Wisconsinís Attorney General is stating they will honor the Illinois License to Carry.
Reciprocity | Wisconsin Department of Justice :: Attorney General J. B. Van Hollen I look for Montana and Nevada to add Illinois in the future. They just look at the states laws and if they meet their criteria they will honor them. I believe Illinois law meets their criteria. Texas could add Illinois in the future as they have granted Unilateral Recognition to other states that donít have reciprocity in their laws. They honor NY, CA, CT, HI, NJ, MA, MD and other states that donít have reciprocity in their laws. There is an outside chance for Virginia to honor Illinois. They do honor some states who don't honor them. Time will tell if VA honors IL. Most of the other states that donít already honor IL need to have signed agreements or Illinois must honor them before they will honor Illinois.

At Handgunlaw.us, we get a lot of questions asking when we are going to make a Mobile App. Handgunlaw.us provides access and information free of charge. We don't have sponsors and accept no ads. We do this because we recognize the information is needed and most average computer users don't understand how to find the information they need. Handgunlaw.us will never have a mobile app for the site because there is no real need for one. Simply put, if you have a device that can use a mobile app, you already have the capability of browsing the site using your browser. I do use an App - ďGun SafeĒ - which links to the pages on Handgunlaw.us. They link to us with our permission. Handgunlaw.us and Gun Safe are not affiliated in any way. Others have violated our DMCA protections, copied our info, put it on their Site or in their App, and called it their own compiled information. Once we contact them they generally remove it without further action. I have all the CCW Apps I can find on my NEXUS 7 and use them for research.

I also have been ask many times what states has the best laws. Look no further than Kansas! They can only post buildings. By 1/1/18 if any city, county or State building does not have armed guards and metal detectors they canít keep CCW holder out. They also have a law that states if a CCW holder walks past a no gun sign they have to ask him to leave first. There is also a bill on the Governorís desk right now that will preempt all local Open Carry and Knife Laws in Kansas and most believe he will sign that bill. Yes you have to have a permit/license to carry but Kansas also honors all other states permit/licenses. Check out Kansas Carry Law.