Do you change your primary carry gun with the seasons?

This is a discussion on Do you change your primary carry gun with the seasons? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Those of you who live in areas with seasons that change your method of dress, do you also change your primary carry gun? I know ...

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Thread: Do you change your primary carry gun with the seasons?

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    Do you change your primary carry gun with the seasons?

    Those of you who live in areas with seasons that change your method of dress, do you also change your primary carry gun?

    I know we all likely dress around our concealed carry rig of choice and based on the required dress code. However, I also change my primary carry gun as the seasons change. Once sweater and jacket weather arrive my S&W 624 in 44 Special becomes my primary. On those in between days a Glock 17 or Sig P228 will go with me. In the summer, when lighter is better, I go to a S&W 642 in 38 Special for my primary.


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    No. I really like the idea of carrying and training with one gun.
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    No. Always carry mulitple firearms, regardless of the season.
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    Whenever possible though I carry the same gun year round.

    I don't actually change my carry gun but in the summer, but I occasionally only have my BUG since concealing a Kel-Tec P32 is a lot easier in some situations.

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    Yes and No I usually just caryy a Springfield Xd Subcompact 9mm in summer ..

    Till Oct i carried just The Xd .. And would Switch to a HK. Now i dont carry the XD subcompact As muchBecuse of winter and the abilty to carry a fullsize easyer.

    This year i have started to carry a Springfield Loaded 1911, Glock 17 And my Hk Usp 45... So Mainly i vary what i wear and of course easyer to Hide a Fullsize in Winter...

    Hideing Hk is still hard to hide Compared to the xd, Glock 17 and a 1911 these are my Favs ... Also getting a 36 ...Only thing i havnt carryed is a Wheelie but just havnt bought one small enough yet.

    I love my Hk but even with my size im finding it harder to hide than The other wondering about a fullsize Glock 45 if it would be easy to Hide Also ..

    I really Prefer a 45 to carry Even though i know a 9mm Will do it i feel better with a Big bullet Esipically in Winter Cloths.

    This year since it will be my Second carrying and i have more guns that will fit the bill i might change carry gun a lot Might switch on a whim..

    But i have a Bunch of hours training with each gun..
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    Hi Scott

    I'm guilty ~ Yes, I do.
    I always try to keep my usual .45 caliber though & get some shootin' time in to mentally ingrain the different firearm.
    I switch over to "Hot Weather Carry" usually to the lighter weight Glock 36 & only 1 spare mag.
    I spend the vast majority of my time in a low to almost no crime area though.
    Usually the scariest thing about where I live is that absolutely nothing ever happens here. It's like Limbo Land ~ Also Known as "The Day The Earth Stood Still" only the Earth stands still EVERY DAY!
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    I carry whatever the venue calls for regardless of the weather. Low threat environment and it's a Glock M27 in 40 w/ one sp mag. Anyplace else, including trips its a .45 of some sort and LOTS of spare mags. At least two, for sure. The only thing that is subject to weather is mode of carry. Hot weather (South Florida) may call for a Blade Tech IWB and a slightly oversize Hawaiian shirt worn outside. In cool weather, it'll be one of the same guns as per the situation and a SAM ANDREWS shoulder holster.
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    just 1911's, but more than likely Dbl Stack in the colder months and sgl stack in the warmer months.

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    I switch back and forth between my 4" and 5" 1911s now, but will probably carry the 4" more (less steel to heat up during summer in the desert)
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    Winter lets me carry MORE guns. Two full-sized or more is a lot easier since I can offload some of the spare mags etc to the coat.

    I also have to swap out the ammo in my .44 special - I don't use Glasers during the winter months here because I don't have much faith in them versus some of the coats I see.

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    No. My always is a Sp101 and my sometimes a 642 depending on situation.
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    Yep. In the cooler months I can wear a vest or coat to cover my Glock 36. In hot weather, it's a S&W 638 or Kahr PM9 in my pocket or under a shirt.

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    During the hottest tee-shirt & shorts weather, I substitute my S&W M60 for my .45 Commander.

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    yep, HK USP in the winter. Taurus PT in the summer.

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    .45 auto USPc in the winter, S&W 640 or USPc in the summer. Colt Cobra is the year-round Ankle Buddy.
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