Firearms in coastal waters

Firearms in coastal waters

This is a discussion on Firearms in coastal waters within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; It's boat season, and I'm planning to carry on my boat. On local lakes and rivers, no problem, it's just like anywhere else in the ...

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Thread: Firearms in coastal waters

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    Firearms in coastal waters

    It's boat season, and I'm planning to carry on my boat. On local lakes and rivers, no problem, it's just like anywhere else in the state.

    But I spend some time in Long Island Sound which is federally controlled, despite the fact that there is a state line in the water that doesn't seem to mean very much. I can carry in CT but not NY, So...

    Are there any special rules for carry and transportation on the CT side of the sound or the coastal rivers?

    What happens when I cross to the NY side- NY rules, or Uncle Sam's?

    When I dock in NY state, I know I cannot carry a weapon ashore but if it remains stored unloaded on the boat in the port, is it still legal?

    And (God forbid) use of deadly force in coastal waters- are there any legal guides around for shoot/don't shoot if somebody is endangering me out there?

    Thanks all. I searched the site but couldn't find very much that applied.

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    I suggest you ask the Coast Guard. If you are in port or on a mooring controlled by the state I believe you are under state and local jurisdiction. Be advised that unless it has recently changed, the Coast Guard has the authority to search your boat at will without your consent

    IANAL, but your right to self defense supersedes any ordinance if it is truly an emergency situation. However, you could still be held liable for illegal possession or some such since that would have been the fact before and after your emergency.

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    From what I'm reading your CT cc license is not honored by NY State so I would say you would be in deep dodo if you go into NY with a firearm anywhere on or about you.

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