dedicated magazines for carry ammo and range ammo?

dedicated magazines for carry ammo and range ammo?

This is a discussion on dedicated magazines for carry ammo and range ammo? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi all, I have 5 magazines for my Sig P239. I was thinking about dedicating two of them to carry ammo only, and the other ...

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Thread: dedicated magazines for carry ammo and range ammo?

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    dedicated magazines for carry ammo and range ammo?

    Hi all,

    I have 5 magazines for my Sig P239. I was thinking about dedicating two of them to carry ammo only, and the other 3 for range ammo.

    I plan to go to the range about twice a month or so to practice. While there, I can use the 3 range ammo mags for the WWB stuff, but then also shoot the 2 mags full of carry ammo (probably only once a month given the cost of carry ammo).

    I figure that would be a good way to keep rotating my carry ammo and give the carry mags a workout to know they function reliably, but not wear them out as fast. Does anyone else do this or recommend this? What are your thoughts? Thanks.


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    I normally use two for carry and three for IDPA (which I didn't get to shoot nearly as much as I wanted this year). But I do rotate the mags as my carry ones are loaded pretty much all the time and the IDPA ones are not.
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    I have managed with some success to use some el cheapo Eagle mag's for my SIG's at range, including IDPA use. Don't mind dumping those on the ground so much.

    So - effectively keep my nice SIG mag's almost exclusively for carry and rotate now and again - reminds me - time to do just that!
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    LOL - I thought you were asking about publications dedicated to ammo...

    I just shoot whatever mags I have on me when I go to the range, even if I have to reload my carry ammo afterward. If I shot IDPA, I would have dedicated mags, likely armdilloed for faster release.

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    So if I'm interpreting what you wrote correctly, you'll only cycle your 'carry' mags once per month (shoot your carry ammo and load new stuff). Your 'range' mags will get cycled more than that (assuming, of course, that you shoot more than three mags of practice ammo per month).

    I do something somewhat similar. I've got five magazines for my USPc. Right now I'm using three of them for carry and two for dry fire. One of the mags gets two full cycles during every dry fire session (I load it up with dummy rounds for clearance drills). The I still use the carry mags when I go to the range though.

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    I know my "range mags" work and I therefore use them for CC.

    Josh <><

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    I have 7 mags for my Glock 19. At any one time I have 2 loaded with carry ammo, and the rest with WWB.
    When I go to the range (every week or two weeks) I put the carry mag down range, then use that mag and the other 5 for the rest of my range shooting (typically I shoot 200-300 rounds per session). I clean my gun and then the spare carry mag goes in the gun (and rechamber a round + top off) and I load up another carry mag as a spare.
    I figure this way I use all the mags frequently.
    When I shoot outdoors "plinking" I also throw in the two 32 round Glock 18 mags I keep in the car at all times.

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    Yes, I have magazines dedicated strictly for range use. These are the ones I don't mind of they get dinged up or have excessive fouling.
    I never use my carry mags for range use.

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    I have 3 factory magazines, they go to the range and they go with my CC, they all work, though I'm probably going to pick up a few more MecGar OEM's, they add 2 and still fit flush, of course I will break them in first.

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    My mags take a beating at the range, so I wouldn't trust those for carry work. I do function test my carry mags by using them (but not dropping, kicking, etc) every couple of months. Sometimes they don't want to hold open well, but that is OK with me. But, if I have a failure to feed (yes, just one) it becomes a range mag and is replaced. I suppose that's why I have upwards of 20 mags for my 2G GLOCK 23 and 10 for my GLOCK 22 that is about 18 months old.
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    I train with the equipment I carry, if it breaks or wears out I'll get new and start over. I personally like knowing that all my equipment works the same and will perform when needed. I also rotate carry ammo and magazines but all my mags are generally loaded, regardless if they are on the move or sitting in the gun safe. (my 2 cents)

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    Four Mags For Each...

    of my .45's and 9mm's...
    I alternate keeping two loaded at all times...I take all to the range with me.
    I've had no problems with any of them...even the Kimber mags!

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    SIG Factory Mags (actually made by Mec~Gar) hold up extremely well being kept fully loaded for extended and very long periods of time.

    Concerning keeping certain mags specific to range and carry use ~ I would say as long as you're not denting the magazine bodies or bending the mag feed lips all should be OK serving dual use as long as they are kept internally clean.

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    My "cheapie" mags are practice only, My 4 factory Glock Mags are my main carry mags, every time I practice, they get unloaded, and reloaded with practice ammo, that way they get tested, and a chance to stretch their legs, um er springs, as others have mentioned, one failure, they become practice mags, so far, all four are still in the CC lineup.
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    I guess if I was training where I'll drop my mags on the ground, I'ld dedicate a couple mags for that; otherwise, I'ld cycle all of my mags.

    Some people are posting that they use "el cheapo" mags for training. Hmm, personally, I don't have any uses for el cheapo. I'ld rather train with what I use.
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