decided not to do business with in the future.

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    I could only wish for the days when I sell all my product to the point I can't even keep it in stock. Not a bad problem to have.
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    LGS here is getting a steady trickle of stock in Rifles in. All come in with someones name on them from the waiting list. Keeping a fairly good cash flow up with their gunsmiths work also!
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    My LGS seems ok on everything but ARs and Glocks. Even have a steady supply of surplus AKs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tzadik View Post
    Could this be part of the plan?

    In a totally unrelated story...Here in the DFW area there is major construction on interstate roads/service roads/on & off ramps where there is a heavy concentration of small projects which last several months and limit/hinder the normal flow of traffic to small businesses can have a serious impact on the sales figures of these businesses. This can cause businesses to reduce their labor forces, it can thwart growth and cause businesses to struggle to meet financial obligations. Many of these businesses are being forced to close their doors forever.
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    Did the wally walk today no 9mm...have no idea if or when any is coming.....LGS has about 6 glocks in stock...all big frame....Went to Gander Mountain today...again they have only about 8 glocks in the case all big frame and no personal defense ammo in 9mm.....again they have no idea when.........In a rush to re-supply I hope quality and inspections of final products before they leave the manufacturers does not suffer.

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    A friend on mine is related to the owner of a large LGS. Supposedly (mind you I can't verify this, and it is just my friend's word I have to go by) the store made about $1 million in the 3 weeks during the peak of the panic. I think if that figure is anywhere near accurate, they will be fine until they can get more stock in.
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    Most of our LGS run a pawn shop in store to meet the ends...

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    Hopefully itll settle down this spring or early summer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by smolck View Post
    I could only wish for the days when I sell all my product to the point I can't even keep it in stock. Not a bad problem to have.
    No kidding. Sell off all your old inventory, clear out all your old ammo, have new stuff sold before you shelve it...all at full retail? Yeah, I'm not feeling sorry for our local guy today. He's a good guy and doesn't mark up above retail in the hysteria. He did take his lumps in the economic downturn.

    Gander Mountain on the other hand... They're still significantly above retail and stocking $1,000 AR's for north of $1,500.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SmokinFool View Post
    There is increasing political pressure being put on banks and investment firms to pull their holdings of firearms related companies. There is a huge questions as to whether this is legal. The answer to your questions is, YES, it is their plan to try to force some of these companies out of business. Will it succeed? Only time will tell.
    Rahn Emanual pulled this s*** in Chicago recently. There are already at least 2-3 lawsuits going on.
    Some against BofA as well.
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    My favorite LGS sold a LOT of everything over the past few months. Between birthday presents and personal "needs" I've averaged about 1 firearm purchase a month for the past couple of years. While the selection has been reduced, there are still plenty of things in stock that are worthy of my cash, which I'm more than happy to buy if it helps the shop survive these hard times.. And y'know what? They still go out of their way to give me a great deal!
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    Considering the profit made from selling their inventory, long enough to restock. They can always close for a vacation for a few weeks or skeleton crew.
    How much profit did they make? What are their margins? Everyone thinks they made a HUGE profit, but did they. They are a small business, not a big corporation that has the capital for these unique times we are in.

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    I would start selling used and trading to keep the doors open and traffic flow.
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