SYG Legal Discussion and poll

SYG Legal Discussion and poll

This is a discussion on SYG Legal Discussion and poll within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; First the link: Taking Justice Into Your Own Hands: Part 3 - Cases that Prove the Rules ... or Not This is part of a ...

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Thread: SYG Legal Discussion and poll

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    SYG Legal Discussion and poll

    First the link: Taking Justice Into Your Own Hands: Part 3 - Cases that Prove the Rules ... or Not

    This is part of a series that a group on the Daily Kommunist has been running. The group is predominantly antis who are operating under the guise of trying to understand firearms law so that they can make better reasoned arguments against it.

    The link contains a poll: "Should more responsibility be imposed on those who carry a gun?" with a simple yes no response. Site registration is NOT required to answer the poll.

    Let's light this one up and give the antis a serious kick in the rear.
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    Communists are against an armed populace? (elsewhere on the sight) Communists are for population control is abortion, and are against freedom of religion? Thank you Captain Obvious!

    OP is spot on. Light this up, and do not take the progressive nature of these groups write your future.

    (is it coincidence that nearly all of the headlines on that site are also on MSNBC?)

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    Taking Justice Into Your Own Hands:

    The title alone screams anti-gun, after all they accuse us of being bloodthirsty vigilantes just looking for any excuse to gun down anyone.
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    They'll just claim their site was hacked, same thing every other failed anti poll claims when they don't get the results they want.
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    From the article
    1.When you hold a firearm, you have lethal power in your hands. 2. A gun is not like a baseball bat or a knife or a lawnmower. 3. It is a dangerous and powerful weapon readily used by the unskilled, the care-less, the trigger-happy. Carrying a gun enhances, empowers and enables the carrier.
    1. To his first point, yes guns do carry responsibility.

    2. Really..

    3. A antis view of what gun owners are. Nothing more than typical anti BS.....
    Don"t let stupid be your skill set....

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    That poll question is loaded, so to speak.

    How does one "impose" responsibility on someone?

    We are responsible for our actions, SYG or not. How can more responsibility be imposed?

    I'm not falling into that one, there's no good answer either way.
    The only common sense gun legislation was written about 226 years ago.

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    It's pathetic, IMO, how the anti-gunner claims regarding Stand Your Ground statutes typically entail one unrelenting drum beat: claim SYG, and get off scott-free. Nothing could be further from the truth, of course. It still has to be vetted through the judicial process; it's not a blank check, a free pass or anything else the anti's claim. Not a single state's SYG statutes are written that way. Even the stiffest of them simply dictates that the DA must essentially show that it couldn't have been self-defense in order to proceed with a prosecution. IMO, that's as it should be anyway. Fail to have your ducks in a row as a claimed defender, via screwing up the story or claiming things the forensics roundly prove false, then you earn every bit of prosecution that comes your way.
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