How long is your state's CC permit form?

How long is your state's CC permit form?

This is a discussion on How long is your state's CC permit form? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; In another thread there was a link to the Maine permit application (non-resident) and the thing went on for 10 pages! I've seen some other ...

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Thread: How long is your state's CC permit form?

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    Question How long is your state's CC permit form?

    In another thread there was a link to the Maine permit application (non-resident) and the thing went on for 10 pages!

    I've seen some other states' forms, they go on and on. So I'm curious, can we get a tally of how long each state's form is?

    SD - half page (8 1/2 x 5 1/2) and only 13 fields to fill in.
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    It varies by county, but I filled out 2 pages. Less than 100 words.

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    One full page, small print, two columns of questions - mostly 'check yes or no' questions. But you also have to fill out the same form every time you do a renewal, including listing all of your aliases (I have several and it's hard to fit them all in the available space....). But I'm not really complaining - as long as I keep getting my permit renewed.
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    Uh none ?

    If you want one it is one page double sided
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    I actually can't remember.

    However long it is, I am sure it is too long...

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    One page double sided. Then the Finger Prints which are now Digital Electronic so I do not have to do them next time.
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    In the state of Maryland alot of paperwork needs to be sent in , state forms as well as bank , corp. papers , training sheets , letters , i would say around 10 to 12 and some are double sided .

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    Even though ours isnt that big a deal, if it was one word its still to long because none of us should have to fill out a form to carry a gun. Ive got my CCDW but constitutionally I shouldnt need one. Guess have to write longer letters to my reps
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    3 pages. But each town is its own little kingdom (may issue at the discretion of the chief of police), so some town have their own forms or require additional materials, such as a letter explaining why you want a license to carry, letters of recommendation, or a doctor's note certifying that you are of good mental health. At least one town (Boston) requires a live fire test. The local police will take your picture and fingerprints. The fee is $100, and the license is valid for up to 6 years.

    A license to carry (LTC) is required to possess or carry a handgun. There is also a shall-issue firearms identification (FID) card that is shall issue, but it is usually only kids 15–21 that apply for the FID because the fee is the same as the LTC, and the form is typically the same. The FID only allows low-capacity long guns. A restricted FID card (required for pepper spray) is also the same form, but the fee is only $25. An FID or LTC is required in order to buy ammo.
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    Hard to tell for Illinois on the computer, but seems to be about a page and a half if it were printed.
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    Honestly I can't remember . I recall it wasn't to bad to fill it out. The most annoying thing that I remember was filling out 10 years for residential history.

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    We have lifetime permits, so it's been a day or two since I've seen one. Seems like it was only 1 page.

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    In Florida, 2 pages. Your personal info and yes/no questions determining eligibility. I suppose there's also a cover page and a tracking number page, but you don't fill those out. Plus fingerprints, and training certification.

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    1 page Instructions
    1 page (double sided) Actual Form
    1 page Criminal Background Check Authorization
    1 page Titled - NO REFUNDS
    1 page Directions from Courthouse to Fingerprinting office
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