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How many of your wives and girlfriend's carry?

This is a discussion on How many of your wives and girlfriend's carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Mine carries an SP-101 every time she leaves the house. Keeps it right in front of her when in the house. Took a little time ...

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Thread: How many of your wives and girlfriend's carry?

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    Mine carries an SP-101 every time she leaves the house. Keeps it right in front of her when in the house. Took a little time to get her to that point, but she finally understood we don't get to pick a time when it may or will be needed. She also keeps a 38spl derringer in her purse at all times & OC on her key chain.
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    Well, my wife does not carry. When we married I persuaded her to get her Motorcycle license and her CCW permit (and no, I am not trying to push her to pilot a MC or carry a handgun, I just wanted her to experience somethings that I enjoy). When we went to the courthouse to get the marriage license, I directed her to the sheriff's offic to get her CCW. I also paid for the last 2 years for her membership to the rod and gun club.

    She has not gone out w/ me to the range yet. I believe she will learn better from someone other than me on gun use/safety. (I'm not an expert and I believe she will listen better to someone who is NOT her spouse). I have found an NRA certified instructor who will train us. I have made three promises to her to get her to agree to training: (1) I will take the training w/ her from the same instructor, (2) I will take ballroom dancing / bootcamp ballroom dancing w/ her if she takes the NRA classes w/ me and (3) I will pay for the NRA training and the ballroom dancing classes.

    I hope to post by April / May that: (1) I am a better ballroom dancer and (2) she has had the necessary NRA training for self defense w/ a handgun.

    If I am really lucky, she will take to shooting. If she does, I have no doubt that she will be a better shot than me. It only depends upon her desire.

    My minimum goal is to have her get the NRA training on safety and shooting and get her to the range at least once evey 3 months. My pie in the sky goal is to get her into shooting to the level that she is uber capable in a SD situation and get her to decide to carry for her self protection.

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    My wife was raised on a farm and is familiar with firearms. She has a CCW permit and keeps a Sig 232 in her car. She hasn't, as yet, started to carry outside of the car, but I think she will eventually. Most of the time when she's out and about, I'm with her, so it has not been a big issue.

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    wife is former LEO and carrys a little detonics .45 everywhere , daughter got her permit for her 21st birthday present from ol dad along with a firestar 9mm and she also carrys

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    My GF won't even touch a gun. Her dad was a LEO so she know how to shoot. Actually she doens't even like me carrying, but she understands and does appreciate my protection. Her problem started after her brother killed himself with a pistol.
    I can understand her issue with firearms, so I don't push it.

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    Interesting, following dpsec's mention of the suicide - my wife's bro killed their grandfather by accidental shooting with a rifle - terrible incident and of course so totally avoidable.

    This did mean that when we married 5 1/2 years ago she was a bit leary of me carrying tho did totally accept my gun interest. OTOH she well remembers as a kid how her own dad carried and pretty much answered the door with revo in hand

    Over time she has mellowed towards carry - similar in a way to bike riding, seeing as her BIL killed himself on one - but she now is well content riding with me - just a case of coming to terms and not applying the problems of one accident to prevent participation in future events.

    A year ago she got her own CCW and initially had my old M85 snub but now has the Bersa .380 - suits her much better. Only problem I have is trying to encourage her to be way less casual about when she carries - it is too infrequent and I'd be happier if she made it more of a habit, particularly when I am not with her.

    Glad this thread got resurrected - as we have plenty of new folks who can add their 2c.
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    Yep, the wife carries. Actually, she was the reason I got a carry permit... she wanted one and didn't want to take the class alone. We both ended up attending the class and getting a CHL here in Texas. She usually carries a Lady Smith 38, sometimes a Ruger P85.
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    I’m still working on my girlfriend, also.

    She didn’t like me carrying off duty, when we first got together. She’s abit nieve when it comes to crime. Probably cause she came from a small farm town in WI. Where crime isn’t a problem.
    Now that she understands that not all CCW people aren’t psycho, and bad things do happen to people. She doesn’t gripe.
    She still refuses to shoot anything above an air rifle. It’s going to be a long process, to turn her. If anyone pressures her, she rebounds in the opposite direction.

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    my wife carries too. she's got a crazy ex-husband who's threatened to kill everybody in the family. she usually carries a s&w 908 and a bersa .380. she's also got a g26, and a s&w 649 for carry, plus numerous other pistols, rifles, shotguns at her disposal. she's now a gun nut and this is getting expensive.

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    My wife has a G26, practices with it weekly, and is anxiously waiting for her Texas CHL to show up in the mail.
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    My wife is a nurse and can't carry at work...she car carries all the time and is seriously considering a CCW course. Lucky me...
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    My wife dose, not as often as I would like he to. Her place of work dose not allow firearms.

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    I wish!!

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    My wife and I received our permits at the same time, but she didn't start carrying on a regular basis until I bought a P3AT. She thinks it's the neatest thing she's ever seen in carry pistols, and shoots it a lot better than I can (it's a little small for my hands). She doesn't have any problems with my 9mm and .40S&W pistols, but she prefers less weight and bulk for everyday use.

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    my wife carries at times but, there's always a gun in the car.
    My Daughter (bless her pregnant little heart) Always carries.
    Her hubby is getting his CCW.

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