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Concealed Carry with kids

This is a discussion on Concealed Carry with kids within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Originally Posted by Linda Randy, interesting indeed. How old are your children? I guess I feel that being open with the kids and having "those" ...

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Thread: Concealed Carry with kids

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    Quote Originally Posted by Linda View Post
    Randy, interesting indeed. How old are your children?

    I guess I feel that being open with the kids and having "those" discussions at home, will prevent "those" conversations when you're out and about. It's second nature around our house that Mom's going away, Mom grabs her gun and puts it on her hip. It's no different than grabbing my car keys and cell phone. I never ever gave it a 2nd thought when I was getting licensed to even think of hiding it from my kids, because, this is the way it is going to be.

    Since I've become a gun rights activist and lobbyist over the past couple years, and gotten known around the state, if my kids tell what? I will look at it as yet another oppurtunity to educate someone about the joy and rights of owning guns!
    Well said, this is exactly how I feel.

    "My Daddy's bigger than yours" "Oh yeah, well mine carries a gun to the store"
    I see what you mean, which is why carrying a gun should become natural. Would they brag that you have a cell phone? (another normal thing) You gotta trust them IMO, and again even if they tell, it's not a huge deal IMO, it's not like you're a criminal.

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    Quote Originally Posted by koolguynet View Post
    ... he will go to school and tell people his daddy carries a gun and next thing you know I will have a call from the school.
    Until you're certain of the answer, don't tell. It can be just as bad as the gossiping neighbor knowing.

    It's second nature around our house that Mom's going away, Mom grabs her gun and puts it on her hip. It's no different than grabbing my car keys and cell phone.
    Yup. Takes the oooh-ahhh factor out of it. It's just a tool ... like a cell phone, keys, fire extinguisher, super glue.

    IMO, the only truly trustworthy folks are those that appreciate the need, understand the rationale, and generally agree that folks should walk around carrying. How to you know those folks? Hard to find, aren't they. Anyone else is likely to drop the info at an inopportune time/place. Not worth the risk.

    Now, he's your family. Guns are in the house. Certainly consider bringing him up comfortable and not amazed by firearms. He'll know safety; he'll understand the purpose/capability of a firearm. At some point, he'll then appreciate the idea that GG adults carrying for protection is a noble thing. I'm sure that your discussions with him will show you when that time has arrived. Depends on the kid, absolutely.
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    My kids (now 15 & 12) were introduced to firearms at a young age (4 or 5). When they were young, all they had to do is ask about them and were allowed to handle and fire them. It took all the mysteriousness away about them, they were both taught very early the 4 rules.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbes View Post
    yup they know, and have since they were 4. Once, the little one (2 YO) tried to lift up my shirt but oh well....
    Tell them not to tell their friends, but if they do oh well. Who cares if the school calls you? I'd tell them to mind their own business, and go (ahem) themselves.

    My kids are so used to seeing guns, and seeing me with guns, they don't even think twice. They think it's totally normal to see me strap on a gun before we walk out the door. Point is, why would they tell their friends when in their minds, it's 100% normal? They don't tell their friends I wear shoes or a belt right? Gun is the same way...(for my kids anyways)
    My 3 year old daughter will actually let me know if I forgot to strap up . It's like wearing my hat all the time , it's normal to see me packing , whether it's home or out (although concealed when out ) .

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    I have two girls, 10 and 9. They both know about firearms and have been out to shoot the .22 rifle. Both know that I carry. The oldest never has said anything, she probably doesn't even think about it (like the one guy who said 'dad always wears a belt so what ?'). The youngest outed me in public when she was 6 to my mother's sister. Who told her it was okay because I had a license. She hasn't been an issue since then. I must say though that I do not tell them when I am carrying and when I am not. I think since I do not make it a big deal, it is not one to them either. When we talk about safety, it is always about being aware and getting away from the situation; If you have to fight be the 'cornered cat' as the one website says.
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    My two older ones know and are under strict order never to talk with anyone other than my wife or me about it. I have emphasized the idea that some people wouldn't understand and might feel scared.

    Several months ago, we went on a road trip through WV to Ohio to see my wife's grandmother. As WV doesn't honor my permit from SC, I had to open carry while in WV. We stopped for lunch at a mall, and as we were walking through after eating, my son suddenly noticed the pistol on my right hip. He couldn't help himself and exclaimed "Whoa! Is that your gun?!" I responded that it was but that we were not going to talk about it any more until we got to the car.

    I think you need to weigh your kids' maturity level before telling them, but they are smarter than you may think and will pick up on it sooner than you might expect. (For example, my kids know I'm talking about going shooting when I mention the word "range".) Better to be open, satisfying their curiosity, while also laying down ground rules, than to try to hide it.

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    I think we're making a mistake by assuming that kids won't believe it is any big deal if we're open about it. We assume they will see it like keys or a cell phone. We always have those and they don't feel like they have to talk about it.

    The problem is it doesn't take a kid long to notice things. Things like little Jonny's daddy always has a phone and his keys too. But, he doesn't always have a gun. So, my daddy is different, because he has a gun. And then you have the 'my daddy can't beat your daddy..." argument.
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    My 9 year old knows. We also have a little code worked out, that when I tell him he knows to go to cover, back into a store etc, with me between him and any threat. Of course, I don't tell him it's cover, just get to safety.

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    Totally agree with Linda. The worst thing is for them to find out on their own and then go telling their friends. Mine have known since they were todlers and they have been instructed why they shouldn't tell anyone. They are comfortable and confident with me carrying. The more you hide from your kids the more they will hide from you!

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    I don't have any kids but my Uncle is a big gun fan like myself and his kids know a bit about them. When I first got my AR-15 I took it over there and his son (I think 4) got to handle it. They know I carry and know not to tell anyone. They think I'm a superhero and they're protecting my secret identity. Use it like that, kids are cult-like with superheroes.
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    Having raised three chitlens (the yongest is now 11) they have not known a day when daddy wasnt carrying. There are three things I would suggest, just little things that as an officer/agent I have done and they worked here.

    1. When the kids were young, we did the "watermellon test". I had them shoot a watermellon with their pistols (typically a watergun) then daddy shot it with one of his. To this day, my kids will talk about that test (and they love to shoot). It just let them know the difference between theirs and mine.

    2. We talked about the carrying of a gun, and how it was the law to keep it hidden (concealed) and that its not somthing talked about.

    3. We did (and do) "what if" drills. Just stop at a point while shopping, getting down on a knee and telling them what to do (now just asking) if I told them a key word. Twice while off duty I have had to use that, and both times the kids and their mother acted perfectly because they had already known what to do.

    Dont know if it will work for you but it worked successfully for us.

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    It's a non-issue with my kids (boy 8, girl 4). They've seen me put it on a thousand times. They sometimes ask to see them so they can turn on the lasergrips. We go over safety, clear it and they can shine the laser in a safe direction.

    A couple years ago, we were at a restaurant with them. My then six-year-old son, honoring my request not to talk about my gun publicly loudly said, "Daddy, do you have your G - U - N?" Other than that, there have been no issues, though I worry about them blurting something in a SHTF moment, forcing my hand prematurely.

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    I have a 2.5 y/o and a 1.5y/o sons. The younger one has no clue, but the older one has seen me strap on/off my gun/holster, open gun case, and as far as he is concerned, it is a "tool" daddy uses to keep our family safe and just as all other "tools which daddy uses", he cannot touch or play with them, till he is older. I do not attempt to hide them from the kids or wife, and over the past few months of carrying, it has become a common sight in and around the home, and not make a big deal out of it. When they are of appropriate age, they will get taught rules of safe gun handling and the works! :)

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    Yes they know.
    We have 5 kids. Ages 15, 12, 11, and twin 4 year olds. All know that me Mom carry all the time. I carry around the house too.

    The older kids know that if the schools ask their stupid "Do you know if there is a gun in your home" questions they answer "None of your business. It's a conctitutional right." In fact, we got called in to our daughters school in Alabama before we moved here to Tennessee for that very reason. They felt they needed to have a meeting with us about her attitude. But when I told them that she had answered just as she was instructed to by the people who are really in charge of her education, they didn't really want to hear any more from us. No more questions either.

    But yes, they all know we carry and since they have always known they have never felt it was something "cool" to show off about to their friends or at school. It is just another boring fact of life. Nothing special.

    They all shoot (the 4 year olds shoot a singly shot .22 with alot of adult help) and they all really understand the resposibilities and dangers of a gun. They are great kids.

    My advice is don't hide it. Educate him about your gun and why you carry it. Explain to him that it is not the business or anyone else that you have it and carry it and that it is there to protect him and his Mom from the Bad Guys. Kids are smarter than adults generaly give them crdit for. He'll get it.
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    My son isn't old enough to comprehend, but my nieces are 4, 8, and 11. The oldest two know and don't seem to care. They grew up with guns in the house and don't bat an eye seeing one. They were told I carry for protection and seem satisfied with that. As soon as my son in old enough to comprehend, I'll tell him.
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