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Conversion of wife complete.

This is a discussion on Conversion of wife complete. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Good for both of you, congratulations....

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Thread: Conversion of wife complete.

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    Good for both of you, congratulations.
    "The pistol, learn it well, carry it always ..." ~ Jeff Cooper

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    End the cycle of hatred, don’t give them a tomorrow."

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    Your Wife Likes Motorcycles AND Guns?

    Quote Originally Posted by produman View Post
    Almost have my wife ready to go to ccw class. She was going to go last time but took her motorcycle class instead. Next class...
    Sir, you're going to need a second job...

    Good Luck...enjoy the 'mixed' blessings...

    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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    Congrats. My wife is about half way there!

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fragman View Post
    Well, she had decided that she wanted my Sig P239. So, I had to go and buy myself something new. Got a Glock 23 as I really didn't have the money for another Sig.

    Sigh, I miss my Sig already.......

    Anyway, I bought it at Jim Pruett's Guns and Ammo in NW Houston. ( I like to keep these 'real' gun stores in business rather than big chains who may suddenly decide to not sell guns after wiping out all competition in the area - Did somebody say Walmart?)

    He also does classes, so I signed her up while I bought the gun. I didn't take my class there, so can't comment yet. I will ask her what she thought when she gets back.
    Any report on the class?

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    Good job!

    "Americans have the will to resist because you have weapons. If you don't have a gun, freedom of speech has no power." - Yoshimi Ishikawa

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    My wife was about the same way. I had been around guns a good portion of my life, my wife, not so, didn't even want one in the house.
    She was pushing that demand, get rid of my guns, until I took her to a local range and had her actually try shooting a gun. After plinking with a .22 and then several others, she was coming around to the idea guns were not so bad. But, shooting at a paper target or a can was boring. So, I took her out to try some shotgunning at a local gun club. She managed to break one out 50 and had a sore shoulder, but eagerly asked if we could come back the next day and maybe even get a membership!!! SO you know where I was and what I was doing the next morning! Since then her enthusiaism has grown. We shot for years doing sporting clays & trap. Then we discovered cowboy action shooting, and she really loved that. Seems Annie Oakley was one of her heros and she used to have cap guns and cowboy boots when she was a little girl. Now she straps on real six shooters, grabs her trusty '73 rifle and a coach gun, then steps out on the range with me. Our whole house is now decorated with a western theme and she buys more new guns and leather than I do !!

    Guys seek her out to work on converting their wives and she has brought quite a few on board.

    She wants to get her CCL, but wants to carry the guns she uses for CAS, a Ruger .32 Single Six, I'm working on her to find a gun a bit better suited to the task. She dislikes semiautos, so some kind of revolver will have to found. She is just so used to thumb cocking her single actions, it makes me nervous about doing it in a adrenaline charge situation and having a cocked weapon with a very light trigger in her hand. TOO EASY for an AD and accident.

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    I must be the luckist guy here my wife has her chl is into cowboy action shooting rides her own motorcyle and can out bass fish me any day of the week!

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    that is great! I've had the wife for 31 years now but she still only "tolerates" the guns. Did get my 25 year old daughter to go to the range with me a few weeks ago. now, she is hooked. Maybe together, we can "change" the wife.

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    About 6 yeara ago, I talked my wife into going to the range with me. She kept me busy filling clips for my Tuarus PT99. She loved it. Finally talked her into getting her Concealed Carry Permit about a year ago and let her pick out her own carry gun. She decided on a Taurus Mill Pro PT138. She also reminds me fairly regurlarly that she is a better shot than I am.

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