Why I Carry A Concealed Gun - A Woman's View

Why I Carry A Concealed Gun - A Woman's View

This is a discussion on Why I Carry A Concealed Gun - A Woman's View within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Why would a woman want to carry a concealed gun? I have been asked this with ever increasing frequency - people I know seem to ...

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Thread: Why I Carry A Concealed Gun - A Woman's View

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    Why I Carry A Concealed Gun - A Woman's View

    Why would a woman want to carry a concealed gun?

    I have been asked this with ever increasing frequency - people I know seem to be shocked (at first) that I carry a concealed gun. I guess I don't fit their initial idea of what they thought a female had to be like to be able to shoot guns. Or even be willing to shoot guns. I encourage my female friends and family to get their permits and to go shooting. I'm happy to say that several females I know have shot their first guns because of talking with me about it.

    I made a video about it to help other women understand:

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    You don't need it but it's there if you choose to use it. Give 'em hell Ms. Lees!
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    Most of the females around me shoot, But dont carry. Im always amaised at who does carry. DR
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    "Look, they have a tool for this! It's called the great equalizer and it's better known as a gun. I carry one. Take a class and carry one too!"

    Well said.

    However, just because you carry a gun in a bad neighborhood, doesn't mean you should feel safe. You also might want to rethink letting guys in a parking lot getting within 10 feet of you (whenever possible, that is). That gap can get closed pretty quickly...
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    I'm the guy next door that is polite, but does not tell you crap.
    Mrs. Lees,

    Welcome here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thank you! You spout a very true message!

    My upmost respect and Semper Fi!
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    Ive never understood why a woman would not want to just personally. BGs are predators, and pick what they assume are the easiest targets available. Plus there are issues from male attackers that us males ehhhh dont have to worry about so much. Wife does everyday all day everywhere though for the moment its OC. Soon to change to CC away from home though

    Kudos to you Ms. Lees
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    Stay alert, keep your distance, and always carry,,,,, especially if you
    are a women,,,,, the gun is just your insurance,,,, 10 ft may
    not be enough in my opinion,,,,, but well said,,,, I am going to play
    this for my wife & daughter who are resisting carry.

    21 feet rule

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    great message. I know a few women that are so frightened by guns that they wouldnt even look at one. I hope they can see that real women carry and become proficient with firearms too, and that they are a tool, as you mention. great job.
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    Good points all, but I feel that a lot of the ladies who are more prone to getting attacked moreso than men should definitely think about a weapon. Men don't (usually) get raped, or have their purses snatched. You don't hear of many men getting pulled out of a car with their baby and thrown to the ground. It's usually a woman. And I sometimes have picked up on a feeling that if a gun is procured, it is viewed as magical or a talisman of some kind that will automatically give protection. Just having the gun around will now protect you. HUH?!?! No ma'am, you actually have to know how and when to use it!!!

    I've been offering, when I know a lady acquaintance or a friend, has gotten a gun, free basic instruction. All revolving around safety. Sort of a "Gun Handling 101" with safe handling, how to hold, load, unload, aim, fire, etc. I am not a CCW instructor so further instruction would be by a licensed instructor but I want them to know how to put bullets in the gun, hold it properly and aim. ALL SAFELY! Then we can go to the range and do some live fire to take some of the anxiety out of the gun. I think an hour or so of basics will give them a bit of confidence so that having the gun will be a positive thing and not the mythical magical protector I'm afraid they are expecting ownership to provide.
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    Good job! Keep on getting the word out. Carrying concealed, situational awareness, all are even more important to a female but important to everyone.
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    Good on ya!

    I'm posting that on FB......
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    Very worthwhile Video. Polite, logical, common-sense, all the good important stuff in there.
    Thanks for making it available here.
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    For me taking the CCP class was a no brainer.I think one thing that made it easy for me was being around firearms,since i was like 10 yrs old.When i turned 18,i would keep my firearm in the glovebox.I use to go to another town to visit friends, and sometimes i was on the road at night.

    I decided to take the CCP class,and i felt fairly comfortable taking it.I knew what i wanted to carry and i had heard the shooting part of the class was easy, so that part didn't bother me. I would always practice when i could obviously.I just had to pass the test and learn all of the CCP laws.

    More and more females are taking the classes,according to a friend of mine who gives it.There are females who seem to be nervous about taking the class.They tell me they have never shot a firearm,don't have a clue what to buy and are a little nervous so far as passing the class.

    I've tried to tell them there are males who hasn't either but you got to start somewhere,but it's a decision only they can make.When i took the class there were two guys,who didn't even own a firearm,so they said.The CCP instructor i know told me he wasn't there to fail them but there to help them pass. So far as what they need to carry,they have to figure that out for theirself.

    I feel better having a firearm on me.I can say thankfully,in 9 yrs of having my permit,i've pulled my firearm on a dog once, and almost did on a human,but i've never had to use it.
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    Good job, Lees.

    Women need to protect themselves and their children.

    It's the responsible thing to do.
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    Wife carries CC all the time when out and about.

    We make a team and work together on SA.

    She is moving up from an Kel Tec P3AT with CT laser to a Bursa Thunder CC, and it still fits her Galco belly band.

    Nice thing about the belly band is extra pockets for spare mag etc.
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