Carrying Concealed..

Carrying Concealed..

This is a discussion on Carrying Concealed.. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So ever since I started carrying weather it be CC or OC I've noticed that it's changed the way I dress to the way I ...

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Thread: Carrying Concealed..

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    So ever since I started carrying weather it be CC or OC I've noticed that it's changed the way I dress to the way I carry things aswell as my mindset, I'm somewhat surprised that it has had this effect on me but I don't see it as a bad thing though. :) I'm curious to know how it effects you? in various ways I assume. :p
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    ...been keeping my left hand free and putting people on my right side since about ''s a habit...I dress real casual and shirt-tail out so that's no effort...but you surely do make some subtle changes in the way you move...

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    Hiding inside a bottle of Jim Beam Black in S. FL.
    I've learned to keep more of my comments to myself, not that those for whom they were intended for couldn't put them to good use. Maybe I'm just getting older and wiser, the wiser part being that some people can't be helped no matter what "advice" I might offer.
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    The instructors we had when I went to the police academy told us that we would spend 8 weeks training and the rest of our lives trying to de-program....they were right. Lots of things change over the years when you carry concealed (be you a cop or not). The way you dress, how you exit vehicles, where you sit in public places, the types of clothing you buy, etc. It becomes a life style that is for certain......
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    I have been CC for over 1 year. At first, no big deal if I occasionally didn't bring a weapon. As time has passed, I've gotten to the point where , like others are always saying, I feel naked (or is that nekkid? ) without something with me.

    I accumulated an assortment of holsters and use them according to my dress/destination. Elastic waist pants, sweatpants, etc. get the Remora (if the drawstring goes tight enough) and I pack a smaller gun: G26, Taurus 357 revolver, Bersa 380. Destination dictates if I feel the Bersa as a deterant is adequate or do I WANT the 9mm or 357.

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    It's great that you are conscious of your apparel while carrying. If I need to wear something that doesn't properly conceal my gun (which is rare) I grab a gun that does work. If I am without a gun, I definitely feel naked. My gun doesn't come off my hip (or ankle) until I hit the bed and i have a 1911 & ar w/in reach of my bed.

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    Keeping my right hand empty was easy, after being in the military for 24 years and having to be able to salute, it was habit already. Obvious changes are in demeanor. I don't drive aggressively, I don't use my horn, I don't flip people off or yell at them. My wife still says I'm an A hole, but now I'm the nicest A hole you'd ever want to meet.
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    Yep, I agree with archer51. My mindset has changed also. I do drive more defensively and my SA is better too. 'Course I do still call the idiots and morons as I see them when driving, I just do it quietly so they can't hear me. And no more one finger salutes. Maybe age is also a factor for me. I have to go take my meds now. Happiness and goodwill to all.
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    In general, I can see it making only a positive change in your mindset and behavior, as you remain safely within the law...consider your responses to others and their behavior carefully.
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    I have to agree, I dress much nicer now days, keep my mouth shut and finger down a lot more. and am generally a much nicer person.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SUPERCHEFNICK View Post
    So ever since I started carrying weather it be CC or OC I've noticed that it's changed the way I dress to the way I carry things aswell as my mindset, I'm somewhat surprised that it has had this effect on me but I don't see it as a bad thing though. :) I'm curious to know how it effects you? in various ways I assume. :p
    Sure. Body, mind and spirit. It's a "whole body" thing, the change to a basically 24x7 defensive posture. Takes good mindset, good training to keep reality in perspective. Takes decent gear, decently carried. Takes proper clothing and carry mode, possibly altering clothing to accommodate. Takes minor changes in procedure and technique when interacting with others. Takes beefing up our "early warning" alarms (defensive barriers at home, locked car doors, identifying inbound threats). Takes situation management/avoidance. Takes improved awareness of surroundings, people-watching skills. Takes a family plan, to execute well under duress when out with the loved ones. When holstering-up, all of this turns "on" and becomes part of what I do, how I think, procedures I engage in. It's second-nature, now. Took awhile to get the basic pieces in place.

    Reading, along those lines:

    • The Truth About Self-Protection, by Ayoob.
    • The Gift of Fear, by de Becker.
    • On Killing, by Grossman.
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