First Carry Experience

First Carry Experience

This is a discussion on First Carry Experience within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; As I mentioned in the Woot! thread, my Utah permit came on Friday. I've now made my pilgrimage to Wal-Mart, seen a movie and gone ...

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Thread: First Carry Experience

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    First Carry Experience

    As I mentioned in the Woot! thread, my Utah permit came on Friday. I've now made my pilgrimage to Wal-Mart, seen a movie and gone grocery shopping, so I thought I'd report on my experiences. Unfortunately, I didn't get any nachos, the Wal-Mart I went to is one that has a McDonalds, rather than the usual Wally World snack bar.

    Unlike a lot of the first-time carry experiences I've read on this forum, I didn't feel like my pistol was overly obvious. I was carrying my USPc in a IWB holster around 5:00 and using an unbuttoned denim shirt as a cover garment. Experimenting in front of the mirror at home made me pretty confident that the combination of an IWB holster, the position, and the long tail on the shirt meant that no amount of bodily contortion was likely to reveal the gun. The only times when I was really concerned was sliding past already seated people in the theater (which put the gun about a foot from their face) and squatting down to look at stuff on the bottom shelf at Wal-Mart (why on earth do they always put the tallest pants sizes on the bottom shelf?).

    I think I managed to avoid adjusting my gun while I was out in public. A Wilderness belt and Cop-Tac C-T.A.C. holster is a very secure combination, the gun stayed right where I put it. I really only felt the urge to fiddle with it after trying on a pair of pants at Wal-Mart; I didn't quite manage to get it in the right spot when I got everything strapped back on (as a side note, I've managed to loose enough weight in the past five months to go down 2 inches in my waist size and stuff a good sized autoloader in my pants).

    The only time I ever felt physically uncomfortable because of carrying was in my car. Bucket seats and IWB carry just doesn't seem to mix. Most other chairs either don't cradle the body as closely, or are soft enough to absorb the pistol, rather than trying to shove it into the body. I may have to decide on some other solution for car carry, especially for longer trips.

    I think one of the reasons I was fairly comfortable carrying in public for the first time is that I'd practiced quite a bit. During my 71 day wait for my Utah permit to arrive, I carried around the house on a regular basis. This, and experimenting in front of the mirror led me to get a IWB holster rather than the OWB one I'd initially decided on (I would have felt much more obvious carrying OWB, since the butt of the gun prints fairly badly). By the time I went out in public, I was pretty used to my carry rig and was confident that it would remain concealed (an unexpected benefit of Utah's long wait time).

    I also used the time between applying for and getting my permit to take an 'Advanced Concealed Carry' class at my local gun range. The legally required instruction for a Utah permit doesn't do much more than tell you about the gun laws and make sure you know which end of the gun goes 'bang'. Taking the advanced class gave me a chance to try out stuff that I'd only read about, like moving on the draw, using cover, and low light shooting. Having some idea what to do in the (hopefully unlikely) event of a deadly force encounter has given me more confidence, and whetted my appetite for more training.

    Well, that's my experience carrying for the first time.

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    Congrates on your permit! I’ve been carrying for a couple months now and am now very comfortable with it. I recently made a Concealex (like Kydex) holster which puts my Glock 23 more upright than my other OWB holster. It seems to print less and I carry at 3 so my arm helps to conceal it. I haven’t been comfortable with a IWB with my G23. Just to fat for comfort. I’ll be getting a Kel-Tec for IWB.
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    Excellent - and for sure IMO the house carry practice will have made all the difference.

    That way when you went out you were not starting from ''cold'' and had a familiar feel to it all. Car seats - buckets in particular are a problem, and quite a few folks take gun out of rig during the driving section and conceal elsewhere (unless OH of course !).
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    Do not remember my first time, not because it was so long ago; but, because I have CRS.
    Short time latter we stopper for gas in King/ Tobaccoville NC then went next door to Mcdonalds. People were staring, thought I was made. Got real nervous.
    Been there several times since, same people still stare. I finally figured it was the silver Crown Vic and they wounder who the H I am.
    Moral, just because someone is looking at you, it usually doesn't mean anything at all.

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    Carry Around The House...

    is an excellent idea, both for getting used to the 'first time' feeling and for self-preservation...24/7 I say!

    Definitely take the Self-Defense Class...I've taken a couple and it was always worth the time. I am planning on going to one of the more advertised places out West, and look forward to learning much more!

    Good luck with your important new tool...

    Stay alert...stay safe!

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    I'm pretty new at carrying myself. I'm not real familiar with the consequences of people knowing that your carrying. There's bound to be a time in everyone's "carrying career" that someone will notice. I guess my question is what can happen, or what can someone do if they figure out that your carrying? As long as you don't literally pull it out in public there's nothing nobody can really do, right? Can one get in trouble for "printing"? I've wondered this ever since I've first started carrying.
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    Man, I can't wait for my WalMart debut. January (When KS CCW takes effect) seems so far away.
    I can't get nachos either, no cafeteria at all!
    I'm a child of the 60's, but I got over it.

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    nice job. I have found by adjusting my lumbar seat to full out, IWB works well. If you have this feature in your ride it might make a difference.
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    Grat post(s) !!! I had a similar experience, both with carrying around the house while waiting (Colorado = about 5 weeks) and my first time out.


    Stay safe,

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    I have the same concerns that you have. What if someone is able to notice you printing and they call the local police...What happens? That scares me the most and I would love to hear from those that are here that are familiar with this issue.
    So if you know or have had an experience on this subject please help us...

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    Excellent Blackeagle....welcome into the world of concealed carry!
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    Congrats on your carry license. I IWB conceal carry in a Bare Asset holster which has a 15 degree forward cant at the 4:00 position on the strong side. I believe the cant of the holster helps alot with conceal carry by keeping the but of the gun right up against me. When I am out and about the only time I check my gun is when I am getting out of my truck. I ususally pulll my pants up a bit and make sure my shirt is covering my gun. other than that I don't mess with it. I carry Glocks so I make sure I have a holster that covers the tigger completely. I'm not one of those people that unholsters my gun. That causes AD's and ND's. I hardly notice I am wearing my gun any more and after a while you will get use to yours as well.
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    well ,its been over 27 years that i first carried concealed ,a 38 det special in a alessi concealment holster but as i remember not one person seemed to take any more interest in me than usual so right from that day i figured i was the only that knew and hoped it would always stay that way and it has , get a concealable firearm and do as it says ................. conceal it

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