University professor leaves Utah state over students' right to concealed carry

University professor leaves Utah state over students' right to concealed carry

This is a discussion on University professor leaves Utah state over students' right to concealed carry within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here's the letter to the editor in the student newspaper from a lettered mathematics professor who left Utah to move to Texas because he could ...

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Thread: University professor leaves Utah state over students' right to concealed carry

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    University professor leaves Utah state over students' right to concealed carry

    Here's the letter to the editor in the student newspaper from a lettered mathematics professor who left Utah to move to Texas because he could not deal with the fact that students are allowed to carry concealed...

    Letter: Professor left Utah over concealed carry

    Internet research indicates the professor is probably a Canadian (Ontario) native.

    This post is for understanding the point of view from the college/university professor on opposing the students' right to bear arms on campus.

    The University of Utah sued to overturn the campus concealed carry law and lost in a state supreme court ruling in 2006.

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    Now if we could get rid of all leftist professors that easily.

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    Gun free zones are merely killing fields for those with evil intent.
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    Lefties are prone to tantrums.....

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    One word: Good!
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    Yeah, but you know he won't really leave. He just want's to make a name for himself over a silly cause, but endure no sacrifice on his part. Typical.
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    Now, he is free to go hide with the rest of the sheep.

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    What is funny is they may be doing that in Texas. I have heard that they were voting on carry on campuses.

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    Glad he is gone. I wonder if he is friends with the USU professor who said he wouldn't teach his classes if there were armed students in the class. I wish that jerk would have gotten fired.

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    I find it ironic he admits if he had an active shooter in his class he'd want a "good guy" with a gun there, but doesn't want them there the rest of the time. Maybe if he does encounter an active shooter, the rest of his students can use him as a human shield.
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    Hah! Good riddance.. Glad he could take a hint.. Bye bye.. See ya, you curmudgeon old fart... Here's to hoping Texas tars and feathers him on his way outta that state.
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    I was born and raised in Texas. I am a native Texan. The only time I've lived outside the Lone Star state was 3 years for grad. school (an M.A. in English) when I lived in northern Colorado. And now: I've lived in Utah for the past 2 years. Prior to moving to Utah, I was saving/working towards my Texas CHL, and I understood that teachers could not conceal or open carry on campuses of all levels. I taught at Tarrant County Community College for a year; in that time, a student-led group help 3 "protests" against their inability to conceal carry on college campuses. These came in the form of open holster protests: They wore OWB holsters with no weapons. So this was 20009-2010. There was a great deal of controversy; in fact, our dept. head told faculty members that the president told him to tell us to NOT participate, whether we agreed or not. As a native Texan, I hadn't really considered cc on school campuses b/c I knew it was illegal, so I just accepted that.

    In 2011, we moved to Utah for work to teach at a small regional university in southern Utah. I was surprised to learn that a state that was sooo conservative had such progressive gun laws. Utahans can cc on all school campuses. And this week both the senate and the house passed constitutional carry, which means any person who can legally purchase firearms can also cc without any classes or licensing on any public school campus.

    The gun laws are not the reason I moved to Utah, but they are a surprise benefit. As a teacher who believes in gun rights (though I think constitutional carry is not restrictive enough), I feel it is my responsibility to protect my students and colleagues. Sounds corny, I know, but that is how I feel.
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    Darn wait till he gets to TEXAS..... It might make his head explode !

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    Let me get this straight... he's leaving Utah for Texas??? Because of guns? Seems to me he's jumping from the frying pan into the broiler.

    And this guy is a math professor! Conservatively assuming he spends 40 hours a week on campus, that means he spends about 2/3 of his waking hours away from the "gun free zone" he apparently desires. Considering that violent criminal activity is substantially lower among university students and faculty than it is for the general population, his move to Baylor is certainly not based on facts.

    I think the taxpayers in Utah should be happy to let this nitwit go. Don't let it hit you in the butt on the way out, Prof.
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    Well, bye.
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