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This is a discussion on York Arms to NY within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It's good to see this tide rising. Several companies are now taking this stance, we can only hope that at some point one or more ...

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Thread: York Arms to NY

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    It's good to see this tide rising. Several companies are now taking this stance, we can only hope that at some point one or more of the main firearm or ammo manufactures joins the party.

    With similar laws proposed in several other states, I hope those lawmakers are seeing this and understanding the ramifications to their LE forces.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rotorblade View Post
    In a way, isn't this exactly what the libs in New York want? By making gun related businesses either leave the state or refuse to do business in their state it seems like kind of a win for them.

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    It's not that York Arms doesn't want to do business with the residents in NY, with the new laws they can't. So as a punitive action, they refuse to do business with the "state" govt. I encourage any and all gun-related businesses to move to more "friendly" environments and let NY stew in its own mess.
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    Unfortunately it doesn't have an impact on the people it needs to. The people impacted are the LEO on the street, not the fat cats sitting in Albany.
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    To give some idea of the percentage that anti-gunner states represent in terms of the manufacturing of Small Arms and Small Arms Ammunition, here is some data from the U.S. Census Bureau's American Fact Finder.

    Unfortunately, 2007 is the most-recent year for which full data for the USA and states is reported for both of these industry groups. But it gives some idea of the size of the industries in the various states involved, in terms of how much of a "hit" that state would take if such firms decided to move.

    Searching the data for the following states (including USA nation-wide):
    • California
    • Connecticut
    • District of Columbia
    • Illinois
    • Maryland
    • Massachusetts
    • New Jersey
    • New York
    • USA

    Small Arms Mfg (NAICS=332994) -- over one-third of total USA business in the manufacturing of "small arms" is done in anti-gunner states:
    • 2007, USA nation-wide, 224 employers, $2.74B sales, $506M payroll, 11399 employees.
    • 2007, state=CT, 12 employers, $333M sales, $66M payroll, 1209 employees.
    • 2007, state=IL, 6 employers, $111M sales, $17M payroll, 523 employees.
    • 2007, state=MA, 5 employers, $336M sales, $64M payroll, 1337 employees.
    • 2007, state=MD, 1 employer, ? sales, ? payroll, ? employees (hidden by Census Bureau).
    • 2007, state=NY, 8 employers, $362M sales, $65M payroll, 1394 employees.

    Small Arms Ammunition Mfg (NAICS=332992) -- only a small percentage of total USA mfg is done in anti-gunner states:
    • 2007, USA nation-wide, 107 employers, $2.33B sales, $472M payroll, 9644 employees.
    • 2007, state=CA, 9 employers, $39M sales, $6.9M payroll, 142 employees.
    • 2007, state=IL, 2 employers, ? sales, ? payroll, ? employees (hidden by Census Bureau).
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    I'm going to throw something else in here if I may. We are all well aware of the on going ammo shortage. It will likely take the manufacturers years to get caught up. I think we are also aware of the amount of ammo that DHS and other agencies have recently aquired and the amount that they have on order. I don't think this is by accident. By design, this is surely affecting the supply and price for the average citizen. I would like to see a couple ammo manufacturers tell NY, NYC, Cali, MA, Big Sis and Obama to take a hike. Again "friendlies" should be taken care of. But, if your city is anti gun--and has stringent restrictions in place--by my calculations, you dont need the ammo.

    archer51 - I couldn't agree more but keep in mind that LEOs are under no Constitutional requirement to put his/her life in danger. Eventually the Fat Cats are going to have to be hit where it hurts. The best way to do that is to have the average citizen ticked of because their local LEO has no ammo to fight back with and thus not fight at all. I guess what I am saying is turn the tables on them. Play their game.
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    After reading this thread , the laws regarding civilians should be applied equally to the government that makes them. In effect these manufacturers hold all of the cards. If they stand together & support 2A they can bring this crisis under control. The scenario I see is states imposing huge taxes on them. This will either force them to close or relocate. Paying the tax could be the lesser of two evils. This could play out over the next few years. As noted the game will be played before the next election unless Obama orders DHS to do something stupid.
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