Why did you wait to get a CCW?

Why did you wait to get a CCW?

This is a discussion on Why did you wait to get a CCW? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am getting calls from people, both male & female and both white & people of color, wanting to get a CCW. The vast majority ...

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Thread: Why did you wait to get a CCW?

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    Why did you wait to get a CCW?

    I am getting calls from people, both male & female and both white & people of color, wanting to get a CCW. The vast majority of these people are in excess of 35 yrs of age. This state has been a shall issue state since 1996 or almost 20 years.

    Reading other postings here about people getting their permits recently and seeing that they are not excatly young people either.

    Why did you not get a permit when you first turned 21 or when your state implemented the Shall issue law?

    What changed in your life that causes you to suddenly get up one day and say I am going to apply for a CCW?

    Just curious and I ask those that call me about getting a CCW as to why they suddenly want one.

    FWIW: Although I do not need one due to my employment, I got mine early on. The permit numbers now are running over 68,000 here and my permit number is less than 300. They became available and I took advantage of it immediately.

    Also, I suggest that LEO get one also since they may lose their job, go to some other line of work or many other reasons and leave LE. Then they have to wade through the hoops to get one and that can take months.
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    In Ohio, the initial CHL law passed in 2004 was so full of poison pills that trying to carry struck me, and many others as more trouble than it was worth. It was gradually amended to the decent set of regulations we now have.

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    ...three years ago, we had over 460K licenses in TX...and people are still saying the same thing...I think they're partly lazy and partly don't want to admit how evil the world's become...
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    Michigan became a shall issue state in 2001 or 2002 and I kept saying "one day I'm going to get my permit".
    Well, next thing you know it's winter/spring 2012 and I thought if I don't do it now when am I going to do it?
    So off to class I went.

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    I got mine when I was 23 and had recently moved from NY to Virginia. I guess I got it because I can... I don't believe that people should need a permit to carry a gun but I like not to break even the most ridiculous laws that we have. In this crazy world where anything can happen at any time, why not have one of the most useful handheld objects that exists, with you at all times.
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    Business break-ins lots of loss i felt if they come in at night and take from us , what would stop them from coming in the day and taking.
    At age 53 applied for my permit to carry and received on my birthday at age 54 it took Maryland 47 days to issue a permit . I will say it does have restrictions . Now i hold permits for 3 more states and waiting for a 5th state .
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    I got one as soon as it was legal here to get one. OC always was legal with no permit and if I had it to do over again considering the way our nation is going I would not have put myself on paper as a gun owner by getting one or ever buying a firearm except privately which would have been and still is an absolutely legal course of action to have taken in my state.

    But hindsight is 20 20 and I am on the radar now.

    In general I think that want them now for a couple of reasons. Some fear they will be suddenly not available except to those grandfathered in like Automatic Weapon ownership happened. What with the nuts in the White House now cant blame them.

    And in general this nation is more dangerous with more simply evil worthless people living in it than ever in history. As senseless crimes done with cruelty for the sake of being cruel mount up, a population gets fed up, wakes up, and realizes that LE and 911 cannot protect them when the Devil comes to play. That a person is responsible for their own defense and defense of their loved ones who cannot defend themselves.
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    Lets see if I can make this short and sweet and make sense.

    On day I was at Super K and was headed to my car, a guy came up to me and asked me for $20. I told him sorry but I didn't have it to spare, he then asked 3 more times and each time I told him the same thing. Out of the corner of my eye I caught a guy in the next aisle cutting between the cars and trying to come up behind me. All I had was a cell phone and I figured all I could do is call 911 and hope for the best in the mean time. I reached under my shirt edge to grab it and the guy in front of me said lets beat it. I'm not sure what they thought I was doing but it worked out in my favor at that moment. I finished getting my phone out and called LEO and told them what had just happened and gave the best description I could. After it was over I kept thinking what could have happened. I feel I was close to being a victim that day and what if my wife and kids had been with me, then what. That's when I decide. I guess I'll never know what could had been and i'm glad I didn't have to find out. Carrying a firearm is huge decision and under taking and is not an easy choice (at least not for me). I train, I train hard, and I HOPE THE DAY NEVER COMES when I have no choice but to defend myself. It will not only change my life and my families life, but it will also change the lives of the BG's family as well. Practice, practice, practice, train hard, and lets hope none of us ever need to un holster our firearm.

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    And in general this nation is more dangerous with more simply evil worthless people living in it than ever in history. As senseless crimes done with cruelty for the sake of being cruel mount up, a population gets fed up, wakes up, and realizes that LE and 911 cannot protect them when the Devil comes to play. That a person is responsible for their own defense and defense of their loved ones who cannot defend themselves.
    This was it for me basically, I am 27 have shot guns since around 10. I had talked about getting my CPL, but never went through with it until the Aurora theater shooting, I applied the next day and have carried every day since receiving it and will continue until I am on the wrong side of the grass.
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    I never thought seriously about crime and being a victim. I grew up in rural North Dakota in the 1970's and 1980's, and violent crime was largely non-existent.

    However, as I aged I became more aware of my own mortality and the lack of humanity in others.

    On a related note, I am looking into self-defense/martial arts programs for my daughters, who are presently in elementary school. When they 21, I will take them to get their Weapons Carry license so that they will be able to legally carry the weapon of their choice and with which they shall already be deadly proficient, as I will have previously purchased said weapons for them and paid for the many rounds they will have already shot. My daughters will not be at the mercy of every man they meet.
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    I was 44 when I got my first permit, in 95. Of course that was also the year that the state enacted their CC law. I've moved to another state since then and applied for a permit here as soon as I had their drivers license. Have had a valid permit every since 95.
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    WHy did you wait to get a CCW?

    I got mine in 2008 two years I think after it became legal in Kentucky. I was convinced the world around me and my family was becoming more dangerous. Two years after I got my CCL my wife got hers.

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    When I got out of the military I put down my weapon and traded it for a life with my family never expecting to have to pick up another one to defend myself in my own country. The USA has become something I don't recognize any longer. I fear for the safety of any family without the means to defend themselves in any way necessary. That's the reason I and my wife carry today.

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    I for one thought I was capable of handling situations when I was younger. As I aged and felt my sight and reflexes slow and my training become less frequent it was time for me to admit I needed an equalizer. I started carrying and my wife carries. The cost of renewal for California and Nevada continues to go up and the cost and availability of ammunition was a problem this year.

    Washoe county Nevada helped by removing the licensing of each gun and has us qualify on a revolver and automatic and we can carry what ever we want. Nevada use to be every three years for non resident people they went to five years for non resident. California is every two years.

    Georgia carry said a lot I had never put in words. Returning from war I hoped for a life of peace. Today the US is not what it once was and I don't feel safe. Thanks Georgia Carry


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    I was a LEO for 40 years, but I got my CCW before that and kept it renewed my whole career, many of us did.

    I think 9/11 woke a lot of people out of their complacency and false sense of security.
    When Crack & Meth both hit around 1990, the U.S. changed forever. Violent-Crime sky-rocketed and crack & meth labs were in every City by 2000.

    People demanded States recognize their 2nd amend, and they did. When an unknown, but Anti-American Pres got into D.C. in 2009, people panicked.
    The more they got to know him, the more fear they felt.
    The Prez with no past, didn't reveal his anti-gun stance until 2011.... then a huge panic came as good citizens saw Tyranny staring them in the face.

    Now, it is 2013, and most folks have figured-out how close we are to losing our freedoms.

    Firearms are just NOT "OPTIONAL" anymore if you want to stay alive in an 'illegal' society and protect your loved ones.
    If you want to leave your house in any 'relative' degree of safety, you will need a sidearm.

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