testing carry ammo...new gun?

Testing carry ammo...new gun?

This is a discussion on Testing carry ammo...new gun? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I think it is everyones common practice to run through 100-200 rounds of carry ammo as a test before they trust carrying it on a ...

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    testing carry ammo...new gun?

    I think it is everyones common practice to run through 100-200 rounds of carry ammo as a test before they trust carrying it on a daily basis. I currently carry a Glock 19 and will be looking to add a 26 to my collection. My question: other people who have the same make of gun and the same caliber, whether it be sig, glock, s&w,9mm, .40 or .45 etc...do you run another test of carry ammo through it to feel comfortable with it? To be 100% sure I think I would but just wondering what is common practice for the rest of you guys?

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    I'd run 200 - 400 rounds of target ammo to make sure the gun is worn in depending on the manufaturer's recommendation (there's been debate on this board as to whether that's actually needed or should be needed).

    Then, I run 200 rounds of hollow points through to make sure the gun feeds it reliably. That being said, I'd be very surprised if a Glock weren't accurate and 100% reliable (or as close as you can get to that) right out of the box.

    Of course, it's also a good excuse to go to the range more often for a few weeks.

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    You have to shoot any new gun or ammo to be sure it will function in each gun/ammo match up

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    On a simular note, people are suprised when they ask me how many rounds of carry ammo they should put through their carry gun. I tell them to put 100 rounds through to make sure it works and they look at me like I have lobsters growing from my ears. The most common reply I hear is "but it's so expensive", to which I reply "Yes, but so is insurance."

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    "but it's so expensive", to which I reply "Yes, but so is insurance."
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    I agree with what everyone else says... 100-200 rounds in MOST guns, but I'd trust 20-50 in a glock(and I don't even like them).

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    stupid, perfect GLOCKs...
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    If you are worry about jam ups in your Glock, I have a G17 and never had a jam in it. No matter what ammo I have put in it. A lot of semi auto will jam with certain hollow points and lot of semi auto's will never jam. Look at the Cor Bon Power Point line of ammo. It looks like round nose but suppose to work like hollow points.

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    I test each and every gun. Even the best of makers can have a bad gun come thru. Besides, shooting is fun.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocky View Post
    I test each and every gun. Even the best of makers can have a bad gun come thru. Besides, shooting is fun.
    yeah I agree! What better excuse to go out and shoot?!
    I usually run a fair amount of ball through a new gun just to break everything in and make sure there are no problems with it. Then move on to 100-200 rounds of a premium defensive ammo that I will be carrying. If I change ammo for some reason then I will run another 100+ rounds of the new stuff through it as well. The way I look at it, it's only $30-$40 for 100 rounds of good quality 9mm HPs. I'm worth it....subtract $12-$13 for the cost of regular "practice" ammo (per 100) and you're really only paying ~$23 bucks more to test your practice ammo since you are going to be shooting anyway. ....but then again I can really justify anything to myself!

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    Each and every gun can be different regarding feeding of a particular round. Although Glocks almost always feed everything, it's still worth the ammo and range time to check the gun/ammo compatibility and familiarize yourself with a different size grip/sight radius/trigger, etc. I take every new gun to the range (including Glocks), and I test each new kind of ammo I decide to carry. That's aside from regular range time and practice.
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    Seems there is a trend here, and I agree 100%. Any manufacturer can make a lemon occasionally (I've heard stories of bad Glocks, HKs, Sigs, etc), and even though it's not the norm, I can't think of a worse time to find out that the one you purchased happens to be a lemon than when you are relying on it to defend your life.

    I always cringe when I hear someone at a gun shop talk about the gun they have at home for defense that they've owned for __ years and have never shot or shoot once a year.

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    Every New Gun...

    gets a good cleaning first...then, within a few days, a trip to the range for a meal of 200-400 rounds of whatever I am going to CARRY. If I have problems (rarely) they are addressed immediately (either a fix, or a trade).

    My life is worth more than a few $$$ for a good gun and great ammo. If it 'stutters', it takes a walk!

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    I'm of the opinion that obvious physical defects can be cleaned out with the normal 100-200 rounds, but that surety doesn't come until much later. For me, for a carry pistol that I'm betting my life on, I put through 1000rds minimum error-free (or, at least clearly explained). After that, I'm sure of the inherent reliability of the pistol. After that, I know it can be polished, adjusted, tested with different rounds, etc. Until then, not sure. Expensive, yes, but so is dying.
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    Yes, testing every gun is my practice but I was just wondering if you guys did the same or if I was out on the lake alone, but I guess I have plently of company in that aspect.

    And No I am not worried about my glock jamming up...rolled past four thousand rounds yesterday and never had a jam, FTF etc.

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