In states where signs carry no rule of law....

In states where signs carry no rule of law....

This is a discussion on In states where signs carry no rule of law.... within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was just wondering if anyone knows. If you are asked to leave a location because for some reason you are found out to be ...

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Thread: In states where signs carry no rule of law....

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    In states where signs carry no rule of law....

    I was just wondering if anyone knows. If you are asked to leave a location because for some reason you are found out to be carrying. If you leave willingly, i.e. no LEO, no trespassing charge, when can you return. Meaning if I walk out to my car lock up my gun, are you still guilty of trespass if you enter the premise again?

    In the case of a business I would never go back there. However, some of the schools in my state have decided to be "Gun Free" zones, idiots. The sign carries not legal weight at all, so all the can do is ask me to leave and charge me with trespass if I refuse. I keep my weapons very well concealed, but if for some reason it was discovered and I was asked to leave, when can I go back, assuming unarmed and not face trespassing charges?

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    I suppose it would be at the discretion of whomever is in charge at the particular location (e.g. store manager/owner, school principal, etc.).

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    I imagine state law and what the owner/manager actually said would have a lot to do with returning. Most owners/managers would be satisfied with you securing the firearm in your vehicle as money and sales are still money and sales. If they said "Don't come back!" I would infer that to mean "you," with or without the firearm.

    In FL, refusing to leave when requested is misdemeanor tresspassing; doing so while armed is felony trespassing. Any arguing about rights or security will only work against you.
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    Here in Oklahoma, if you're asked to leave, all you have to do is go lock it in your car & go back inside (if you care to).
    If you refuse to leave, all it is, is a treaspassing charge.
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    IANAL but I imagine that it's going to depend greatly on the reason that you were initially asked to leave. Either way, it's going to depend on whether or not they want you there and you would have to leave again if asked to do so. That's a hard question to give a definitive answer to when it all depends on whether or not you're welcome by a place that can change their mind at any time.
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    Ask as you are leaving, "May I return if I secure my weapon in my car?"

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    In Michigan no sign carries the force of law. If you are asked to leave, you must leave or face tresspass charges that will cost you your CCW.
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    I wouldn't bring a gun into a place that has a gunbuster sign. I wouldn't bring myself in there, either. If you decide to enter while carrying nobody should even notice if you're concealing properly. If you decide to shop there then it's on you that you were made.

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    Here it means leave now. If they don't want you to return they will either tell you, send it to you in writting or file a no trespass and the county sheriff or local constable will serve you with the no trespass notice. Unless otherwise specified, a Texas No Trespass Notice is good forever!
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    They want your money, they just don't want your gun in their store. Unless told to the contrary, seems to me you and your wallet are welcome as long as you leave the hardware behind.
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