Famy member questions CCW

Famy member questions CCW

This is a discussion on Famy member questions CCW within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello BlackUncle here. So I was questioned by my wifes sister in-law about why I needed a gun and about carrying one. I did not ...

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Thread: Famy member questions CCW

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    Famy member questions CCW

    Hello BlackUncle here. So I was questioned by my wifes sister in-law about why I needed a gun and about carrying one. I did not try to change her liberal mind HAHA. But she went on about how I don't strike her as a gun person and why I needed a gun cause were I grew up was not bad in my old town.I now live in Saint Louis, just surf the interwebz and see the death toll and home invasions. Now what's funny is her home got broken into twice once there little girls bedroom window and were she live in STL is not that safe. So how do you ladies and gents take being questionef about your right to carry.

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    Yeah, been there. It just strikes me as kind of dumb. It's like asking "why do you feel like you need to wear a seat belt? Do you think you're going to get in an accident?" Well, no, but you never know.

    Not meaning offense to you or your town, but if I lived in St. Louis, I'd carry two guns.
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    Why would you feel compelled to explain yourself? Its not a need, as you stated, its your right.

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    I tell them i never go looking for trouble. It's when trouble come and finds you.

    Like for instance this store MO. Store clerk


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    In my case, I needed to have a good reason before I spent the time and money -- learning what the Gun Free School Zones Act actually said provided plenty. I actually only wish to carry infrequently, but it's nice when those occasions arise.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackUncle View Post
    So how do you ladies and gents take being questionef about your right to carry.
    I don't take it at all. Anyone who would be inclined to question my motivations doesn't know I carry, so there is response to be given.
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    I often explain to people who don't think it is necessary to carry a gun the fact that where it is legal to carry, BG's don't know who has a gun and who doesn't, and crime rates go down. I tell them that because I carry a gun it makes them safer.

    And, you know what?, most of the time they understand. Except for one daughter in law and I don't mention ANYTHING about guns around her.

    In fact, several of my non-gun friends have said they feel much safer when they are with me because they know I am prepared to defend them if necessary. And one of them even finally got her own gun for SD at home - although she won't carry outside of the house.
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    All of my relatives with the exception of my nephew (who wants ALL of MY GUNS when I kick the bucket) are sheep as far as I am concerned. They know I own guns. They don't know I CC. Flat out it ain't none of their business. They're all nice people and good Christians but they live in the Land of Oz.

    Always carry, never tell.
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    I'm just a spoke in the wheel but not a big deal.
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    I came to CC because of a SPECIFIC, IDENTIFIED, threat. Heck, LE advised me to carry. I admit that when I went to buy a pistol, I picked out one more suited for combat, than CC. Of course, thats how I looked at it, at that particular instant.

    So, I came into CC from a different perspective. I wasnt worried about non specific threats. At least, not then:)

    I guess I dont care to debate people on this subject. Its not some "fun conversational parlor game", to me. So I dont give a dayum what someone else thinks about it.

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    No other family members CCW (minus a couple of cops), I couldn't care less. There have be some who have questioned my need to CCW...I could care even less.
    No one really talks about it anymore. I have managed to talk a few of them into some range time...any who went, loved it!
    So, life goes on...
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    I bet a lot of gun people wouldn't strike her as "gun people". We're actually mostly normal looking.

    If it's a stranger, I don't bother justifying things. If it's family or a friend, I like "I've never gotten into a car accident, and I don't expect to, but I still have insurance"
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    I don't expect to get a flat tire, but I carry a spare.

    I don't expect to have a fire, but I have smoke detectors and a fire extinguisher.

    What are the chance of a house being struck by lightning? My first house was next to and just slightly downhill from one that had been struck three times! So I invested in a lightning protection system.

    Do you need to become a victim before you take preventive measures?
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    ...perfect logic...but the sign of a liberal(of which a lot of anti-gun folks are) is that they're not logical...if they can't beat you with facts, they'll attack your credibility...personality, or character...there's an old folks saying that seems to fit whenever trying to convince a person of the reasonableness of something they just don't like...

    ...a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still...
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    I was questioned once. While working on a friend's car I removed my cover garment because it became soiled. When we entered the house his wife was shocked that I'd carry a gun. She attacked with liberal nonsense about how dangerous guns were and that me being in her home was endangering her life. I kindly told her to have sexual relations with herself and left. Haven't been back since.
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    My brother (retired LEO) is one of those who think only military and LEO should have guns. The last time he tried his elitist philosophy on me, my answer was "Whatever" and I walked away.

    I see no purpose in having a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent.
    Freedom doesn't come free. It is bought and paid for by the lives and blood of our men and women in uniform.

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