Oregon DA says no public safety CCW problem

Oregon DA says no public safety CCW problem

This is a discussion on Oregon DA says no public safety CCW problem within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; A guy sent me a link to this letter that ran in the Oregonian in Portland the other day. It's from the Clatsop County DA ...

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Thread: Oregon DA says no public safety CCW problem

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    Oregon DA says no public safety CCW problem

    A guy sent me a link to this letter that ran in the Oregonian in Portland the other day. It's from the Clatsop County DA who says his skepticism and concerns about the state reforming its CCW law were proven wrong and he put that all in the letter to the editor.

    Everybody should click the link to the letter in my column, go in there and print out his letter and keep it for your own purposes, say to send to your state legislator if an anti-carry bill comes up.

    Oregon D.A. says CCW holders no threat to public safety - Seattle gun rights | Examiner.com

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    Yup. As a group, folks tend to be one of the least crime-ridden groups around (CHL holders). That an occasional future felon squeaks through the cracks hardly poisons the whole group, and even with the paltry number of crimes the group still represents a vastly more-responsible population than the general population. Hard to argue with that, despite the mewling by the anti-gunner folks about the potential risks (which almost never materialize).
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    AMAZING who would have thought, my God what is this world coming too

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    There have been some 'low-knowledge' people who have opposed shall-issue CCW in their States.
    Each of them claimed the law-abiding armed citizens would create a "Wild-West" environment and there would be 'bloodshed-in-the-Streets'.

    It never happened in any of the Free-States. Even today, Chicago & D.C. believe the Armed Good Citizen, would suddenly just "Go Bad" with a sidearm.
    It is an overly stupid concept now, since most States have adopted CCW for the law-abiding citizens, with nothing but a reduction in violent crime, to show.

    However, places like Kalifornia & D.C. will falsely state, that armed citizens only contribute to violence.
    I have fought for the gun rights in many of our oppressed jurisdictions for decades and now seen that the FBI National Crime Index for Violent Crime, have fallen to its lowest rate in nearly 40 years.... While gun ownership is at its all time High, in the history of our Republic.

    Except for 'Gun-Free-Zones' that, Chicago. D.C., etc., cling to, it would now be quite difficult for our Nation's Violent Crime Rate to realistically fall any further.
    Now days, when we hear of "Gun Violence" it is usually 'Gang on Gang', 'Police Shoots', and 'Good Citizens Protecting Themselves or Loved Ones'.
    The mainstream Medias do not like to disclose this simple truth, though (despite the 'TRUE' data being only a few clicks away).

    Most reports of violent crime do not eliminate the violence used against 'Deadly Criminals Hurt During Crimes' within our Society.
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    Unfortunately the letter won't sway any of the anti crowd. It doesn't fit their agenda. They firmly believe that the people in their respective states are less responsible than those in other states.
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    The same cries of 'there'll be blood in the streets' were heard when Florida passed its concealed carry law, and also in Texas. Many law enforcement bigwigs admitted later on that their fears had been totally unfounded. That's why I want to see further expansion of CHL holders' rights. If we pass the state's requirements for a permit, then we should be able to carry everywhere. It makes no sense to have laws that assume that a law abiding, permit carrying citizen will be responsible in a store but will suddenly start mowing people down in a sport's stadium. We need to remove restrictions so that gun-free zones are eliminated or greatly reduced.
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    I am shocked! Do you mean to tell me that the streets aren't running with blood caused by crazed gun carriers?? The antis promised it!! They wouldn't lie would they?

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    Quote Originally Posted by GH View Post
    I am shocked! Do you mean to tell me that the streets aren't running with blood caused by crazed gun carriers?? The antis promised it!! They wouldn't lie would they?
    They predicted that concealed carry permit holders would cause widespread bloodshed over traffic accidents but none of those predictions came true. And to think, they call those of us who carry legally paranoid. Tell me who is paranoid, especially when the anti-gun sheeple fear the law abiding more than the criminals they protect and enable with their unconstitutional gun control laws.

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