Have a question for FL CCW folks?

Have a question for FL CCW folks?

This is a discussion on Have a question for FL CCW folks? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I live in AL just north of the Panhandle and frequently go to Destin and Ft. walton Beach. I was at Handgunlaw.us and how it ...

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Thread: Have a question for FL CCW folks?

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    Have a question for FL CCW folks?

    I live in AL just north of the Panhandle and frequently go to Destin and Ft. walton Beach. I was at Handgunlaw.us and how it appeared to me was that you can apply for a FL non-resident CCW permit. So I sent away for the application and after reading it they ask for a address of residence. I have a AL CCW but AL's reciprocity agreements are lacking, probably has to do with the limited back ground check that they do. I figured since I am in FL a lot, why not get a CCW from FL which has great reciprocity agreements. Does anybody have any info? Thanks
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    My position is reversed from yours. I live in Fla. with a CCW permit. I travel into Alabama at least 2-3 times a week. Alabama has a reciprocity agreement with Fla.(and visa-versa)

    Fla. honors a Ala. permit........ ........Ala. honors a Fla. permit.

    If I'm wrong about this please let me know. -------

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    FL's permit is honored by 27 (I think) states. It's a good permit to have in addition to your home state because it is so widely honored.
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    Here are some websites from the States of Alabama and Florida. The ones from Florida are through the Division of Licensing for the Concealed Weapons Licenses. The third link would likely be the most informative. You should not have a problem with your resident AL CWL or CWP in Florida as a visting non resident of Florida. I believe that so long as you are a license or permit holder in your resident State who has reciprocity with Florida you are ok, it is when you are not a resident of the State you have your license in and are in Florida regardless of reciprocity, that there is a problem according to the information provided through the Division of Licensing.





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    If all you're concerned about is travelling to and from Florida you're already okay with your AL license (FL recognizes Alabama licenses and Alabama recognizes Florida license.) If you want to enjoy the 29 States where the FL license is honored (that's 29 if you're a FL resident, I don't know how many honor FL non-resident license) then fill out the form, get your fingerprints, proof of training (DD214 works) and the money. Wait your 90 days or so & off you go... Nothing to it.


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    Keep in mind, with reciprocity, the laws of the state you are in are the laws that apply, not the laws of the state of issue.
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