CCW Class Makeup

CCW Class Makeup

This is a discussion on CCW Class Makeup within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Okay, not a question. More of an observation. Today, I took my OK CCW class. Class was good, range was fun. Here's my observation. Class ...

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    CCW Class Makeup

    Okay, not a question. More of an observation.

    Today, I took my OK CCW class. Class was good, range was fun.

    Here's my observation.

    Class size - 10 people

    Of this - 1 girl

    Ages ranged from late twenties (max) (the girl) to Korean era Vet. I'd say half of us were in the 30's to 40's range, a couple in the 50's and rest post retirement age.

    Pistols were all semi-auto. That may have something to do with OK's laws stating that if you take the class with a revolver, you're limited to revolvers on your CHL, training with a semi allows you to carry semi's, revolvers and deringers. (No, I don't know what the deal with deringers is.)

    Caliburs were almost all 45's with one 40 and one smaller one (38 or 9mm, I can't remember). And no, the girl didn't fire the small one. She was borrowing her boyfriends, or dad's, HK.

    Aside from the one family unit (father, daughter, boyfriend), we were all individuals. Some with families, some without. Personally, I'd liked to have seen more families. That way, it's not one protecting the house, but more of a family that plays together stays together. Besides, some night it could be, "Oh, look, Timmy's here! Could you shot the guy on the left... Nice group! How's the SW .40 working for you there? Wanna try daddy's Colt?" (Yes, that's silly, I know. So shoot me. )

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    CCW class makeup

    We didn't use any makeup in class. Maybe the females in the class put some on before they left home, I don't know. (sorry, I couldn't resist).

    I took the CCW class in North Carolina. There were about 15 people in the class, only two or three were female. The only one who didn't pass the class was one of the females. In NC, at least 70% of rounds fired in the class range test have to be in the white part of the target (it has a black border or background). Apparently she didn't get the required 35 out of 50 in the white.

    In our class, there were about 2/3 semis and 1/3 revolvers. There is no distinction in NC CCW license as to which you take your class with.

    Age ranged from mid-20s to 60s or 70s. Average was probably around 45. There were no families in my class; several people, including me, took the class with one or more friends.


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    About 20 people in my class. 30's to 50's with a couple older ladies. And the usual couple of people who had to ask more questions than they were capable of understanding...

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    Glad to see some diversity in the makeup of your classes. Mine was all white 35 y/o guys. Maybe a couple younger.

    Families would be good, too.

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    As an instructor in VA we saw all sorts of class mixes. Overall about 30% female and less than 1% were minorities and the rest white guys. The ages varied greatly overall but 30-60 was the most common age group.
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    In my Oregon CHL course, there were (roughly): 12 students 3F/9M, ages mostly late 30's to late 60's with a couple in early 20's, two families, 3 instructors 1F/2M. Most folks had semi-auto, but a couple had revolver.

    In a recent LFI course, there were (roughly): 28 students 5F/23M, 8 instructors/assistants 4F/4M, ~5 had a revolver and ~23 had a semi-auto. Two or three couples; one husband/wife/son; the rest were there solo. Age varied quite a lot, but was a bit more youthful than the straight CHL course.
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    CCW Class makeup? A little foundation, some blush, a bit of eyeliner, but not too much. Don't want too look like a slut.

    Oh, composition..... three people. Me, my brother, and his friend. Lots of 1 on 1 time. :)

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    big cities?

    Any instructors of people in larger cities remember what their class looked like?

    And to all you makeup joke cracking members

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    There were 6 of us. 4 guys and 2 women. The guys were from 30 to 55 years old.

    The two women were 25 to 30 and one was on her way to Iraq as a government worker in the "green zone". The permit would enable her to carry a G19 or G17 while in Iraq. She was taking a two day "Beginner to Carry course" so she received more training on guns, safety, maintence and then the normal carry class. She bought a G19 the week before so she got to use her gun for the qualificiation. She also go outfitted for concealable body armor by the government. I hope she was doing well. She went from sheep to carry permit holder so good for her.

    The other women was getting one for protection. She had a background that included shooting before.

    The guns were 1-45, 2-40s, 2-9s and 38. I shot my 40!

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    about 40 in my class. Probably 30 men, ten women. I was the youngest (20 years old at the time) ranging to about 50+ Some seedy lookin characters in there. Ran the gamut of small .380's to .45's, and revolvers.
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    My class was three guys, all of us mid-20s. Of course, it was offered in Edmond and the guy seemed to be teaching them about one a week. The best part was getting to go to a small private indoor range in OKC. It was, by far, the nicest place I've ever shot. Everyone in the class used the same model of weapon. The instructor had everyone shoot his .22s. It was easier for him to teach since everyone was using the same weapon system, and it ensured that everyone would be able to carry a pistol, revolver, or derringer. Of course, it did nothing for someone that didn't know how to shoot and didn't know their own weapon. In Oklahoma you just have to pull the trigger 50 times. Doesn't matter if you're on paper or not. My friend and I were trying to draw smiley faces on each other's targets the entire time.

    The last class I happened to see was made up of about 20 people, all of them men. The age ranged from early 20s to late 50s or so. Sadly, there just don't seem to be many women interested.

    Have to ask, are you the Pilot Jim that calls the Robert Allen show? I haven't heard him in quite some time, but it used to seem like every time I turned it on Pilot Jim was talking to him.
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    My permit class was long enough ago that I honestly don't remember the makeup.

    However, I run a monthly shoot focused on defensive-shooting skills development for folks interested in using firearms for personal defense. I've been doing this for a few years now with 12 to 20 participants each month and have notice a few trends.

    We have very few women participate. About half the time, it's all guys. When we have women shoot with us, it's generally only one, and very occasionally two at any given shoot. Almost always, they tag along with a boyfriend or husband.

    Although we have folks in every age group ranging from about 12 to about 75, most of us are in our 30s, 40s, or 50s. One of our regulars is now 14 and has been attending with his dad since the age of 12.

    Although , we have minorities participate some of whom are good friends of mine- it's a predominantly white group.

    So, as a rule, our demographic is a little older than the general population, a whole lot more male than the general population, and is made up of fewer minorities than the general population.

    Our equipment rules are simple, bring what you carry for personal protection, carried in the same manner used for personal protection.

    The guns used are almost all semi-auto pistols. We only have someone with a revolver show up about every third month. In anticipation of the obvious question, yes, we do take as much effort to show shooters how to make their revolvers run as we do with the guys (and gals) shooting auto-loaders. I used to shoot revolvers, almost exclusively, from the early 70s through the mid 90s, and like to think I can make one run pretty well. However, my current carry gun is a full-size 1911. I guess you could say I've been subverted to the slab side.

    The folks who shoot with us use a wide variety of pistols. However the pistol most commonly used is the Golck of one flavor or another. The second most used group of pistols are 1911s from various manufactures. Most of the 1911s are compacts, a few are full-sized guns, and a few are sub-compacts. Along with the Glocks and 1911s we get a smattering of everything else mostly compacts from various manufacturers. The fastest growing group are polymer pistols from various manufacturers mostly Springfield XDs.

    Here's an interesting observation, most folks start with a compact or sub-compact gun. If they continue to shoot with us for any length of time, they almost universally switch to a larger gun. Remember, our equipment rules are that you have to shoot what you carry, so these folks have chosen to go to a larger gun for every-day carry.

    The most commonly used caliber is .40 S&W, followed by .45 ACP, followed by 9mm Luger. However, we have a few folks who use .357 Sig, .380 ACP, .38 Special, .357 Magnum, and, very occasionally, .22 Long Rifle. Interestingly enough, our youngest shooter started with a 9 mm and has since moved up to a .40 S&W.

    Sorry about the long post,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jay1958 View Post
    The only one who didn't pass the class was one of the females. In NC, at least 70% of rounds fired in the class range test have to be in the white part of the target (it has a black border or background). Apparently she didn't get the required 35 out of 50 in the white.

    That makes me wonder if she had ever shot a handgun before. Our instructor said he had only failed a handful of folks who had never shot before. The test in our state(TX) was unbelievable easy. Max shooting distance was 15 yards. Same for you? I was 100% qualified shooting a .32 auto. I hope someone helped her re-qualify or gave her some further instruction. Sounds like she wanted to protect herself, but didn't have any help in this department(we gotta step up).
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    I was all alone. Class lasted about 2 hours.

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    During my CCW class, one girl used a 1911 Compact.

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