357 vs. 38+P

357 vs. 38+P

This is a discussion on 357 vs. 38+P within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Want to buy a S&W Airweight for carry. 357 vs. 38+P Any suggestions?????...

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Thread: 357 vs. 38+P

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    357 vs. 38+P

    Want to buy a S&W Airweight for carry. 357 vs. 38+P Any suggestions?????

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    An Airweight in either can be a handfull, but one in .357 gives you the option of shooting any .38 or .357 round. Don't worry yourself about TX being gruff. He probably had issues with his girdle.
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    +1 on buying it chambered in 357 if you can afford it..when you cant find 38 special you can pick up some 357 mag
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    This is only one opinion but for snub use I'm willing to forgo .357 Magnum capabilities in favor of .38 Special +P. I would gain no additional piece of mind using a small snub loaded with .357 Magnum. If I reach a point where I feel .38 Special is insufficient for self-defense purposes then I'll have to embrace non-magnum big bore rounds like .44 Special, .45 ACP, or .45 Colt.
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    I bought an AirLite chambered in .357 and, as mentioned above, it's a handful. However, it was never intended to be a range gun and it's a delight to carry. I shoot .38 for practice and carry it with .357 PDX-1's. Since I spend a lot more time carrying it than shooting it, comfort and how well it concealed heavily influenced my decision. I think if I ever have to use it, the adrenaline rush will probably overcome the brutal recoil.

    Everyone has to make their own decisions as to what they carry, but that was the thought process behind mine.

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    when you can all ways get it in 357 mag. this way you can shoot 38 sp and 357 in the same gun. best of both worlds.
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    The 357 version will come with a longer ejector rod to more assertively eject the 38 cases.

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    I would say get the 357 version and see if you can handle it with 125 grain loads. If not, then there is nothing wrong with the 38 special. The 357 is certainly not a round you would want to shoot a lot, but shooting 12 or so at the range is not beyond reach. If you ever had to use a light 357 in self defense, the recoil would be something that you would not even recall.

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    What does this have to do with Open Carry?

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    I second the opinion to go with the 38spl, and stay away from the 357 mag in a lightweight gun.

    Sure, it's not a range gun, but do you really want something that is so unpleasant to shoot it's not a range gun, at least for adequate proficiency ?

    And keep in mind, that even when the FBI adopted the 10mm, and eventual 40s&w, it wasn't because they were unhappy with the terminal ballistics of their 38spl lswchp +p loads, it was for more for capacity.

    Go 38 and load it with a good heavy lswc.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nedrgr21 View Post
    The 357 version will come with a longer ejector rod to more assertively eject the 38 cases.
    I think this may only be true if the 357 version has a longer barrel.....hence a longer exposed portion of the ejector rod compared to cylinder length. I believe I have that right. If someone knows better, please correct me.

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    what everyone else said :)

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    I chose against the .357 in an airweight snupb because:

    1. It reduced weight, even a little helps

    2. .38 has been getting it done for a long time +p is an added bonus.

    3. Cost, while not a significant factor was a bonus.

    4. I would not be practicing half as much with magnum loads vs .38 and +p.

    So basically everything Glockmann and BMCgilvray said...

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    I would not go with .357 in an airweight. If it was a 24 oz all steel gun maybe, but not an airweight
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    my advice would be to shot one before you buy one. some people cant hit the broad side of the barn, inside with the doors closed with em. Thats why I sold mine :)

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