Another Gun Free Zone Success Story

Another Gun Free Zone Success Story

This is a discussion on Another Gun Free Zone Success Story within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What part of this do the antis not understand? Student Hammers No-Guns-on-Campus Policy on Live TV After College Stabbings: ?We Would Love to Have God ...

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Thread: Another Gun Free Zone Success Story

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    Another Gun Free Zone Success Story

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    Just saw this on Fox News channel in CO. Good job, kid! He DID hammer the no guns on campus issue--sometimes things just fall into your lap! (As to being able to speak to this issue in a very pertinent manner).
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    The sad thing is when I first saw this story break a little bit ago, my very first thought was 'thank goodness the bad guy was using a knife'. I don't believe we could stand up to another bad mass shooting. I'm pretty sure politicians would start to tumble into the anti-gun well if any more bad incidents happen in close proximity to all the recent events.
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    While agree with his message, he needed to convey that Carry Permit holders should be able to carry, and make sure that he explained what is required for a permit to carry. Otherwise the anti's and uninformed will take it as everyone going to school would be allowed. Granted nothing will sway the anti's, but the uninformed might see the light.
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    This knife slashing attack in Texas is further evidence that banning guns does not and will not control violence as there is always some lunatic willing to commit horrible acts of violence. I know it's cliche, but guns aren't the problem, whackos are the problem. Again, the attacker takes advantage of a gun-free zone to safely commit his crimes. This wouldn't have happened in a place where a single "good guy" with a CCW were present. Legislators, take notice!
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    The headlines sure would have looked better saying, "Breaking news, 6 wounded and one dead after CC holder stops an assailant in the middle of a stabbing rampage."
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