What do You Think of This "Diagnosis" for Shooting to the Left (or could be Right)?

What do You Think of This "Diagnosis" for Shooting to the Left (or could be Right)?

This is a discussion on What do You Think of This "Diagnosis" for Shooting to the Left (or could be Right)? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; At my range for awhile a Range Officer was a guy we used to call "The Old Colt Man" - had the look of someone ...

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Thread: What do You Think of This "Diagnosis" for Shooting to the Left (or could be Right)?

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    What do You Think of This "Diagnosis" for Shooting to the Left (or could be Right)?

    At my range for awhile a Range Officer was a guy we used to call "The Old Colt Man" - had the look of someone who should have ridden in on his horse and he used either a 60s Colt Python, looked beautiful though used a lot, or a 70s Colt 1911 that he'd been shooting for 30 years and knew everything about them and how to shoot them and how to Carry them. He carried one of these two guns, mostly the 1911, nothing else - and knew both like the back of his well-worn hands.

    This guy I don't see there anymore, hope he's OK, great guy, always willing to teach new guys. I was a new guy just 5 yrs ago at 59 yrs old - had shot about 3 guns in my life. He was invaluable to me, as of-duty LEOs were who frequent the Range, the Rage Owner, even a few times Homeland Security Officers who leased space there including the smaller 25yd range (the other 50 yds). That's how I learned to shoot and am quite proficient now.

    Well, I went up the Old Colt Man one night and reported I tend to shoot to left a bit, no matter what the gun. He watched me shoot and then said: "Of course you shoot to the left, you're right handed; if you were left handed you'd shoot slightly to the right." He explained that a rt-handed shooter in most styles of gripping the gun had more right hand - meaning more strength - on the right side of the gun, the left hand a support, not as much of that hand on the grip and hence was the weaker side. So naturally the gun would move when shot to the side of least resistance, the left for rt-handed shooters. And visa-versa if you were left hand.

    He gave me a couple of tips to lessen this natural favor for one side: the two-thumb forward grip for certain guns, and just using more energy in the left support hand. That seemed to help, though if I don't think of that consciously while shooting I return to "drift to the left"

    Anyway, the old Colt man's explanation and corrections worked for me - and I share them and also ask if others have heard this cause of shooting to one or the other side before?

    Thanks Much

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    From my experience a right handed shooter hitting straight left of target is attributed to trigger finger pull and the body's natural habit of closing all fingers tighter into a fist when performing this motion. To limit its affect you should practice pulling trigger finger straight back on trigger and not curling it around as you squeeze, as for your other fingers around grip make sure they are already squeezed tight to prevent additional drift as you pull trigger.

    His advise of applying more pressure with left hand would essentially solve the issue from a physics perspective but I don't believe it would be proper firing technique. Then again I could be completely wrong and am not as experienced as some of our other members.

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    Left and low left from an inexperienced right-handed shooter is predictable, to be sure. Grip milking and/or trigger slap are usually the culprits. One thing I do not advocate is correcting a mechanical problem by compensation which will cause yet another mechanical problem.
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    Absolutely correct. I do not use two hands to shoot because it is unnatural to me plus I don't have fingers on my left hand, just one inch stubs. I never have a problem with my .22 revolver but my 9mm's always shoot low and left. I have to make a conscious effort to adjust my grip and trigger pull, especially on my pf9 because it is a long pull. That's why we practice.
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    As someone said above, milking the grip is one cause. If you shoot a double stack, another cause could be trigger reach. Many people who shoot Glocks or other double stacks can't grip the pistol with it inline with their forearm without shooting left, and must correct by adjusting their grip to put more finger in the trigger guard. Think of it this way: If the cause is trigger reach, your finger isn't long enough to pull straight back on the trigger and presses the trigger more on the right side pulling it left.
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    You may find this helpful

    Diagnostic Target

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