blazers, sport coats, and other overgarments

blazers, sport coats, and other overgarments

This is a discussion on blazers, sport coats, and other overgarments within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In fiction, the bad guys and some cops had suits cut to allow extra room for a shoulder holster. I'm a T-shirt guy, and jackets ...

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Thread: blazers, sport coats, and other overgarments

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    blazers, sport coats, and other overgarments

    In fiction, the bad guys and some cops had suits cut to allow extra room for a shoulder holster. I'm a T-shirt guy, and jackets are outside my normal wardrobe, but I got curious and searched for "jackets cut for shoulder holster." And it turns out they're not only real, but a common feature of tailored or "bespoke" jackets.

    I had no idea of the difference between a suit jacket, a sport coat, and a blazer, though I knew the terms. This site seemed informative: A Man and the Sports Jacket: A Tailored Suit?s Sports Jacket Giveaway | The Art of Manliness

    My style would be more like "nylon shell" or "blue denim", but if you're the haute couture type, I guess a custom-made jacket is the next step after the custom-made holster...

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    The specialty aftermarket will give anything one is looking for. A shoulder holster gives me nothing I don't already have with my IWBs when wearing suit coats, and actually presents additional concerns.
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    I'm not a dress up sort of guy but, I do keep a suit and sport jackets around for Funerals and Weddings. When I have clothes altered I put my guns wear I carry them and then let the Tailor make their marks.
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    A suit coat or sports jacket make excellent cover garments. In our current overly casual society, though, they tend to be more than a bit out of place in all but a few social settings. The untucked button down shirt serves much the same function and is far more comfortable.

    As for having a coat cut to help conceal a handgun, many stores and tailors offer this.
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    I actually read the Art of Manliness all the time, although I'd not seen this article before. But that site actually has some very good information on it.
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    Last Sept I wore a suit for the first time in about 10 years. IWB tucked worked fine for me. Just made sure when I bought the pants I had my carry rig to insure the pants were comfortable and the jacket didn't bulge out. No more than I wear a suit, I can't see the expense of tailor made.
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    Leather 'Bomber Jacket' hides this setup nicely, even though I never wear it. (much)

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    I am an ORD myself. "Old Retired Dude" I did however like the movie RED better "Retired Extremely Dangerous"

    I never wear a shoulder holster, ever. I am pretty much a Pancake kind of guy, with a couple pocket holsters for good measure.

    I have Nylon Wind Breakers, Duluth Trading Company Lite Working Man's Vests, Carhartt Vests, A closet full of Fishing Shirts. Carhartt Jack Shirts, Blue Jean Jackets, and even a Woolrich Concealed carry Barn Jacket.
    I layer, some time I take a vest and a jacket or coat with me incase I get somewhere it is likely to get to hot to stay in the coat.

    I do have suits, but I try not to wear them any more than I have to. My Church is pretty casual, Blue Jeans, or Dress Pants are normal wear. A sports coat is very rare.

    Being an ORD you are invisible. Kinda like a 3 year old Tan Toyota Camry, Invisible.

    As for Shoot Me First Vests. I wear my Duluth Trading Company "Working Man's Vest" (In A Tall) year round. I have a Carpenters pencil and a Pen in the pencil pocket. Project Calculator in the Cel Phone Pocket, Note Book, Ear Plugs in an Orange waterproof match's container with a hole in the lid and an orange 550 cord loop for attachment. No one ever gives me a second look. I can carry my 2.75 Inch N Frame 310 Night Guard under the vest year round.

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    I agreed with others I rarely wear anything more then polo and khakis max.. I live in a resort town very laid back causal you know .... I do have a lot of suites etc but rarely wear them.. If I did I pro just pocket or ankle carry ...

    Now if I had a job where I had to wear a suite then yeah I might looking into getting one lose at the shoulder for a shoulder rig .. But I dont have a need for it right now

    Or if I was OO7 I would get the one that make down in South America .. Custom made Armani suites lined with Kevlar .... That is good for all occasion ..
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    The guy that does Art of Manliness is from my home town. Makes me feel old when I think of him being an adult, I still remember him as a little kid. Has some good stuff, but leans a little bit much towards the pretty boy side of "manliness" for me from time to time.
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    I do a lot of bodyguard/security work and most of the time I have to wear a suit. I usually use an IWB. My IWB holster is very comfortable in blue jeans, but it's not as comfortable with the thinner materials used in suits, no matter how good of a belt I use. I'm looking for a nice vertical shoulder holster for my S&W M&P 45c, but I still haven't found one ( everything seems to be for the full size 45's ). I don't want a horizontal holster because they print too much, even with the extra tailor work, plus I don't like muzzling people.---Sturgis
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    I own a corduroy sports coat and also own a nice tweed hunting jacket, (think classic english hunting), both have suede elbow patches and the tweed jacket has a leather collar cuff. They work well at dress casual/after office functions and do wonders for concealing SD accouterments. Yes, I have been accused of being a clothes whore and like being well dressed.

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    I wear a shoulder holster rig with my vests (built in) and I have a nice leather one for under a coat now and then. I manage money so am in an industry where everyone wears a suit. Except me. T shirt and cargo shorts even in the winter is my most common wear. My clients know me as a bit of a rebel. If they don't like how I dress they can buzz off. otherwise I Kangaroo carry or a pancake when not carrying in one of my concealed vests or pocket carrying in my special ccpants.
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    I used to wear long sleeve dress shirt and a sport coat back when I was a Detective. It was required by policy. Now many agencies (mine included) now wear khakis and polo shirts w/ logo times have changed, I digress... I just bought my sport coats one size larger which worked fine for an OWB holster, magazine holder, and handcuffs. Now that I am retired my winter daily attire is usually a Carhart hooded jacket and or same type vest. Both work fine for OWB carry. I pocket holster carry during the warmer months. Good luck!
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