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How many of your wives and girlfriend's carry?

This is a discussion on How many of your wives and girlfriend's carry? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I was already on the OK OSBI site looking up some info on the semi new (11/2004) law, for another thread, allowing storage of a ...

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Thread: How many of your wives and girlfriend's carry?

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    I was already on the OK OSBI site looking up some info on the semi new (11/2004) law, for another thread, allowing storage of a persons concealed weapon in their car, in a parking lot, while at work for an employer that doesn't allow you to carry, and I noticed a link to their 2005 (and other years) stats. Here's what they have for male/female ratios:

    Asian : 4 : 37 : 41
    Black : 36 : 216 : 252
    Hispanic : 4 : 36 : 40
    Indian : 93 : 263 : 356
    White : 2,004 : 7,714 : 9,718
    Unknown : 5 : 38 : 43
    GRAND TOTAL : 10,450

    Here's the link to the entire document:

    I will encourage all close female friends and family to carry. I think it is even more important for a female.

    I don't just restrict it to females though. We should all try to introduce new people to the fold. I would like to try to take at least one new person per every say 60-90 days, to the range with me and get them interested. My Mom and step-dad are both going to get CCL's and I'm working on my dad. He's old school, country boy, he carries occasionally (pistol in pocket, no holster) anyway. He just doesn't realize how easy it is to be legal.
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    wow, this is already a long thread and I didn't read all 10 pages but I thought I'd chime in.

    My wife does carry and has carried since before we were married. My mother-in-law also carries and grandmother (in-law) used to carry alot more than she does now.

    My wife carries a Para ordnance CCW that she LOVES to shoot. Concealment can sometimes be more difficult for ladies though.

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    Mine carrys A Ruger sp-101 .357 mag at all times , Oh and she can also shoot it very well.

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    Mine carries a beretta tomcat. she didnt like the idea of carrying at first but its a "cute gun" so she does. I just gave her my .38spl (my old carry gun) she likes that now also. But when she saw my XD45 she fell in love so I may have to get her an XD now. Fine with me :)
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    "How many of your wives and girlfriend's carry?"
    Only one of mine LOL
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    Recent CCW, wife carries

    My wife and I both recently got CCW in AZ. She purse carries and I pocket carry. Hers is a SW .357 model 60, mine is a .38 special snubby airweight. Part of the CCW sales job with her is that we're now ordering a $300 Galco purse/backpack that has a built in holster with zipper access. I say whatever it takes to keep her and our daughter safe.

    This is my first post and after reading for a couple hours through previous posts I like what I see. A lot of reasonable gun owners who intelligently apply their rights and take personal responsibility seriously.

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    Intesting that so many women carry. Both me and my wife carry. She carries more than I. Due to Job. I have to remind her of areas shecan't carry. If it was up to her she would carry anyplace. She carries a Bersa 380 with Horandy 90 grain. I carry the Glock23... She really likes shooting..

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    My lady carries a Springer Champion Loaded 1911.

    And she cleans her own too!

    I love that woman! <snif>
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    My wife carries a Walther P99c

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    My wife carries....

    the problem is, she keeps wanting my guns to carry. Now I have to go buy 2 of everything.

    XD Man, How did you get your's to clean her's? I still have to clean my wife's weapons.
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    My wife carries her Mustang Pocketlite everywhere.

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    Wife carries a PT-111 limited edition. Like American Express...never leaves home without it.


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    My wife does not carry, she was interested and I did make arrangements for her to go to a woman’s self defense course, which she enjoyed. She thinks that I am paranoid and have a screw loose for keeping guns in the house with out being locked in the steel cabinet, unloaded and with trigger locks and or the lock through the slide.
    If push came to shove I think she might be in more danger carrying then not carrying. She is one that a less then lethal force alternative would be the best idea
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    Not yet but I'm working on it. Got here to go shooting for the first time, she enjoyed it, wants us to buy an AR for her, and is now thinking of getting a spouse membership at the gun club I am in the process of joining, from there she may move onto carrying after proper training.
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    HighFever - My wife says mine is enough for both of us.
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