Does age matter?

Does age matter?

This is a discussion on Does age matter? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I may be opening pandora's box by divulging this information, but I am a 17 year old young man, and am currently doing pre-research for ...

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Thread: Does age matter?

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    Does age matter?

    I may be opening pandora's box by divulging this information, but I am a 17 year old young man, and am currently doing pre-research for my concealed carry permit. (Permits are now being issued to 18 year olds in alabama)

    A little background before the question, I have been shooting guns for several years. And I am aware of [and getting used to] the things that come along with the act of concealed carry. (legally, morally, and spiritually) As well as the responsibility that I would be taking on. Regarding attentiveness, practice, safety, as well as inconspicuous carry.

    And my reason for carrying is,

    A. I work in a retail hardware/feed store, and we frequently have drug addicts come to the store looking for the components to make meth and other drugs, and while at work generally the only other people there with me, are the owner and his wife who are both 85 and 79. So I feel the need to be hyper vigilant when at work, as I am basically the only one physically capable of stoping a robbery. A role I do not relish having, but take seriously.

    And then B. My dad does carry and is the protector of our home, but after the multitude of reading I have done, i've noticed that my dads methods of home defense are not as thought out and effective as they might could be. And instead of saying anything to him (and risk sounding rebellious or to prideful) I want to join him in the responsibility of protecting our home, my mother and siblings, without questioning his methods or effectiveness. And preparing myself for when I move out at the same time.

    But my question is, how will my age effect my act of carrying? Will it negatively effect my case in a court if I were forced to use my gun against another human being? Will it make open carry completely off limits should I ever feel the need for that? (which I don't foresee) Will my normal teenage activities be negatively effected by having gun in my waist band if responsibly carried?

    What other things should I be taking in to account?

    Thank you for your time and insight,

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    My personal opinion is that age is irrelevant IF you are mature enough, have the right mindset, have the proper disposition and you are willing to make the sacrifices necessary to carry. Most (not all) young men are not willing to forgo some aspects of being young - going to bars and drinking with friends, willingness to walk away from arguments and conflicts, the way you need to dress to CC, having the diligence to study and train regularly, etc.

    Carrying is more about attitude and what is between your ears than anything else.

    As for the legal aspects, I see no reason you would be any different than anyone else who legally carries - you are bound by the same laws and as long as you act within them you should be OK. With this said, you could be harassed by authorities more quickly than some of us more experienced people simply because you are young and there could be a presumption that you don't know what you are doing. This makes it even more important for you to understand the laws in your state and to act responsibly.

    Carrying does not need to make you a hermit, but it does touch most aspects of your life. Only you can answer that question regarding what sacrifices you are and are not willing to make.

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    Ricky said it best.
    Gun control isn't about's about control. It also makes criminals out of otherwise law abiding citzens.

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    ^^^ What Ricky said
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    I agree with what RickyD said. It sounds like you've got your head on somewhat straight so just keep in mind why your doing this. It'll help keep things in perspective.
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    Ricky D in the house.....Good post sir...

    OP, while you seem to be mature, if caught it could affect the rest of your life. My best advise is to wait, train with your father, express your concerns to your dad..Your time will come. Focus on school, enjoy your life, you will not get these years back. Glory days is real to all of us that have made it to 40....
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    State govt. is usually spot on and regard you as worthy of 2nd amendment rights. Go head first into ccwing.
    Just by the demeanor of your thread , I would say you are ready! Best Wishes.
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    Let me add that you present yourself as well spoken with well thought out ideals. I do not know you, but congratulations for sounding like a mature, good natured young man. Not many 17 YO's come across as well as you did in your opening post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by matthew03 View Post
    Let me add that you present yourself as well spoken with well thought out ideals. I do not know you, but congratulations for sounding like a mature, good natured young man. Not many 17 YO's come across as well as you did in your opening post.
    +1 on THIS^^^^!
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    One critical detail, you mention pursuing this in case of a robbery. One boundary you may notice in this circle is that lethal force is typically utilized only if we or some one near us are threatened with bodily harm. If I'm told to hand over my wallet, I'm handing over my wallet. If I'm sitting in my favorite diner and some one robs the front counter, I'm hanging back unless they try escalate to a direct attack or try taking hostages. While you'll see a lot of people talking about home defense, the most adamant are those with families they need to protect. Even then, the goal is to get everyone in a safe area and guard the door until the police arrive.

    Talk to your boss about their insurance policy. If they're robbed, their rates may go up. At worst, you lose a cash register and some power tools. This is a time to question if risking your life to utilize lethal force is worth it in the long run.

    As for your pursuing a concealed carry permit at age eighteen...You're asking the right questions and deeply care about those around you. You are definitely ready.

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    Congratulations on your attitude and concerns.

    I highly recommend you order Massad Ayoob's book titled "In Gravest Extreme." Read it twice, very carefully. If you have questions about what he means, please come here to ask them. That book is a gold mine of information, by an expert, that goes directly to the heart of your concern.

    If you have questions about what he means, please come here and feel free to ask them.

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    I believe maturity matters more than age. Of course should you need to use your weapon, your age and inexperience will be an issue. Attorneys will naturally call your experience into question. Don't let it rattle you, that's what they are there for. My advice is to take as many courses as you can from competent instructors before getting your permit. Just because an instructor has a certificate from a state or federal agency or even the NRA doesn't mean they are competent. Some are only in the business to take your money and give as little as possible for it.
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    It's good to see young people that have an interest in taking on this level of responsibility, SouthernBoy.

    It will be worthwhile for you to hang around this site for a bit, and especially look into the discussions about carry and defensive scenarios (one of the subforums). There is a lot to consider in being armed, and in most cases you will not have time to decide what to do when a situation comes up. You will need to have thought things through and decided what you are willing to do and what you are wise NOT to do before you ever are in that situation. What you read here on this site will help greatly. We are not all always in agreement on everything here, but that just means you will often get all sides of an issue to consider.

    Fitch suggested reading "In the Gravest Extreme", and that is a classic and would be a good place to start. PM me if you would like to read it, and I will send you my copy.

    Welcome to Defensive Carry!
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    If you want to carry , train , study , and keep your nose to the grindstone ( like my Dad said to me ) it will all come in due time . As far as someone coming in the store where you work if i were you i would study up on your laws of this matter ( lethal force ) . If i was you i would play the feild a bit and have fun . And most of all stay away from the poeple or so called friends that are takers they will drag you down .

    I wish the best for you and stay focused and set goals .
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