Do you reholster inside or outside of your vehicle?

Do you reholster inside or outside of your vehicle?

This is a discussion on Do you reholster inside or outside of your vehicle? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; To those of you who leave your firearm in your vehicle during trips into work/business/etc., where do you reholster: Outside of the car, or inside ...

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Thread: Do you reholster inside or outside of your vehicle?

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    Do you reholster inside or outside of your vehicle?

    To those of you who leave your firearm in your vehicle during trips into work/business/etc., where do you reholster: Outside of the car, or inside of the car?

    If I have to leave my firearm in the car, I put it in a lockbox and take the magazine with me. But when I put the gun back on my hip, I do so inside my car. I was reading another forum and a member there mentioned how he reholsters outside of his car, using his car as a cover of sorts when doing so.

    How about you?

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    I reholster inside the car. I don't want anyone to see me reholstering so inside is really the only option. When the gun comes off of me it goes into a Remora holster and into a lock box.

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    I drive a TRUCK not a car. I re-holster inside my truck where I have some cover. If I'm in a busy area and it doesn't 'feel' right I'll drive to a quiet spot and re-holster.
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    Depending on my mood I may be either in a truck or car, but I always reholster inside.
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    I holster inside my vehicle on the rare occasions I leave my gun in the car. I'm not sure what time it is in Australia right now, but Red will be along at some point to talk to us about re-holstering.
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    While I rarely go anywhere I can't carry, when I DO have to leave it in the car I unholster & lock it in a NanoVault & reholster in the car. Doing it out in public kinda defeats the idea of CONCEALED carry, & IMO just opens the door for problems(a person holding and unholstering/holstering a gun could be taken worse than simply wearing a holstered firearm).

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    When I have had to remove my gun to go into a "criminals welcome" building - like my doctor's office, I always unholster and reholster inside the car.
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    In the vehicle. I AIW and that makes it easy for me, but I realize not everyone is comfortable with that method for a variety of reasons.

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    It's much more comfortable to re-holster my single clip Fist while standing just outside my vehicle, but inside the doorway and under a cover shirt...simple and quick. It's not very often and usually in a more private area. If I think it's not private enough, I simple keep the firearm 'close' to me inside the car (but not visible). I can do it inside the car, but that's more of a hassle. The need to unholster is pretty rare as I'm retired and don't go to places where my firearm is not welcome. In FL, signs mean nothing (but you won't see them anyway)...I can carry every place that I need to go, bank, church, shopping, homes of friends, etc.

    I could actually re-holster in a crowded parking lot (which I have no need to do so), and with my cover shirts, you would never see my weapon. It would just look like I was adjusting my belt or shirt...a firearm would never be seen. I've got it down to a science of a few seconds.
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    Standing, outside. I carry at 3:30 - 4:00, and I do not like to reholster without freedom of movement. Oddly, the only time I need to resholster is after I visit my shooting range - it's a cold range and loaded weapons are not allowed in the common area. Go figure. So the act is in the parking lot of the gun range. Georgia is also Open Carry and most people down here could give a rip less if you are carrying.

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    Inside...privacy issue.
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    99% of the time, if I have had to disarm, I will put it back on inside the car.
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    Inside. Carefully.

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    I always reholster inside my vehicle, which is seldom. I rarely leave my gun in my gun vault in my vehicle as I don't like to go in gun free zones.

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    I have been pocket carrying a lot recently so when I remove my gun I remove the holster with it. It's easy to slip the whole setup back in my pocket before I get out of my car.
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