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dedicated magazines for carry ammo and range ammo?

This is a discussion on dedicated magazines for carry ammo and range ammo? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; all of my mags are used for carry and for the range. i rotate the mags once each guarter for duty carry. but they all ...

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Thread: dedicated magazines for carry ammo and range ammo?

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    all of my mags are used for carry and for the range. i rotate the mags once each guarter for duty carry. but they all go to the range to have fun we me. that way i know they all work.

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    I have carry and range mags. I shoot my carry mags once in a while to refresh the ammo.

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    I mentioned earlier re using my cheapie Eagle mags - well - they are kept for ''down and dirty'' - but sure enough, carry mags do indeed get range use - just not so likely to be dropped and stomped
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    I have a couple of 10rd glock mags that I use only for range. They get dropped and generally abused. I use my carry mags at the range also, but try to be just a little more careful with them. Any that have a ftf get kicked to range only. So far, just the 2 tens and one 13 are marked range use.

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    Personally...I don't separate mags for range and carry. I do maintain spare magazines that I don't use or keep loaded with ammo, and rotate those out with my carry mags every six months or so. If a mag has a problem, but works OK for range work, I'll mark the bottom of it, and that mag just stays in the range bag.
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    Hey, I use all of my mags for everything, and if they get dropped in the dirt I pop them apart during the cleaning session to make sure there is no sand or other debris inside. Occasionally I dry wipe them out and shoot a very small shot of that Remington Dri Lube aerosol stuff inside.

    Never had a problem with either Glock or Beretta mags following this regimen.

    For the past two weeks I've been carrying a revolver, so have none of those things to think about. I do, however, absolutely hate cleaning a revolver following a range outing....
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    I have three mags designated for each carry gun I have. And I have the mags per gun for range time.

    For my 1911's carry mags I use Wilson Combat, and cheapies and factory mags.

    I only shoot out the carry mags when I change my carry ammo.
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    Speakin of range bags

    I think dad got me a huge range bag for Christmas... I got a confirmation email and there was a mention of 5.11 hehe

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    Quote Originally Posted by razorblade View Post
    Yes, I have magazines dedicated strictly for range use. These are the ones I don't mind of they get dinged up or have excessive fouling.
    I never use my carry mags for range use.
    Same for me.

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