Does your concealment - give you problems?

Does your concealment - give you problems?

This is a discussion on Does your concealment - give you problems? within the Concealed Carry Issues & Discussions forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; If so why? Just curious as ........ while I am lucky and can easily conceal full size - lifestyle and garment options make this easy. ...

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Thread: Does your concealment - give you problems?

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    Does your concealment - give you problems?

    If so why?

    Just curious as ........ while I am lucky and can easily conceal full size - lifestyle and garment options make this easy.

    I am aware that many folks have to down-size to manage, which is either due to their particular garment and/or lifestyle constraints.

    But within your limitations - do you feel you have succeeded - or not? If not - what remedies do you envisage?
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    I was all over the map with this. 1911 was a little chunky for IWB. The sig 239 too large for pocket...

    I got lucky with a Kahr pistol and Galco IWB tuckable. A lighlty tucked t-shirt is plenty. Granted, there are times when I'd like to have more lead on my hip, but for pants-on carry, it works for me.

    Hiking / hunting / realllly heavy clothes are more forgiving, but day in day out office stuff, the plastic does the trick.

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    I have 3 different sized guns and I generally mix and match depending on what I'm wearing. I usually carry two and don't have a problem.

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    I have several concealment options, but i love my G19.Have both a deep IWB(Crossbreed) and a Dillon OWB for it.Also love my Millinium Pro 10 shot .45 and have a Dillon OWB for it as well...but I'm 6' 1" and 290lbs so I can pretty much conceal what i like.The Crossbreed for my Taurus is on the way.

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    I carry a USP Compact (your basic Commander sized autoloader) IWB about 3 or 3:30. I conceal under a denim or flannel shirt and don't have any problems.

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    Made once in 12 years

    I'm 5'7" and 145 lbs. I normally carry a Delta Elete in a Galco IWB strong side and a .357 snub cross draw on my weak side. Both ride tight to my body under a loose shirt. The only time I've been made was by my barber, but he carries too and is pretty savy about things like that. Some times just for the hell of it I'll even carry a Savage .32 auto in my back pocket just because I can.
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    Well chris you know my story! Surplus Surplus Surplus! I carry the new PT-111 Millenium pro now. Before I was carrying the XD 45 OWB and it printed like crazy! Now i carry IWB and have NO printing problems. The gun tucks up under one of my Surplus caches and all is well!
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    Several Options...

    If I'm wearing my IWB @ 3:30...either my Kimber Ultra CDP II or one has ever known. If the topic has ever come up and someone wanted to actually see...they usually are very surprised at how well it is hidden...

    If I should choose to SOB my KelTec...I...don't even know it's there!

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    I have other handguns but carry my Bersa Thunder 380 most of the time as it is the easiest to conceal. I can hide it but it isn't comfy most of the time.

    The problem I have is that the gun is not comfortable to carry IWB. I am using a Tucker Heritage and when seated, mainly in the car, it digs into my side/back. Rob from Tucker contacted me to help but I never got around to calling him back, Sorry Rob. I think it may be a combination of my body having some extra padding and the seats in my cars having large side bolsters that push the gun in. It also prints depending on what shirt I am wearing.

    I am waiting for a highnoon bare asset to get here to see is a smaller holster helps.

    I will probably buy a kel-tec or something else that I can keep in a pocket.

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    I don't usually have a problem with carrying, since I bought my Slim Hawg. I've started wearing bigger shirts to help with printing, but nothing else has changed for me
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    I'm satisfied with my concealment choices. Being retired helps since I don't have to abide by anyone's office policies and dress codes so, unless we're going out for a nice dinner, I wear my Mil-Spec in it's MaxCon V, dual Def-Con magpouch offside and an untucked button down as a cover. For "nice dinners" I generally carry the J-frame in a pocket or ankle holster.

    Since I switched to wearing Levi's carpenter's jeans I even have that nifty leg pocket for my Surefire - one less thing on the belt! My Benchmade rides clipped to my RF pocket regardless of how I'm dressed.

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    Not too much, however I did hit several doorknobs helping my buddy move this weekend. Makes a nice solid thump.
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    I also carry 3 different sized guns..

    1st choice - modified Ruger 345 in Galco OWB (Using jacket for cover) or
    in belly band over synthetic undershirt for deeper concealment.

    2nd choice - PT-111 several modes - IWB/OWB, etc.

    3rd choice - Keltec - P32 in pocket holster - Works when nothing else will.

    My EDC is the Ruger 345 but depending on threat level, risk of "being made", weather, etc... etc... I sometimes switch to a smaller gun or different method of carry.

    I'd say these work well for me but I am always looking for new/better ideas. I just recently found that using suspenders helps a lot when I wear my Ruger 345 OWB. It keeps the pants from sagging.
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    With my taurus 605 I can conceal all the time either IWB or Smartcarry. When my mode of dress permits I can OWB with my tuarus 92

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    Does your concealment - give you problems?
    Never has. I hope it never will.

    Of course, it seems to give family members a chill, but then that remains their problem.

    I choose garments with my carry strategy in mind. I choose covering clothing with an eye toward how well it can help the goal. I only by high-quality gear that fits me well, else it's outta here. Have made one or two mistakes, but those were short-lived.
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