Considering getting a Glock do u carry yours ?

Considering getting a Glock do u carry yours ?

This is a discussion on Considering getting a Glock do u carry yours ? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have an LCP that i pocket carry, but I just want more gun on me honestly....the more I carry the more comfortable I get ...

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Thread: Considering getting a Glock do u carry yours ?

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    Considering getting a Glock do u carry yours ?

    I have an LCP that i pocket carry, but I just want more gun on me honestly....the more I carry the more comfortable I get with it. I'm ready to start carrying IWB. So, where's a good spot for the Glock 19? Small of the back? On the side? I know I'm supposed to use times on a clock to describe carry position, but I'm not too good with that yet.

    Also, any holster recommendations are greatly appreciated!

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    Never small of back. If you slip and fall, or are knocked over you can seriously harm yourself. Wear it on your side at the point it is most comfortable for you. As for holsters, it will also be what seems good for you. You will go through several if you are like me ;) You are making an excellent choice in CC firearm btw. You will NOT regret picking up the Glock19, I promise you that. The rest will come to you over time. If you find the Gen4 grips too aggressive on your hands I recommend buying Talon rubber based grips. They go on very easy and do not add thickness and do not hang up in holsters or on your clothes.

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    OP, here is a tip with the positioning of holsters/guns as referenced on a clock: 12:00 is your belt buckle, right below your belly button, 3:00 is by your right hand, 6:00 is small of back, 9:00 is by your left hand and everything else corresponds in kind.

    I carry a G23, same size as a G19, but in .40 at ~ 1:30-2:00 this is also know as the AIWB, (appendix, inside the waist band) position. I moved from carrying at between 4-5 depending on the gun I was carrying several years ago and have had very good success at concealing AIWB. I can dress in anything from a suit jacket and slacks to a T and shorts and still conceal discretely with an AIWB rig. Follow BigPony's advice on never small of back as well.

    I am a fan of fighting sized guns and would prefer not to move down to a smaller more concealable gun, and AIWB is how I accomplish this. Some of the benefits I have found using AIWB are:

    1) People generally don't touch each other in that area. For whatever reason people tend to hug/touch me, I am a people person and others respond to that. Too often for my comfort an acquaintance would touch my weapon at 4-5 even though I was protective of the fact.

    2) AIWB carry keeps the gun beneath your line of sight at almost all times, where carrying behind your hip doesn't allow you to notice someone's approach to the area of your weapon.

    3) Your weapon is accessible to either hand.

    4) Easier to protect in a disarming attempt and again both hands are able to cover/lock down the weapon.

    5) Drawing is very fast and discreet, scary fast with little tell that you are reaching for something concealed.

    I also, at 40 years old am starting to feel the affects of my younger athletic endeavors. I played Lacrosse and Football, took and gave many hits; my shoulders don't have the range of motion that they once did and on some days arthritis creeps in. Drawing from behind the hip wasn't quite as easy anymore for me and at times, (cold rainy days) was painful.

    If you decide to carry AIWB, give much thought to trigger discipline and gun safety because a negligent discharge while pointed at your Femoral Artery is more serious than putting one into your knee or calf.

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    I carry my 19 just past my right hip, around 4:00.

    And I carry it often. While I can think of a few carry guns as good as a 19, I cannot think of a better one.

    SOB is a great carry method for catching your shirt on the gun and showing it to the world while you are unaware. It's also good for getting your elbow grabbed so you can't draw.

    And it makes driving a living hell.
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    I carry a G23 (but I'm picking up my G19 Saturday!!!!) and I carry it at about 4-4:30. That's where it is the most comfortable for me and where I can conceal it the best.
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    i carry an Hk P2000 in a OWB high ride holster with a light forward cant at 5 o clock. it`s about the same size as an G19, it`s not exactly small of back but it does sit in the "dent" above my hip so my shirt can drape over it. it`s the only way i can hide a pistol this size without wearing really loose shirts in the summer. in the winter i move it up to 4 o clock since concealment is not really an issue, gives faster access too. some times i carry IWB at 2 o clock in the winter but not often, only if i plan on driving a lot.

    i also carry a spare mag at 8 o clock and it gets moved to the front at 10 o clock in the winter. mace and light goes in front pockets in the summer. in winter they go in jacket pocket.
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    I carry a Glock 19 in a Comp-Tac CTAC at 3:00 every day.

    Also, I use FBI cant -- 15 degrees forward for better concealment of the butt of the grip.

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    I carry my G19 in the winter when I can wear a sweatshirt @ 3:00 to 4:00 in a Cross Breed Super Tuck. I carry my G26 in the same holster, same location, over a wife beater undershirt and under a polo or square cut button shirt, in the summer. Fitch
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    I also carry a Glock 23 at 1 o'clock (appendix carry). I think its mostly based on body type and a combination of where conceals best and is most comfortable. Good luck, youcan't go wrong with a G19!
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    Glock-19? When I carry it, it's in this FIST, INC. at 4:00.
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    Buy a hybrid IWB holster. Start at 2:00 and work your way back to 5:00. Where it where it feels best.

    I can pretty easily conceal my full size glock under a tshirt (but Im a big guy), with one of these holsters in that position.

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    3rd gen GLOCK 19 in a Crossbreed Supertuck (horsehide, combat cut) with a Crossbreed belt at about 3:15. My only EDC setup which is worn everyday that I get dressed and leave the house.
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    You will not regret getting the G19! It was my first EDC, while I have a couple others now, this is my primary. I have a Galco king tuk, carry about 5:00. I can wear a t-shirt and shorts and still be concealing decently. I'm only 5'10" and about 175lbs.

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    I carry a G19 in a Milt Sparks Summer Special II with a 1 3/4" belt by A Better Belt. Bought an unfinished set of belt loops from Sparks, and dyed the loops to match the belt. Very comfortable. No problems hiding it under a tshirt.

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    I carry my G19 in a Comp Tac MTAC IWB holster just behind my right hip at about 4:00. Very comfortable holster...I would highly recommend it.
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