CCW carry on Marta and CNN area downtown at night

This is a discussion on CCW carry on Marta and CNN area downtown at night within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I am a CCW permit holder. I very seldom carry and do everything I can to stay out of areas where I would very likely ...

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Thread: CCW carry on Marta and CNN area downtown at night

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    CCW carry on Marta and CNN area downtown at night

    I am a CCW permit holder. I very seldom carry and do everything I can to stay out of areas where I would very likely need to carry. I have a concern. I wan the right to carry if/when warranted. Due to the current economy I am looking at employment in downtown Atlanta in the CNN vicinity.

    I would be traveling from the North side of town,a night job. I am considering riding Marta, due to crazy Atlanta traffic, gasoline/parking cost, if it fits in my schedule. I don't believe its legal to carry on Marta , even with a permit ?? Can someone clarify ? I am concerned about carrying a weapon downtown, more concerns without it at night, also possibly in parking decks if/when I drive to work, plus I can't carry into my place of work I am looking at from the info I have. If I drive, I would have to leave my weapon in my car, walk back and forth to my car without it, the most vulnerable, most dangerous place ?
    I am concerned about going to and from Marta at night, or on parking decks at night(especially downtown). Can anyone advise/suggestions ? Does anyone else out there work in this area at night, can you advise ? In the daytime this area is not usually a problem, at night it may be a different case ? Some of the more recent gun laws are some help, but not sure how much they help in my case.
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    I used to do work for IBM in downtown Atlanta 2-3 times a year back in the late '80s. Like any downtown area, there was crime and undesirables but, for the most part, downtown Atlanta wasn't that bad.

    Fast forward to last summer, when I was in town for a trade show at the GWCC. OMG, what a change! Downtown Atlanta has become one of the worst cesspools in the country....damn near as bad as downtown Philadelphia. There is no way on Earth I'd find myself on MARTA after dark, period, and sure as hell not without significant firepower. The downtown area of Atlanta is a lost cause....don't be a willing victim.
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    The internet is your friend. CCW on MARTA is fine with a valid permit.
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    I lived in ATL (roswell) 15 yrs and took marta twice. Every time I thought about using it for airport runs, some guy would get robbed/beat/shot. It's been 10 yrs since I lived there though. I think there have been a number of improvements w/ security/cameras and even a marta safety phone app! wow! But if you are traveling on marta and downtown at night, you are definitely increasing your risks of crime/violence.

    Doublecheck but I think it IS legal to carry on Marta with a carry permit. I read that it was allowed since 08 or 09.

    wow, are the Braves really going to cobb county in 2017?

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    If you can't carry your weapon into work it doesn't matter if you can carry it on MARTA or not .... you have no place to put it when you get there because you don't have a car.
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    As a Georgia Native and having lived in the Atlanta area for 44 years, I always have carried since we got CCW permits and Never go into Atlanta unarmed. The only time I take MARTA is to go straight to the airport and I am in Condition Orange while travelling thru the downtown area with a lock blade knife that goes into my checked luggage at the airport. CNN, the Acquarium and other big venues are not gun friendly. As others said, what are you going to do with it after you get there? Yes you can carry on MARTA but it better not get seen!
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