Wifey becoming a gun nut????

Wifey becoming a gun nut????

This is a discussion on Wifey becoming a gun nut???? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; How about this for Christmas cheer? It has been a long process of turning my wife from an anti, into her current state of "Don't ...

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Thread: Wifey becoming a gun nut????

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    Wifey becoming a gun nut????

    How about this for Christmas cheer?

    It has been a long process of turning my wife from an anti, into her current state of "Don't ask Don't tell".

    When I told her I was getting my CPL, she mentioned that she might be interested in getting hers too. She is a night manager at a pizza place that has been robbed twice, and she said she would feel better if she could protect herself if it ever happened again.

    I asked her to take the class with me back in November, but she said no.

    Fast forward to last night. We went to do some shopping at Wally World. Our finances are tight this year, so we agreed to put our gifts to each other off until January, and spend all of our Christmas budget on our kids. As we're walking through the store, we start talking about what we were going to get each other, and I just jokingly tell her, I'm taking her shopping for her own gun.

    Well her face lights up at that, and I start pushing her a little to see how much of a commitment she is willing to make. Turns out, since I got my permit this week, she is now very excited to get hers. She said she couldn't wait, and wants to go shoot with me and my buddy's to try out some different calibers.

    Santa has put a future gun nut under my tree for Christmas. She told me the taxidermist called, and my 8pt I took in for mounting over a year ago was ready, and she was going to get that for me... I told her that her just wanting to learn more about shooting, guns, and protecting herself and ou family was the best gift she could ever give me (although I still hope she get my deer mount for me )
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    well, there go your finances.

    trust me, i know.

    my wife's a bigger gun nut than i am.

    it started innocently enough. "can i try your gun?" after that it's "hey, check this gun/ammo/holster/etc. out"

    be prepared for a much higher ammo/target bill and buying guns two at a time.

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    Congrats! Same thing happened to me - and she can kick my tush at the range...
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    I just love such stories. You have a good woman there, that's for sure.

    My wife has gotten to stage of coming shooting (a bit) and I took her thru some training prior to her getting her CCW 2 years ago. My main ''battle'' is simply getting her to carry more regularly.
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    I'm so proud of my wife - she used to be staunchly anti-gun and now has her CCW and I just got her a new Glock 26 with lasergrips for Christmas. She asked for a smaller carry gun - her Beretta 86 was a little too big for her to carry daily.
    While at the range she also wanted to test fire a Taurus PT911 and a XD 9mm but they didn't have any of those for rental.
    She too is a very good shot - on our CCW course the only person she didn't outshoot was me (luckily for me I had a good day!)

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    That's good to hear Foreveryoung!

    I also want to say that dog in your avatar is so cool! What kind is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Julie View Post
    That's good to hear Foreveryoung!

    I also want to say that dog in your avatar is so cool! What kind is that?

    Thanks Julie,

    That's our pooch Sheila Bear.
    I rescued her from the pound when she was a pup. The best that they could tell me was that she has a good amount of Australian Shepherd in her. I don't she's a pure breed, and whatevr she's mixed with must have some birding instincts, 'cause she's taken to grouse and woodcock hunting like an old pro.
    When the messenger arrives and says 'Don't shoot the messenger,' it's a good idea to be prepared to shoot the messenger, just in case.

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    Nice to hear the SO has taken interest in personal protection. Just be sure to teach her other aspects as well as shooting.
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    Holy Mackerel BatMan...

    Sounds like Robin is taking over the Bat Cave weapons arsenal...

    Congrats on the new partnership...

    You're a lucky man...

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    i love a love story. i met my wife on the pistol range many mango season ago. we were shooting in the same pistol match that weekend. well one thing led to another, and to top it off she was a better pistol shooter than me (pistol only, i beat her with the rifle). find your wife a gun that she like and will carry, in other words let her pick it out!!!! no matter what you think!!!! my wife first carry gun was a beretta jet fire. then about ten years later she took my model 36 from me. don't know why, she just did it. so what am i going to say??? except here you go baby, lets go to the range.

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    My wife of 53 years is a natural shot. The first time she fired a snub nose .38 she put 5 shots in a barrel 25 yards away that you could cover with your hand. Someone asked me when I was working overseas away from home as an engineer what I would do if someone bothered my wife while I was away. I replied "Pray for him" However her brouther could shoot a .410 shotgun better than anyone I have ever seen. He could actually shoot doves with a .410 so she gets it naturally. When you work away from home it is comforting to have a wife who is independent and confident. Even at 70+ she shoots with me and shoots well. Pity the fool who invades our house. I am retired now and a life member of NRA and a certified pistol home /protection instructor. Merry Christma to all.

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    I took the plunge on trying to get the wife interested today. Not that I have not brought the subject up a couple times but, yesterday I gave her a gun. Not her Christmas present. Just sort of after it was all over, brought out a bag with it and told her "Don't accept this little extra unless your willing to learn to use it, and I would like it if you would but I don't want you carrying it around unless you do learn to use it or it would be better not to have it". She took it and didn't say much. We shall see. I will bring it up in a few days. But appears she is keeping it do far.

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    That sounds like the best CHRISTmas present you could have hoped for. A shooting buddy that is your Wife.

    I have the same thing. My wife loves guns as much as I do. She has her carry permit and carries a Sig P239. It's great when you love and are married to your best friend in the world.


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    I don't consider my wife a full gun nut yet, but she got her 2nd pistol this week. She now carries all the time and knows how to shoot all my weapons. It is nice.
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