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This is a discussion on Brady Campaign within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As I said once before Mrs Brady's salary at handgun control is around $250.000 a year but I am sure that has nothing to do ...

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Thread: Brady Campaign

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    As I said once before Mrs Brady's salary at handgun control is around $250.000 a year but I am sure that has nothing to do with it!

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    Originally Posted by Phil Elmore
    The one thing that all gun control activists have in common is that they LIE. Some believe the lies -- most do, probably -- but regardless, because reality does not support their assertions, they are forced to rely on misinformation, myths, propaganda, and outright fiction to accomplish their goals.

    Ardent gun control activists are cowards who, because they cannot face the realities of self-defense, wish to make everyone else a potential victim in order to live out the illusion of safety they prefer to that harsh reality. Gun control activists are, in this way, delusional -- and dangerously so.

    Of course, most of them are also hypocrites, as Ms. Brady and her armed guards will tell you.

    The fact that Mr. Brady was wounded by a deranged gunman is NOT an excuse for her to work so hard to see to it that countless American citizens are murdered, raped, or otherwise victimized. She disgusts me on a personal level.
    There you go Phil


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    I posted this link in another section of the combatcarry website but it seems appropriate to combat the apparent (mis)information provided by the Brady campaign with real information.

    If you read through these facts, it will show the real truth on how gun ownership is good for all of us.

    I think the Brady's probably mean well, but have misplaced their anger on the "instrument" and not the person "playing it".

    If Hinckley had AIDS and bit everyone that day on March 30th, 1981 giving them AIDS, would Brady be pushing to ban people with AIDS? What if Hinckley used a stapler and bludgeoned everyone that date? It seems rather ignorant to blame the device, but that is MHO.

    Life, liberty, and the pursuit of the ultimate CC gun!

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    Maybe peacefuljeffrey should change his handle to analretentivejeffrey.

    Stop being so critical of every post on this website and get a life brother.

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    The have adopted the typical Liberal Left Wing philosophy of "The End Justifies The Means" AKA any outright lie and falsehood is OK as long as it helps to accomplish their ultimate goal.
    Don't even bother trying to correct them.
    They already know that they are are not telling the truth.
    It's intentional and they don't care what the truth is.
    They are liars and they know they lie and they do not care.
    That's a fact.

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    Pretty much.

    When I think back to the days when my brother was in the army...
    One week he came home on leave and showed us the new GLOCK 19 he had bought.

    I can't say when I had first heard or read about GLOCKS, but I had heard of them before my brother brought one home in 1988, and I remember that the first thing I rushed to ask him, incredulously, was, "Isn't that the gun that is made of ceramic and can go through airport metal detectors?!"

    Yep. Not being into guns at the time (I was in 11th grade at the time and did not grow up in a handgun family), I didn't know the FACTS about guns; I knew only what the MEDIA had LIED to me about them.

    I remember how quick my brother was to remove the slide of the GLOCK and hand it to me and ask me how so much metal could possibly go undetected through airport security.

    So from then on, I realized that someone had to have deliberately lied to get that rumor going. Think about it: it started with a news story or press release of some sort, no doubt. Whoever wrote it initially either:

    - lied even though they knew the gun was largely made of metal, because they were familiar with it in one way or another
    - reported (irresponsibly) without having ever seen or held the gun, and so had no business making any claims about it whatsoever because they were utterly unfamiliar with it

    Either way, someone did something dishonest, and answer honestly -- don't you still have to occasionally chase down a non-gun friend who thinks that GLOCKs are undetectable? I know I do.

    So the GLOCK story from the '80s is emblematic of the entire anti-gunner modus operandi. (Which we've established already is, "Lie, because the facts demolish our position.")

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