Holster/Clothing suggestions

Holster/Clothing suggestions

This is a discussion on Holster/Clothing suggestions within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been experiencing a bit of problem carrying.First off,I am in my early 20's. I dress to comfort becouse i am not carrying more ...

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Thread: Holster/Clothing suggestions

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    Holster/Clothing suggestions

    I have been experiencing a bit of problem carrying.First off,I am in my early 20's. I dress to comfort becouse i am not carrying more than i am, due to laws and work. I prefer to wear my trousers just ontop of my hips rather than around my waist. The problem is, i have a Sigma 40ve. (i know, thats my first problem) The thing is, i wear it with and IWB. Because its a big gun, im just uncomfertable all the time. Should i look into a good hip holster, shoulder rig?

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    im 22

    i am pretty sure we dress pretty close as far as comfort. I carry a Taurus 24/7 and that is pretty big gun too. I use to wear it at 3 o'clock but whn I asked a similar question I switched to about 4 -4:30. It seemed to work a lot better for me and I sometimes for get that it is there. I ordered a good gun belt for a person on this forum and bout a iwn ctac holster. that did it for me. good luck
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    A good belt is more important than a good holster, IMO.

    You can hold up a crappy holster on a good belt, but the best holster will flop around if worn on a flimsy belt. The belt needs to be pretty snug, as well. My pants ride higher on my hips when carrying than when I'm not, since the belt is much tighter.

    I'm 5'6" & 175lbs, here's how I carry a full size pistol:

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    pull your pants up. No gun will ride hidden or comfortable on the hip bone. If your carrying any way,(cover garment) how would anyone know how high your pants are?
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    Man, I feel your pain...

    I have a friend who works as a plumber, and he has a similar problem with his pants:

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    First: get a good belt. I recomend The BeltMan.net (because thats the one I'm wearing now, there are other good belts out there). The holster matters alot less; as long as the trigger is covered and the gun doesn't fall out your okay. I can also recomend the CTAC holsters.

    Next is move the gun around on your belt and play with the angle (cant) of the gun/holster. There is probably a spot some where on your belt line where everything will be comfortable, but it will take some work to find.

    Finaly, make sure your pants are loose enough for the gun and you to fit in them. Nothing makes IWB cary worse then a pair of tight pants. Also you might want to try OWB cary if thats an option for you.


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    Hey, Pogo, tell your friend to check out Duluth Trading Co....they have tee shirts and stuff designed specifically to do away with Plumber's Butt.

    But seriously, Jon, man, pull your pants up....if you wear'em too low even a SmartCarry will show.....

    This might be a generational thing....my daughter and her friends (boys and girls both) seem to have a problem with pants that actually cover their butts.

    And she gets upset when I try to help her (lately with some suspenders- she said they gave her a wedgie)........

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    I also wear my pants just on top of my hips and I have no problem concealing a full size 1911 owb. A good holster and a belt meant for carrying will certianly help. I have a belt from Galco and a holster from Andrews and it as been a very good combination for me.

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    +1 on the beltman!! I got a belt from him and it is excellent quality and makes a huge difference. Also I love my Crossbreed Supertuck Adjustable. Give them a try..
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    I wear a sweatshirt(oversize) with my Springfield Micro Compact Bi-tone in a Don Hume holster and I put it right behind my right hip. It works well for me there and its light and comfortable. Steve48

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    I used to like it when they would wear their pants saggy, makes it harder for them to evade arrest by running.

    I wear my pants to fit me, and use a cover garment -usually just a dark tshirt, but lately I have used a sweatshirt, I carry OWB mostly and still hide a Sig 226 in shorts and a tshirt.

    The advice above about good belts and pull up your pants is gonna be your solution, you have to dress around your gun.
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    Just as previously posted a good belt (ie a belt that was made to hold up your pants not one that is looks only) and a good holster are a good start. The bottom line is that you have to be comfortable with it. I have (and still use) various high end holsters as well as twenty dollar belt slides and the bottom line is to place it where it is somewhat comfortable (or you will not wear it because of the lack of comfort) as well as a location that will not print and is stable.
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    Use a Good Belt...

    Wear it snug...everything will stay hidden and 'ride' well.

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    I have a 40VE and use a leather OWB holster (Bianchi Minimalist) and real gun belt. Too square for IWB for me.

    Hope this helps.

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    First: I'm always trying to learn something new from others and I'm happy I found this outstanding forum.

    Second: I've been carrying concealed for about 20 years. That said, here's my .02 cents.

    For winter carry I find that IWB cross-draw under a sweater or sweatshirt is the best solution for my Glock 36 since it allows easy access through my coat (I am right handed). An ultra-thin kydex clip holster by Fist works best. In normal weather a rough side out IWB at 3:30 seems best. I have too many problems keeping my pants up with a slick side out holster even used with a 1 1/2" gunbelt from the Beltman.

    For some of us, the advice to "pull your pants up" is of no help. I am short waisted and if I can pull my pants up above my fat bulge (I am 5'10" and 180 lb) the gun butt will be in my arm pit and the crotch of my pants will be extremely uncomfortable. As it is, my belt rides on my hips and in the cross draw position, my slight fat bulge hides the gun butt.

    Best of luck in finding a good solution. Like many here, I have a drawer full of holsters and I'm always looking for something better.

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