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How Often Do You Spot (or suspect) Another Person Carrying Conceiled?

This is a discussion on How Often Do You Spot (or suspect) Another Person Carrying Conceiled? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Never. I'm usually busy trying to get done whatever it is I need to get done....

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Thread: How Often Do You Spot (or suspect) Another Person Carrying Conceiled?

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    Never. I'm usually busy trying to get done whatever it is I need to get done.
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    Re: How Often Do You Spot (or suspect) Another Person Carrying Conceiled?

    I get shown around 2-3 CCW permits each day at work. (My job requires me to check IDs.)

    Great conversation starter as it usually leads to a "what do you carry" conversation as long as they are comfortable talking about it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FLSurfdog View Post
    I saw a breakdown county by county, and excluding kids I did a rough calculation that approximately 1 in 14 adults is permitted in my county.
    That's the number who have a license, not the number who actually carry. But unless it blantantly obvious, I don't notice.
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    Around here in Mclean Virginia, I regularly see pairs of blacked out Suburban's in front of and behind black sedans. These vehicles are packed with big, fit guys sporting high and tight haircuts, wearing dark suits and ties, pins in their lapels and earpieces for each. All of them have bulges under their jackets. They exit the vehicles and form a protective cordon around the 'Principal" They might as well put up a blinking neon sign that says "Terrorists, Big Target Here!" So much for the grey man theory of protection. In fact, more than once I have found them coming into my local CVS or the Italian restaurant down the street and thought, "boy you better not print now or it could be the last thing you ever do".

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    I never spot it. I have been looking. Once in a while I see OC. They must do a good job of conceal around here
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    Printing? Now and then. Not often, really. Of these, mostly it seems to be given away by the person's movements and roving/nervous hands.

    Occasionally I see someone carrying openly.
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    Mostly just newbies with a fanny pack & a OMG nervous expresssion on there face.

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    CC is very common around here, I see them all the time. the first ones I notice are the load carrying tactical vests, then the brand name carry clothes, [ 511, glock, ruger, S&W, etc...] then Ill spot the old guys with fanny packs, cargo shorts, and certain brand name vests [ 511, ruger, etc..]. I started picking them out when my wife wanted to know how to tell how many people were carrying. After looking for a carry purse that my wife could use Ive started to be able to spot woman's carry gear too. And yes I also watch the shady caricature's too.

    About the oddest thing Ive noticed is the dog groomers husband wheres an empty holster all the time. He wears tight clothing so Ive not noticed any other guns unless hes wearing Thunderwear! He's been wearing the empty holster long enough that its worn flat! The area that was fitted to a gun has returned to flat. I don't know him well enough yet to ask but I will at some point. Our dogs have only been going in there for a short time. DR

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    In south Fl you figure that everyone that 'lays' on their horn is carrying.

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    I've noticed a few here and there but I don't actively look for time is better spent observing other pretty ladies.
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    I have an app for that. (Isn't everyone carrying?)

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    The guy with a tactical man purse was pretty obvious. I'm pretty sure it was the butt of a Glock mag I saw peaking out of one corner.

    The lady with the large purse with a large exterior zipper on the side end, seemed like it was stiff in the center too - but probably less obvious to the sheep than the man-purse.

    I didn't pick up that one guy was packing, don't think he was, but he had his CHL in a regular credit card slot in his wallet and I espied it when he paid.

    I actually see more OC in my current job than ever before - lots of cops eat Mexican food ;)

    I've seen a few others, at Walmart and such, but nothing too awfully obvious.
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    I don't look for it. For obvious reasons, I try not to glance down at guys' and gals' midsections. Getting caught by either gender would make me blush for respectively different reasons.

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    I dont look unless I see someone that I get a funny feeling about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jblitz View Post
    Have noticed a few on occasion but not really looking. Don't really care what others are doing as long as it doesn't affect me.
    could not have said it better myself
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