Question from Kansas

Question from Kansas

This is a discussion on Question from Kansas within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; OK..... everyone from all the other States think back just a little bit. As I wrote in a different thread..... It kinda feels like Y2K ...

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Thread: Question from Kansas

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    Question from Kansas

    OK..... everyone from all the other States think back just a little bit.
    As I wrote in a different thread..... It kinda feels like Y2K here......
    Everyone in a panic over our new CCL. No carry signs are starting to go up and the are wondering what is going to happen.
    Did your home States go through the same things.......
    Do people start to relax a bit as time goes on......
    Did you see a business that posted for no carry take the sign down as time went by?
    Just wondering how Kansas will "evolve" over time with our new law.
    Tell us what to expect. Thanks!

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    I don't remember much paranoia in Kentucky, despite efforts from some to stir-it-up. There are probably more no-carry signs now, as there are lots more national chain retail stores.
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    Here in MN, the news coverage was all over about how many guns would be in the streets, the liberal local newspaper had negative editorials and letters to the editor. Interviews with the sheriff had him whining about all the extra work to handle permit applications, blah blah blah.

    Oh, and they had lots of bad video and interviews at a local indoor range. It all seemed to be building up to some great event.

    Nothing happened.

    So, about a month later, when the sky hadn't fallen, everybody shut up and the media folks were chasing some other negative story. The only change was that the bad guys now knew that the playing field had been leveled up a bit and they would face greater challenges in selecting prey.

    And me, I felt like I had been empowered. Not in a macho way, but in a responsible fashion such that I could now better take care of myself. Prior to that I knew about situational awareness, but now I had a new tool for self-preservation, one that could supplement these tired old legs.

    It will pass in Kansas too, but the naysayers will never own up to the fallacy of all their scare tactics.
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    Here print up a bunch of these and hand them out to every buisness that puts up a sign, they will get the message.
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    MO went throught it, things died down. Whats funny is that some of the nay sayers got a ccw permit.

    Some stores do have "no gun" sighns.

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    I don't remember much of a stir in Tennessee one way or the other.

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    In 1995 when VA went shall issue the newspapers were all screaming about blood in the streets and every traffic altercation/crash being a shoot out etc. Then it didn't happen. CHP just quietly became a way of life. There are posted businesses, but we handed out no gun no money cards and wrote letters and after awhile there were a lot less posted businesses. It takes time for the hysteria to die down, but it will.
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    I don't remember a big fuss over CCW permits being issued. I think a lot of folks were already carrying and now they were just legal in doing so. I think a lot has to do in the state you live in. In states like NC, hunting fishing and other outdoor sports and pastimes are common so being exposed to guns is not something strange. While in other states and big cities folks are not exposed to firearms except in a negative way so they associate guns to neagativity. I am surprised that Kansas is having such a stirr, I have never been to your state, but have always wanted to deer hunt there. You have some of the best deer hunting lands in the country. Give it a month or two and all the fuss and hype will pass. A lot of it is the medias fault.
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