Nice experience tonight with a dead battery

Nice experience tonight with a dead battery

This is a discussion on Nice experience tonight with a dead battery within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I stopped at Sams Club on Highway 64 (stage road) in Bartlett TN tonight on my way home. I gasses up the Jeep Cherokee and ...

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Thread: Nice experience tonight with a dead battery

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    Nice experience tonight with a dead battery

    I stopped at Sams Club on Highway 64 (stage road) in Bartlett TN tonight on my way home. I gasses up the Jeep Cherokee and got back in to drive off but, to my dismay, she would not start. In fact, the battery was so dead nothing woul work, not even my hazard flashers. Odd, because I had just started her up not 5 minutes before after leaving another store on my way home. I suspect that the battery shorted between a couple of cells when I tried to start it up.

    Anyway, after figuring out what the problem was, I put the Jeep in neutral and jumped out to push it out of the pumping area so I wouldn't be in anyones way. It is on a slight incline and I was making ip but it was going to be hard. Then, I felt a thump and the pushing got much easier. I looked back and 2 guys were helping me push! I did not know where they had come from but, they just said it looked like I needed help.

    We got her to the parking lot of Sams and I pulled the emergency brake. I then went to thank them. When I thanked them and shook their hands they pointed at my NRA bumper sticker and said "we have to stick together." Then, they went back to their car and gased up and checked on me again before they left the lot.

    Bad battery but a good feeling about us "gun types" taking care of each other even when we aren't expecting it.
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    Tons of good people out there...glad some were out there to lend you a hand!
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    nice trucks and cars are hard to push solo
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    cool story!
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    Gotta stick together for sure!

    My battery failed last Sunday. Right inside an automated spray car wash...that was bad. After all the cycles were done, I went out for help and two guys pushed me out. After calling for a tow, it started, so I dropped it off at my mechanic's shop and he plopped in a new battery the next morning.

    It's a sinking feeling being stranded in a car wash, especially with those innocent folks waiting behind me wondering what the problem was with the idiot in front of them....
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    Certainly a nice experience. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy.

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    Nice to hear!
    I carry because I care.
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    Damn good story. I'm glad everything worked out for you.


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    108 Check the XJ (cherokee) tech section, they'll get ya diagnosed and fixed up if it's more than a battery problem. Had a '95 cherokee myself for a while. Though mine was axle swapped, lifted 6" had lockers and 33's
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    I Have Also Noticed...

    the 'start up' of quite a few pleasant conversation (usually leading to a weapons discussion) because of the NRA hat and/or shirt I'd be wearing...I enjoy that camaraderie!

    Nice to get help from like minded people...

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    Preventive replacement of car batteries

    Most car batteries are warrantied by the manufacturer for about 3 years, and I have found out the hard way why this is. The life of a battery is about 3 years, and at that age they will fail with amazing frequency.

    So when I have a battery approaching 3 years of age, I simply replace it before failure, to avoid the unpleasant experience of a dead battery on the road. The "birth date" of a battery is usually shown on the label, so you can see the age by looking at the fine print on the top of it.

    I don't know if age-related failure is what happened in your case, but I thought it might be.

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    Im glad it worked out for you,But, you let them come right up to you and didn't even see them until they were right there helping you push?
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    good story that makes you proud to be American, and NRA....and it all happens in a Sam Walton parking lot....did you hear 'God bless America' playing in the background????

    --people ask why I carry, and I show them this picture. I think it says it all.--

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    Certainly a good result - there are many of us groups who stick together - NRA/gunnie, bikers etc. We go on about BG's but thank heaven there are good folks around.
    Then, I felt a thump and the pushing got much easier. I looked back and 2 guys were helping me push
    Not a crit' at all but - illustrates the effects of ''task fixation'' - such that you were not aware of the guys who fortunately were friend and not foe. Not easy under those circumstances at all.
    Chris - P95
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    There have been threads in the past arguing (politely) the pros & cons of stickers & hats which support firearms.

    In this case it helped!
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