Thoughts on flashlight use?

Thoughts on flashlight use?

This is a discussion on Thoughts on flashlight use? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm a new guy looking for any training I can get with bare-bones gear and a surplus gun. I'm currently trying to learn online how ...

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Thread: Thoughts on flashlight use?

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    Thoughts on flashlight use?

    I'm a new guy looking for any training I can get with bare-bones gear and a surplus gun. I'm currently trying to learn online how to make the best use of my budget tactical light in tandem with my Glock, and finding that there are apparently more ways to hold and use the light than I can count on both hands. FBI overhand hold, Harries, Rogers-Surefire, Ayoob, Graham...Some with the Surefire-style rings, others with finger loops, etc. I'm simply lost and stuck trying them out without being sure what I'm doing.

    What are your personal thoughts on the use of a flashlight in tandem with a pistol, both for concealed carry and home use? How do you EDC a light? What grip?

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    OP, you have to train to find what works for you not what someone tells you - especially with so many choices. Of course, you'll need a place to shoot in no or low light. Tactical Defense Institute in SE Ohio or Suarez at a location near you are known by me to train use of tactical flashlight and gun. Hope this helps. Then you have to keep training.
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    I think it's critical to have a flashlight. I'm no tactical expert, but I'm partial to what is, I guess, an FBI overhand hold, as it offers a secure grip on the light and allows it to be held away from the body as needed.
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    Seems that about 5 years or so ago, people started really getting into flashlights.

    They always were, but that explosion of interest, the forums, the flash-geeks, about 5 years back.

    It became apparent that something around 280-550 lumens is enough to serve as a weapon if you can deliver it. Small packages with this power, end-cap switches, crenelated bezels - these soon followed. Now, a flashlight could be close to the power of pepper spray if used at night, in the dark.

    Now you can get lights in the 500-900 lumen range. They may be effective even in direct sunlight. The citizen defender should continue to study these developments.
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    I've used the Harries hold once while camping. Large venomous snakes in the dark are not well received. I've practiced it a few times. I like it and it works well for me. I've used the neck/head index hunting and tracking deer. It helps with tracking the light since you move your head and light at the same time. But in a defensive scenario, I like the support the Harries hold gives you. And if someone starts shooting at the light, I would prefer it not be by my head.
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    I usually just pick it up turn it on, then bang it a few times when it doesnt come on, grumble throw it on the floor and stumble through dark to the nearest light switch so I can get to the bathroom
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    I asked a similar question of a friend a while ago, he directed me to this site Low Light Essentials #9 - Training - Hand-held Light Techniques that discusses the various hand carry methods.

    I chose to get a hand held over a mounted because of cost of new holsters, etc. I am happy with my Fenix LD41 so far.
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    Thoughts on flashlight use?

    What old Boy Scout would be caught without a flashlight handy? I started seriously incorporating a flashlight into my self defense repertoire around the turn of the century well before I started carrying. I'm partial to the Nitecore offerings these days but there are many good ones around. Specific grips and tactics? I'm flexible.
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    You need several techniques IMHO. IF you are ever confronted with clearing your home (and that's a BIG if), you need to be able to hold the light on either side of the gun depending upon which side, RH or LH, of a corner you're about to clear.

    Even if you have a WML, a backup handheld is nice in case it goes down should Mr. Murphy pay a call. (and since you've been forced to use it, Mr. Murphy is already on the scene.)
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    Always used Harris. Neighbor just graduated from a police academy, and they taught FBI hold. The reason, people often shoot at the light, so get it away from the gun and body. Guess I will start a new training.
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    Surefire makes outstanding lights. I have owned several of them for many years without a hitch. They promote a "Combat Grip" style light for pairing with your pistol without having to rail mount your light. Here is one of their video clips which show this technique along with a couple of their lights.

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