Handling a gun in public

Handling a gun in public

This is a discussion on Handling a gun in public within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So this might be a dumb question, but lets say you're "outed" as carrying concealed and the person is into guns and they want to ...

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Thread: Handling a gun in public

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    Handling a gun in public

    So this might be a dumb question, but lets say you're "outed" as carrying concealed and the person is into guns and they want to see what it is, or your friend knows you carry and asks to see your gun, etc. is it illegal to remove it from the holster and show him or her? (Take the mag out and clear it first obviously). In a mall, or store or something. I would never do this, just wondering. I'd take them to my car or their car and do it there.

    Just wondering, would that be a crime? To handle a gun in public? You can do it at Dicks or Wal Mart if you're shopping for one...


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    I wouldn't--period. Strangers don't need to see your gun; friends can drop by the house. Otherwise, not happening.
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    I will never show the gun in public. It is none of their business, especially strangers.
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    There is no way i would ever take a gun out in public..If it is a stranger,i'm not letting them touch,or hold it.Never know what someone may try.If it is a friend,they know where i live.
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    In my living room after it's been cleared and double checked, maybe. In public, NEVER.
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    The only two situations in which you should unholster your gun out in public are:

    A. You need to use it, right now!

    B. LE requires you to disarm for his/her safety.
    The only common sense gun legislation was written about 226 years ago.

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    Illegal? Depends on the state I guess.

    Smart? Never.

    Why show them in the first place. If you're carrying concealed, it means you don't want other's to know you have it. If you're "outed" by one person, fine. Showing them the gun "outs" you to a ton of others. Now you're in public, and very possibly distracted, talking to someone else who might even be stranger. All the while, someone who's an idiot about guns could get all freaked out and call the cops, even if it is legal, and through all that you're trying to concentrate on the weapon itself. Talk about increased the odds for a ND.
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    Never in public.

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    Never in public to a stranger or friend, Friends maybe in my home, but I hold the mag after it is cleared.
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    This may or may not be illegal depending on your state. However, a gun store wouldn't even let you do this. Don't do it in a public place. Do it at home - or your friends home.
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    Handling a firearm that is for sale in a retail establishment is not even remotely the same thing as whipping out your pistol to show it off in the middle of the cereal isle at Walmart.

    You would be lucky if you only got tossed out of the store, otherwise you might be facing a weapons offense and loss of the concealed permit that you probably deserve to lose at that point!

    In a private home, I guess if you feel so inclined, it wouldn't be illegal but any sort of store would be a very bad idea.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OldVet View Post
    I wouldn't--period. Strangers don't need to see your gun; friends can drop by the house. Otherwise, not happening.
    ^^^That's the camp I'm in^^^^

    If you are out in a public place, DON'T DO IT.

    Car/truck/van, as long as everyone is on the same page and is alright with it, go ahead, otherwise, do it at home or the like.
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    I would never, never, ever unholster in public (or in my car, etc) to show someone my weapon. Here in Mass., that would surely upset people nearby, and likely result in revocation of my LTC based on "suitability". In my God awful commie state, our LTC's are issued at the discretion of your city/town's Chief of Police.

    The CoP can yank an LTC in a flash.

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    Would I show my gun if asked?
    Possibly, in my home, in a friend's home, at the range, or in a Wally World parking lot when you demand my wallet and car keys.
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    When I'm carrying it, it's loaded and ready to use. It NEVER comes out of the holster until I put it away at night (unless I needed to actually use it for defense, of course). Whether in public or in private, if I'm carrying it for self-defense it's no one else's business. If it's a friend and he/she expresses interest, I'll invite them for my next trip to the range and they can see it then. Whether I obviously printed or not, It's not a toy or a show-and-tell piece.

    This would not likely happen to me because all of my friends and family that want to have already shot my EDC gun :-)
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