CCDW and a night out.

CCDW and a night out.

This is a discussion on CCDW and a night out. within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi folks, I new here and have a question for all the long time CCW people. What is the appropriate protocol for drinking while carrying? ...

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Thread: CCDW and a night out.

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    CCDW and a night out.

    Hi folks, I new here and have a question for all the long time CCW people. What is the appropriate protocol for drinking while carrying? I'm not talking fall down drunk, but like having a couple of drinks/beers at dinner. Is that acceptable behavior? Do the same rules for DUI apply. Or is it just don't drink and carry? I'm not a regular drinker, but do like to have a couple while out for dinner every now and then.

    Thanks for the help.

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    First, welcome to the forum.

    Second, check your state laws.

    Third, my opinion. My personal rule is guns and booze don't mix. Yes, I'll have a gun in my house and I'll have a drink or two, but I won't touch the guns. And if I am going out and I know I'll have a drink (say dinner or something), the gun stays at home.

    Remember, self defense is usually a reasonable person standard (check your state laws). The more you drink, the less "reasonable" you may become.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ianthin View Post
    What is the appropriate protocol for drinking while carrying?
    Don't. That's most appropriate, given all the various situations that could occur.

    For myself, though, I don't really drink. Hardly ever, and hardly at all when I do. So, I don't mind having three or four sips of wine, as it's all but guaranteed to have zero effect on anyone, particularly if during a meal. Still, even if it's not going to affect a person, it's still going to smell on the breath. Something to think about, when considering what could occur if stopped by an LEO on the way from the restaurant/bar/wherever.

    The worst of all possible situations, of course, is in self-defense situations where the imbibing ends up being sufficient that your judgment is actually impaired, or at least where you had enough that others are legitimately claiming your judgment was impaired. That can be an accusation that is extremely expensive to counter, no matter what else can be said.

    And the easiest way to avoid all of that? Just don't drink.

    That being said, in states that don't criminalize mere drinking, in states that actually require intoxication to a fixed standard, where you decide your comfort level is is one of the responsibilities you have as a citizen carrier. Just consider all aspects, all possibilities ... and decide accordingly. After all, it's your hide on the line. Just realize it's going to be the responsibility of others, that fine collection of 12 peers on the jury + the DA, to determine the reasonableness of your actions and the accusations against you if something does occur. What your opinions on the matter might be won't amount to much, really. Something to think about.
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    Depends on your state laws and how you *believe you* handle your liquor.

    Are you driving? For me, that is certainly much more an influence on my decisions re: drinking.

    My cc weapon is more like a cell phone. It's generally there *unless there is a reason* for it not to be. Going out for the evening and possibly drinking has no effect on that decision however the possibility of going to an establishment where my firearm is prohibited (anywhere where under 21 are not allowed) does.

    I am waayyyy past the days of getting drunk or even overconsuming and that was never really on my agenda in the past either.
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    It depends on your state laws. My wife and I both carry. When we go out to a function involving alcohol, one of us is the designated driver and designated concealed carrier depending on who's function it is.
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    I think it's generally a bad idea to consume alcohol while in possession of a firearm. Even if you aren't drinking enough to be intoxicated, if you ever have to use the firearm, the fact that you were drinking could come into play.

    In my opinion, you should choose what you value more: having a few drinks or carrying a firearm.
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    Welcome to the forum. As others have already said, check your state laws first. If the prohibit drinking while carrying you definitely don't want to do it. Guns and alcohol don't mix, you see examples all the time where the results of mixing them lead to disastrous results.
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    There is not much I can add to with what has already been said. I don't drink, but even if I did, I would say it is not a good idea to consume and carry.
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    Kentucky: 237.110 "(16) Except as provided in KRS 527.020, no license issued pursuant to this section shall authorize any person
    to carry a concealed firearm into:
    [some stuff snipped for space]
    Any portion of an establishment licensed to dispense beer or alcoholic beverages for consumption on the premises, which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to that purpose;"

    I'm guessing that means don't hang out in bars. :) That section didn't mention anything about absolute sobriety while carrying, but I'll chime in with the others expressing the opinion that carrying and drinking is a bad idea. As mentioned above, if you had to use your weapon and had been drinking, who knows how that would play out even if you were not intoxicated by any means.

    -KY law found via

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    Either carry...or drink. Not both.

    The law may say one thing, the court of public opinion is what will convict ALL carriers of drinking and carrying.
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    Nebraska is pretty clear. Don't do it:
    A permit holder shall not carry a concealed handgun while consuming alcohol or while there is any previously consumed alcohol or controlled substance as defined in Nebraska Revised Statutes § 28-401 of the statutes in his or her blood, urine, or breath unless the controlled substance was lawfully obtained and taken in therapeutically prescribed amounts.
    I'm not really sure what the actual limit is, but "any previously consumed alcohol" is clearly well below what is allowable for DUI.

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    Where the state laws end, prudence is still a good choice. Should never mix guns and alcohol IMHO.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ianthin View Post
    What is the appropriate protocol for drinking while carrying?
    Welcome to DC. I have a very short answer. Quite simply, I don't drink while I'm carrying.

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    As a former bartender of 6.5 years, I can tell you that people let "just one" turn into "just one" more, all too often. Nobody puts glass to their lips thinking that they'll be the one who screws up.

    My magic number is zero drinks.
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    Dumb thing to do IMO.

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