Great Great compliment

Great Great compliment

This is a discussion on Great Great compliment within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So my brother knows that every time I am with him I am carrying. So New Years Eve we all where having a good time ...

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Thread: Great Great compliment

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    Great Great compliment

    So my brother knows that every time I am with him I am carrying. So New Years Eve we all where having a good time at the neighbors and we walked home for the ball dropping. We were sitting around and my brother goes up to my wife and asked if I was carrying. He always looks for signs of me carrying. (not drinking, handle printing and my hand movement) I have been working real hard to try to keep even my handle from printing for the last couple weeks or so. So my wife turns to me and says “He is so discreet anymore that I never know if he has it on or not.” I was like ! The fact that she can’t pick it up and my brother had to ask was pretty cool. That made me feel a notch higher on the comfortable about concealing scale. <---

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    My wife never knows if I am for sure, but she assumes I am all the time. I reckon she knows me pretty well.
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    That is pretty much the best compliment you can get on your ability to conceal your gun and carry effectively.

    Goon job Sir.
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    Can't Be Beat Being Discreet With Yer Heat On The Street Is Neat.

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    My Wife Just Assumes...

    that I am's never even a topic of converastion anymore...except during the last few weeks, and she has asked about getting her own 'comfortable' holster ...and we're working on that...

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    The few who know I carry will (rightly) assume I am packing when wearing cover garments but - will have a hard job detecting this for sure.

    My best maybe was some biking friends - two or more years we have ridden out and it was over a year before carry cropped up. That was because the wife wanted help getting a handgun and permit and so I ''came clean". They had not once known up till then I carried .
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    Its almost amazing how big of gun that can be discretely carried with proper holster and minimal attire. My buddy was suprised I can carry my HK USP F with just a loose t shirt as cover. Nice job, Elray.
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    Last Saturday I was at a family get together at my wife's sisters. My nephew and his wife know I am into guns and had asked about them. Her father has his CCW and always carries. She is working on her real estate license and want to get her permit before then. Her dad gave her a .38 revolver for Christmas.

    She didn't think it was what she wanted to carry since it is all steel. I had some in the car because one of my wife's brothers always wants to see what I have new. I took Miranda (nephew's wife) out to the car and while there I pulled my Kel-Tec P32 out of my pocket. She liked it and said that she thought she could carry that. I told her that was my BUG and she asked what that means. I told her it was my back up gun and she asked, "You have another one on you?" I said, "Yes." And she looked at me like she didn't believe me. I reached under the shirt and pulled the SIG P239 out. I wish I'd had a camera right then. The look on her face was priceless. I was carrying in my K&D paddle holster and had been hugged by her and all the other females there, but none had noticed the SIG. I even showed her the holster. I think she was even more dumbfounded by the fact that it was OWB. If she had seen the K&D Cochise Defender she would have accepted the fact that it was well hidden. The paddle rides very well at about 3:30 and just about disappears. I also have a flashlight and phone on under the shirt and usually make sure that they bump into that during the hugs. At various times later I will pull out the phone and look at it as if to see if I have messages. I'm sure that any minor bulge they see from then on is automatically the phone.

    The look on Miranda's face was the best compliment I could have gotten because if was obvious that she had no idea I was carrying. This was the third time in the past 6 weeks or so that we had seen her and I could see her mind going back over the earlier times. I didn't say anything I just let her wonder if I was carrying then. I was.

    Elrey, it makes us more comfortable to know that those who see us often and in situations that are more relaxed don't know for sure if we are carrying. When that happens conceal is really concealed. Congratulations on the compliment and on a job well done.

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    My wife can never tell either. She knows I carry 24/7 where ever legal, but that's the only way she knows I am armed.

    Sometimes we are required to go into the District of Crime. As we cross the Potomac she gets gives me a gentle reminder and says, "you aren't armed are you?"

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    My wife usually knows when I'm carrying. But that's because she's pretty handsey with me .
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    My family never knows I'm carrying be it the Ruger P85MKII or the Glock 27 or somethimes both. It's best to keep em guessing.
    George Washington: "A free people ought to be armed."

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    I used to have that problem. Moved to good CCW state. I used to live in the city of Fairfax. What part of Northern Va. are you in?
    Semper Fi

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    Nobody can tell that I'm carring. My wife can't tell most of the time. I love when she asks, "Are you carring?" and my answer is, "Of course I am 2 actually!"

    "If everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking" - George S. Patton.

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    My wife, daughter & son-in-law are the only ones who know I carry all the time. Other family members and friends don't have any idea.
    By the way, my wife just started carrying just three months ago!!! Yeah, ... backup!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LaP View Post
    My wife, daughter & son-in-law are the only ones who know I carry all the time. Other family members and friends don't have any idea.
    Same with me: only immediate family and a colleague who was my guide into CCW (and carries himself) know. Other family members lean toward being, or definitely are, anti-2A and must not know.

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