NM Honors More . . . AL, AR, KS & WV Updates!

NM Honors More . . . AL, AR, KS & WV Updates!

This is a discussion on NM Honors More . . . AL, AR, KS & WV Updates! within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; New Mexico has added Wyoming and Nevada to the list of states it Honors. Wyoming will again honor New Mexico as they will honor anyone ...

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Thread: NM Honors More . . . AL, AR, KS & WV Updates!

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    NM Honors More . . . AL, AR, KS & WV Updates!

    New Mexico has added Wyoming and Nevada to the list of states it Honors. Wyoming will again honor New Mexico as they will honor anyone who honors them.
    Reciprocity Agreements | New Mexico Department of Public Safety

    Alabama, Arkansas and Kansas in the next few months will honor all other states. KS on July 1, AR on July 17 and Alabama on Aug. 1. All these states have also amended their carry laws opening up places where those with a valid permit/license may carry and AL will now officially be a Shall Issue state. Those state pages will be updated on Handgunlaw.us when their new laws go into effect.

    Arkansas new law has the most questions. They have defined what a Journey is, “Traveling outside your county of residence.” Other wording changes in their law have some stating that AR will be an Open Carry state also. They do not allow Open Carry at this time. Authorities are stating that Open Carry will still not be legal so it looks like there will be some court cases soon after the new law goes into effect. Handgunlaw.us recommends that you not Open Carry in Arkansas when the new law goes into effect until they get it ironed out in with authorities or the courts.

    WV has changed how it will honor other states. They will now honor anyone who honors them. WV should establish reciprocity with Alabama, Georgia and Colorado in the coming months. They could pick up a couple others. Time will tell there. This new law on Reciprocity doesn’t go into effect until July.

    Other states are making changes. Mag limits and such with California actually outlawing the sale of all Auto Loading Pistols. With their Micro Stamping law passed in 2007 now in effect unless a pistol has that feature it can’t be sold in CA. I am very interested in how the manufacturers will handle this on selling their firearms in CA.

    Again I want to thank those who give me a heads up on changes in their state laws etc. I can’t do this by myself and all your assistance is very much appreciated. Handgunlaw.us will be updated with changes that have taken effect in the last few days later this evening or early tomorrow. Thank you again.
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    Thank you! Also in Kansas July 1st, getting caught carrying past a gunbuster sign can get you asked to leave, if you don't you may be charged with tresspassing. Gone is the misdemeanor charge and $50.00 fine.

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    Having a WY permit there were a few states within a days motorcycle ride that did not reciprocate. Specifically NV, NM, KS... So in Feb. I decided to get an AZ non-res permit to fill them in. In that short time NV dropped AZ and now both KS and NM have decided to reciprocate. That was money and time well spent...

    Anyway - Gary, thank you for the work you and your partners do on Handgunlaw. You are doing a great service that is MUCH APPRECIATED!
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    Excellent News! Thank you once again for the updates Gary. U Da Man!

    Now if NV would just swing back the other way on recognizing AZ. It makes it a real pain on the northern boarder of AZ.
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    I'm jealous... impossible to travel around the northeast on reciprocity. I'm good in MA (res LTC), NH (non-res), VT, and PA, but certainly can't DRIVE to PA while carrying!

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    Don't get too warm & fuzzy over bleepin' NM. As reported by Mr. Slider a year ago, April, 2012, NM dropped 10 states overnight, down to only 5 states that they honored at that time. If all they've done since then is add 2 states, then they're still deep in the hole & have a long way to go to get back in my good graces.

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    Thanks for the update Gary. I'm sure alot of work goes into it, and we do appreciate your efforts.

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