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Would you carry at work if against policy?

This is a discussion on Would you carry at work if against policy? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; absolutely not. Before I even get into work I am stopped by an guard armed with an M4 who looks at my ID and my ...

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Thread: Would you carry at work if against policy?

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    absolutely not.

    Before I even get into work I am stopped by an guard armed with an M4 who looks at my ID and my truck. If he likes what he sees, he lifts the gate and I get to drive to the parking lot.

    Then, I go though a metal detector. If I make it thought that, I then walk through a bomb sniffer.

    I place my lunchbox and anything else Im carrying in a tray that passes through an X ray machine.

    If I make it though all of that, then I get to insert my ID into a machine that unlocks a hand scanner. If my scan is successfull then a turnstile unlocks and lets me into the "protected

    If I was to get stupid and inadventently carry a gun in, as soon as it was found out by one method or another, I would be proned out at gunpoint ,searched and escorted out of the place and quite possibly arrested...never to be seen again.

    So do I carry at work? Could I? Would I?

    absolutley not.
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    No, the Rabie shots are in the arm now (the series). But, the initial shots are in/around the area of the bite. I had two fingers on my right had that swelled up like a cooked sauage (including my trigger finger *ouch*) and they pumped in a load of the vaccine into them so they looked like overstuffed cooked sauages.

    It's a total of seven shots after that on timed intervals. If you miss a dose then there is no gurantee that it will work, believe me, I didn't miss those appointments.

    But, even if they were still in the stomach I would have paid for them and went to every appointment. Pain for a short period of time is better than a horrid death.

    For the teachers on the board, come to Oregon (well, wait until we see how the dem controlled houses and governership pan out, they want to bring a solution of carry on school grounds to a non-problem). Carry is allowed in schools, all levels, if you are licensed (is that a word?) to do so. It's already been challaged, but with a student, and the courts held that it was legal to do so even if it is against school policy.

    I will need to clarify my first post. I work in a no weapons allowed policy area but I have never signed the agreement and I thankfully work with a bunch of gun people. Heck, I am getting my AR lower sent to a co-workers home because his wife is an FFL01 and they will only charge me the NICS fee, how cool is that. Also, one of the main bosses and several of the others have brought in guns for me to look at and one openly makes it known that he has a .38 in his truck.

    The policy is mostly geared toward the students then for staff.

    Now, I have a bad habit of watching people when I go to appointments, have to interact with folks in other offices, etc.. I sit and watch and have seen workplace violence break out (one was at the docs office when a guy who quit his meds went postal and one was at an office where the gals ex came in and started to beat on her). At the doc's office he was armed with a "gun" of his own, pumped the guy up on some type of stuff that put him down quick (talk about one shot stops *grin*) and at the office one a guy got to the other dude before I could and cold cocked him (a 6' 3" tall guy with the build of Mt. Rainier, this guy was HUGE).

    You never know what a person or people are capable of doing. In the place where I work there have been many people thrown out due to the failed the drug test (we call it safety standards) who were abet pissed they were being thrown off Trust property. Been lucky so far but I am the one inbetween them and my bosses if they decide to return.

    I've seen road rage to and from work (here and elsewhere). Seen this guy run into another car and try to force it off the road because the old man in the car didn't show his turn signal long enough for the guy that was speeding and weaving in and out of traffic. Thankfully the guy that did the ramming drove off when he forced the old guy to the shoulder, I don't know if pulling in behind the old guy to offer assistance had anything to do with it.

    People are animals when they get mad, drunk, stoned, or just snap for one reason or the other. I don't care who you are, you could be the poster child for calm and responsibility one second and become gangus khan the next. I've seen it happen.

    Each one of us is capable of the same, even the most pacifist liberal (yes, I've seen that happen also).

    We may want to trust everyone, love everyone, sing kum-by-ya around the campfire but we have to be realist. Human beings are the most dangerous creature that walks upon this earth. Most animals kill for a reason, fear/protecting their young/food, human beings do the same but they also kill and hurt for pleasure. Not all but all are capable of doing so.

    Now don't get me wrong, I'm not paranoid or cower in fear at the mere sight of another human being. I just know what humans are capable of doing. Having a weapon, be it a gun (the best tool available), a knife, or even a louisville slugger isn't a good luck charm or a magical talisman that will protect me from evil, but it will give me a damn good chance to fight back and maybe even the odds.

    And if you deprive yourself from these tools because of a job, which basically amounts to money, then you don't have an even chance, or even a chance at all. You are at the mercy of another and from my experience in life, to put yourself at the mercy of another really isn't a good idea.


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    I have to enter the building from a parking garage in the early hours of the morning (my choice to avoid traffic issues). Even though this is a financial institution I'm not in the branch - so yes, I carry - every day.
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    I work for a company that considers carrying a weaponon company or on customer property to be an act of violence and grounds for dismissal.I have a Keltec p3at that I carry in its original zippered pouch wherever it is legal. The way I look at it is that is better to be fired than dead.
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    While I worked for ATT, and the Phone company I always carried. Both had no weapons policy. My first week at work with ATT(Western Electric) there was a bomb threat then the next week someone tried to set the office I was working in on fire. That set the mood, so I carried from then on. I put in 27 years without anyone knowing I carried. I would have been fired if I had to use it but my life was more important then my job. I could always find another but only 1 life available.

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    When I worked in an office environment, I always had a pistol in the car but did not carry into the office. Too much of a hassle to keep concealed. When I worked for the Federal Govt, there was always a pistol in the car but not in the workplace. When I worked at the local Stop 'N Rob; I carried at a minimum: 1 handgun, 1 knife, 1 pepper spray and a high intensity flashlight. On paydays I carried two pistols.
    It boils down to the danger/threat level. Would I work at a place that had prohibitions against weapons? Sure, I have. Would I work at a place did not allow me to be armed and I THOUGHT I needed to be? That is the $64 question.

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    I wish I was skilled enough so if I lost my job someone else would pick me up. But thats not the case. I'll have to obey company policies.

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    I follow Patmarc45s carry schedule ... It really sucks when you have to choose ...dont carry or carry and lose job...and the most dangerous place is smoke breaks at the office......The Wackenc*nts that guard us lol dont even have pepper spray or metal flashlighs lol Disgruntled customers have been known to show up...and yes there was an incident at annother call center where a dude showed up with a rifle, sat in the parking lot...called until he got the center and did the whole "phonebooth" scenerio.... the company I work for even fired someone over loose ammo in their cupholder....secuirty checks for parking tags daily and they seen it..... I know many of ya might say...dude you need to get annother job.....sometimes I guess u have to balance the options and take chances.. and its a shame you cant reccomend anything to the company about it... "the police will come and protect you if there is an incident" form letters so lame.... i would bet the corporate people carry...

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    Policy? we don't need no stinkin policy.

    It is strictly against my company policy. We have a whole paragraph on the no-no's of weapons on premises. I carry moderate sums of cash late at night. (and even if I didn't) I stay armed. My job is important, isn't everyones? Irreplaceable though? No. It would be a shame to lose but it's not a career or my life's work. It pays my college tuition, errr..., most of my evil college tuition.
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    I would and do.
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    I do as well. I decided long ago that I could get a new job a lot easier than I could come back from the dead.

    I just use my Versipack when going to work. It is definitely against company policy to have a gun anywhere on the premise, including even the parking garage, but I often have to walk a few blocks downtown late at night to get to my car after work, so I just use my Versipack and lock it in my desk drawer while I'm at my desk during the day.

    Also keep it in my mounted holster while driving to and from work so it will be easier to draw if needed while driving..
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    If a convenience store clerk or on an unarmed security job in known high crime areas, I would definitely carry a weapon anyway, just as long as it was Legal by Statute, and didn't jeopardize losing my CCW permit privileges. Folks here who work as convenience store night clerks are forbidden to carry by their employers, and feel they are hard up for work, or INSANE - especially for the very little they get paid!!!

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    I'd rather be fired than dead. It's also legal for me to do so. Although if I chose not to, one nice thing about KY is that employers can't tell you not to keep it in your car.
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    No I don't. Although as a Nurse I deal with beaucoup dollars worth narcotics daily and am sometimes surrounded by "patients" that make me uhm nervous.
    We sleep safe in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.
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    Quote Originally Posted by norseman24
    I would definitely carry a weapon anyway, just as long as it was Legal by Statute, and didn't jeopardize losing my CCW permit privileges.
    Well now, this brings another question to mind...

    Most states permit a business to post that they do not allow firearms on the premises. Colorado is one of those. Get caught carrying at such a place and you will be charged with trespassing, depending on the circumstances it could be felony trespassing. If you do get charged with felony trespassing you can kiss your CCW goodbye, and your right to ever own another gun, and you may end up doing prison time.

    So, if a company has a clearly-stated policy against guns on the premises, would you also be subject to felony trespassing charges for ignoring this restriction? I'm not sure. I could very easily see some over-zealous DA trying to make that argument. Especially in a state (like Colorado) that does not specify exactly the kind of sign that is required to be posted.

    Anyone know of such a case? Anyone ever consider this aspect of it?

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