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How long can our LGS last without product to sell????

This is a discussion on How long can our LGS last without product to sell???? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; My LGS also had a pawn shop attached to it, best one in town. He is extremely fair, knows most customers by name so I ...

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Thread: How long can our LGS last without product to sell????

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    My LGS also had a pawn shop attached to it, best one in town. He is extremely fair, knows most customers by name so I don't think he will be going out of business anytime soon, he might have to cut back on employees (already had to lay off 2 because he refused to inflate his ammo and firearm prices)
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    The LGS I my daughter works at and that I help out with from time to time did not alter his prices when the craziness began. His mark up remained the same, guns, ammo, accessories, etc.
    He has products trickling in now. Same mark up. IF he paid more to get the products than he did 6wks ago, then the consumer will pay may as well. That's bidness.
    One reason I associate with him is that he maintained his sanity through this and refused to gouge, even when he could have and folks would have still paid. I'm hoping this type of honesty has earned him the kind of reputation that will keep him afloat till the madness subsides. Right now, he is making money on the mad amount of transfers he's processing every day. And that cost has stayed the same since he opened.

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    It's a legitimate question. Without product to sell, how can any business survive? Before the
    "price gouging" accusations fly...keep in mind they have to make a living and plan for the future just like the rest of us.

    One thing is for sure! This new threat has people's attention. Gun sales are off the charts. Ammunition sales the same. Concealed weapon permit applications are at unprecedented levels. After the last election (4 yrs ago) I began to accumulate ammunition. It took a while but I have managed to stockpile acceptable levels...including reloading components. People who are just now realizing the need are behind the curve. Hopefully this panic will die down, and supplies will come back to normal. I'm just not sure they will

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    I am currently on spot to purchase 4 boxes per week. My LGS has had a pretty constant supply. I have gotten in good with him so he sets 4 aside for me knowing I'll be in there on Fridays. I still target shoot once a week, a minimum of 50 rounds. No sense in having tons of ammo if you can't hit your target.
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    I see more and more expanding their accessory stock or going of shooting range profits. On Saturday When I went to a LGS shooting range and was told that it would be as much as a 90 min wait and they are closed on Sunday. However LGS opened up near my inlaws house an hour away and they did have a range open on Sunday. It was worth the drive.

    All the LGS near me also seem to deal in used as well as new guns.

    I will not buy from a big box if my LGS has it in stock... Or can get it for me within a reasonable time.

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    My shop has a sign in the window that they'll be closed for a show later this month "to restock our empty shelves". Their main inventory is pretty depleted, but since they accept consignments, there are plenty of overpriced rifles that people are trying to gouge on ($1000 SU-16 anyone?), but they're all clearly marked so everyone knows they're not regular inventory.

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    They've probably made enough money to hold on a while.
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    My LGS was out of most ammo, even .22 and .22 mag.
    I was just shopping around and found that Cabella's still had some...various calibers.
    I decided to buy some .22 Mag/HP at $13+ a'll be here on Tuesday.
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    Our LGS is pretty much out of pistols and ARs, but still has a few rifles left and some rifle ammo. The common stuff, .22, 9mm, .40, .223 is gone from everyplace in town and nearby towns.

    It sits in a corner of a hardware store, so it should survive, but I'm sure it is hurting profits.

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    How long can our LGS last without product to sell????

    good question. i wonder if there's a conspiracy theory buried in there?

    my LGS had a crate of crappy thermold AR magazines for $22 each and a few promag AR mags for $24 each today. Tula 7.62 for $10 a box and a bunch of $3K budget AR's as well. good luck to them but I can't afford to support that kind of lunacy. Poor guys are paying retail it looks like. hopefully they'll be able to keep the doors open.

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    Im sure they over priced everything before they sold out and are sitting on a stack of cash. I'm sure they will be fine.

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    Some places are selling stuff they dont even have yet, and folks are willing to wait for it until it comes in. My LGS is happy doing this and his indoor range is so busy right now I'm sure he can survive on range time alone.

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