Painful Practical Joke Attempt

Painful Practical Joke Attempt

This is a discussion on Painful Practical Joke Attempt within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; We had a pre-4th BBQ/picnic yesterday afternoon at a local park. Most of the folks there are aware of my 2A beliefs & a few ...

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Thread: Painful Practical Joke Attempt

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    Painful Practical Joke Attempt

    We had a pre-4th BBQ/picnic yesterday afternoon at a local park. Most of the folks there are aware of my 2A beliefs & a few know that I CC. I was CCing my S&W PC1911 in a DM Bullard Bodyguard (45 degree forward cant) at 4 o'clock all under a loose fitting Hawaiian shirt.

    One of my young (24yo) 2nd cousins decided to be "cute" & sneak up behind me (I'm 60) and snatch my weapon...ostensibly to make a point about his skill and/or my ineptitude. Reflexively, I spun left...leading with my left elbow, as I drew with my right. He realized the error of his ways when he was on his back, with a broken nose, staring up at the business end of a 1911. Luckily (for him), the Corps trained me to ID my target before firing.

    It took me a moment to process what had just happened. In those few seconds, he was crying & screaming that it was a "joke" and not to shoot (he later claimed that the crying was a reflex from having his nose broken). Two of the attendees were off duty LE. They offered to arrest my cousin for the assault & attempted theft of a firearm. My "cuz" was frantically begging me to not press charges. No, I didn't press charges. Instead, I made him swear that when asked, he would always tell the truth about how he got his nose broken.
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    I guess he found out that you don't mess with old geezers...they'll just kill you.
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    Not a wise move, even without the broken nose proof.
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    That's definitely some OG stuff right there,lol
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    He's lucky you didn't smoke him. Job well done, and hopefully lesson learned on his part. Our society today seems to frown on the use of physical pain as a teaching tool, but really, nothing works better.
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    He found out the hard way. I hope he learned a lesson in all of this....
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    Quote Originally Posted by HotGuns View Post
    I guess he found out that you don't mess with old geezers...they'll just kill you.
    Or break your nose!!!
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    Forty-five degrees? That is a lot of cant.
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    Wait, this guy knew that 1) you carry and 2) used to be in the Corps and still did that?

    **shaking my head**
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    Well.......maybe you can fix stupid! (couldn't find one for a broken nose)
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    Its never funny had a coworker do the same to me came up behind me he is 6'5" and I am 6' 3" he grabbed me in a choke hold an lifted me off the ground I grabbed my halo from weak side back pocket an planted it in his left thigh needless to say he let go before I blacked out and fell down just in time to see my sp in his face he came real close to getting shot.

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    Congrats on establishing the "terms of release!"
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    Wow , i cannot believe someone would do that . Hopefully he will never attempt to place his hands anywhere but to himself.
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    I wasnt there but I would have hoped you could have stopped your reaction before drawing your firearm.

    Just IMO.
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    Stupid hurts sometimes.
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    The stupidity of some people NEVER ceases to amaze me.

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